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The contract killer who was reportedly hired to execute a senior member of a bank in Manchester last week has confessed to investigators that angels prevented him from honouring the contract.

A source close to the investigation confirmed to THE WEEKEND STAR that the would-be-killer told the cops he went to the target’s house and waited for him to come home, but before he could carry out the act, angels arrived and brought him to his knees.

“He told the police him couldn’t carry out the act cause angels stop him in his track. Him drop down on him knees and started to cry,” the source revealed.

THE WEEKEND STAR was further told that when the intended victim arrived home, he was approached by the man who revealed to him that he was there to kill him, but two angels came to him and told him he could not.

It is said that the contracted killer then asked the intended victim to pray for him before bursting into tears. He and the intended victim were said to have gone to the Spaldings Police Station.

It was during a question and answer session that the repentant man told the cops of his intentions and how it was foiled by angels.

Further investigations by our news team revealed that the gun-for-hireis alleged to have been paid $10,000 upfront and was promised an additional $60,000 when the act was completed.

Following the man’s confession, the Spaldings police on Tuesday arrested and charged two persons for solicitation to commit murder.

The police say between the period of September 1 and November 6, it is alleged that the accused persons sought the help of the man and paid him to kill the bank executive.

The police have seized the two persons’ phones along with a laptop, CPU and 18 SIM cards taken from one of the homes. The two are to reappear in court today.

Commanding Officer for Manchester, Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, could not be reached for comment yesterday as all calls to his cell phone went unanswered.


  1. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. When god is ready for you to acknowledge him it doesn’t matter what you are doing, even if you are about to kill someone.

  2. I wonder how much other contracts him carry out before this divine intervention took place, and also how many hits these bastards put out before now?

    1. Thanks be to God that none of us have to be perfect to receive his grace. Murders, thieves, prostitutes, adulterers, liars etc. all are welcome. In fact Christ says I died for those who are lost. not those who are save. For his desire is that none should perish even this confessed murderer or attempted murderer.

  3. only a fool believe in his heart there is no God. Met and metter unno come like mi family please dudu keep unnoself and your family prayerd up. Blessings

  4. I was hoping for a better account of the story. The star did a poor job, details would have been great and made for a better story. Anyhow God is great and no one can limit His power. My God that!

  5. Im glad there was divine intervention but this part puzzle me. He said he was paid $10,000 up front and promised $60,000 when the job was complete. That works out to be $700 USD. You mean fi tell mi sey, fi $700 USD a man will really just kill anoher man who him dont know and who never do him nuttin?
    This big bank manager with him nuff education, possibly wife, kids, brother, sister….everybody would be in mourning because life only worth $700? You cant even buy a car fi $700! You cant buy a good modern stainless fridge fi $700!!

    If thats the case those of us alive better really give thanks cause it well cheap fi anybody hire a man fi lick off wi head back. Smh

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