1. Like real talk, unu fe stop waste unu time ah expose dem man ya ah start tell dem lies too…if you can’t beat’em, just join’em lol :ngakak

  2. Oh boy dutty Fabian reach pon di pink wall. It was a matter a time. True him pose pon him insta like one rich boy but it look like in a real life him get the money from di Oman dem. me dead

  3. Sorry fi d oman dem whe gi dis ya likkle buddy boy ya dem money n not even get d truth not even a good wine LMFAO :hammer

  4. LMAOoooo me dead wid laughter this boy can’t even perform inna di pussy good so why ono gi him money. Me Fren tell me the exact same ting bout this sa lickle cocky boy and him beg fi money ways. Me sorry fi Ono

    1. @ Willie, At least you get transportation, mebbie Fabian haffi a walk inna di cowl yah. You lucky fi dah bus pass deh….dwl
      Fabian, if u waan tun gigolo u haffi know how fi wuck bwoy. You bedroom game caan lame and u a look mining to. At least dickmatize har before you stawt ask fi money.

  5. Luk ere lady guh tek back or teef back yuh phuck cuz dats all him av rite yah nung adda dan him name
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

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