A man barricaded himself in a Sunrise home for nearly five hours, Monday afternoon, after allegedly shooting and killing a mother and daughter inside, officials said.

Police confirmed, Monday afternoon, that two people were found dead inside the house located inside Del Rio Village, near University Drive. The suspect, identified as 32-year-old Kevin Nelson, surrendered to SWAT with his arms raised in the air after negotiating for nearly five hours with police.

According to police, someone called 911 after hearing shots fired, at around 11 a.m. Officials have not released who the caller was.

Upon arrival, police made contact with the suspect inside the home.

“Once the officers made contact, they called the residence. He picked up, stated, ‘I’m in here,’ hung up the phone, and since then we have been negotiating,” said Sunrise Police Officer Michelle Eddy.

Neighbor Michael Plesak shot a Facebook Live video of the SWAT response. “A couple seconds later, they came pounding on my door, and so I ran downstairs,” Plesak said. “I cut the feed and ran downstairs.”

Sean Grasmick, who also lives in the area, said he thought officials confused the suspect with him. “I just walked outside my house, and I was on the phone, and they thought that was me because I understand the gentleman — well, I wouldn’t call him a gentleman at this point — was on the phone with the cops, and when I walked out my door, they probably thought that I was the person, and they told me to lay right down, and they put me in handcuffs. They figured out that it wasn’t me.”

Nelson walked out with his hands up at 3:30 p.m.

The two people who are dead inside are a woman and a juvenile. “During the search of the residence, two deceased were found,” Eddy said. “I’ve got a 40-year-old female and a 15-year-old female.”

According to police, the 40-year-old woman and her daughter lived with Nelson in the Sunrise townhouse. They have not released whether she was in a relationship with Nelson. The 15-year-old girl is the 40-year-old’s daughter.

They both died from gunshot wounds.

Family members on the teen’s father’s side of the family identified the younger victim as 15-year-old Shanice Smith.

Her grandfather, Courtney Smith, said he suspected there might have been trouble in the home.

“She was an ‘A’ student, you know. She had a bright future ahead of her,” he said. “I didn’t know, but I kind of suspected something. But I saw her at Christmas. I brought her a Christmas gift and I wanted to talk to her, you know, because I do not know anything about this guy.”

Nelson is currently being questioned by detectives. He has not been charged.

Nelson was charged with domestic violence in October, police said, after he splashed bleach around his home and punched his wife. It is not clear whether his wife and the victim in today’s shooting are the same woman..

Negotiators used Bernard Lee’s living room for hours during the standoff.

“It just seemed like what was happening is they wanted to make him calm as possible, so they kept telling the gentleman. ‘Would you please surrender? Come out with your hands up,’” Lee said.

CIndy Vogel, a neighbor, was disgusted by the murder.

“I think it’s horrible. I think if someone is so miserable, they should take it out on themselves, not somebody else, especially a kid,” Vogel said. “We’re just sad that it happened.”

Another neighbor, Jay Noska, said, “It’s brutal. It’s heartless. It’s disgusting.”

Police continue to investigate.




    1. Deport to where? Him have no deport a get! Hopefully they stick 2 capital murder charges on his ass. Florida is kind enough to do death sentences when they are sure of the perp.

      Unu tek Jamaica fi dumping ground? Leave and forget it, but know it when trouble tek unu or unu have no choice but to get repatriated by force.

  2. This is the second artist child get killed in Florida, my prayers go out to Anthony Cruz and the rest of the family. All this senseless killing, I am so disappointed in man kind

    1. @Sweet you’re so right. I’ve been so emotional lately about the stuff going on in US, the raping and killings in Jamaica and the pple fleeing for their lives and getting sent back. I isolate myself more than ever, because like you said, I’m also disappointed in mankind. The Bible is fulfilling.

  3. Many women out here looking for a man to ‘complete’ them and it always go shitty. If you have your job, home, children, pension plan, savings and life is good and going smoothly for you, you don’t need nobody fi complete you, you done completed already. Gwan enjoy your life and the fruits of your labours and nuh feel like you missing out on anything through a man nuh inna you life full-time. Sometimes we so desperate fi say we have somebody we overlook glaring warning signs seh dis person nuh good fi anything. I hope they both find peace in the afterlife.

    1. vo what about the men on the same side of the coin, looking a woman to complete them, but find jezebel reincarnate?

      Domestic violence IS prevalent among females, statistically,but men are (unreported) victims too. I can’t join this one sided argument due to some wicked act I’ve witnessed women doing to men because of greed…

      If genuine friendship, freedom in decisions,movement and conversations isn’t present in a relationship- then a relationship doesn’t/never existed. Take YOUR belongings and go.

      1. Mi just going according to the article. Just sticking to the story at hand. When the story is about a man being killed by a women then I will make my comment accordingly.

  4. Oh shittttttt, dats right down the road from me,there was pure helicopter, police and di news team from all over out deh yesterday, I saw on the news where they said two people got shot but I never know it was Anthony Cruz daughter, why this germs box neva just kill himself and leave the poor kid and her mom alone….RIP sweetheart, him life ago bitter in a prison….

  5. The bastard killer name is KEVIN KEMOY NELSON !!
    Wicked man burn in hell !
    Killing and violence against women and children must stop !
    He was arrested just a few months ago for domestic violence, pouring bleach round d place and carrying on .
    UGLY DEMON yuh kill d beautiful woman and her 15 year old A student daughter

    1. Why she stayed? Florida has great programs for women wanting out of domestic viloence environments.

      Did he break and enter the home?

      You all can get vex and come wash and rinse me today, but I’m going to provoke unu nerves on this subject.

      Unu keep on arguing about “violence against women” and start with, yet, another label call “victim blaming/shaming”. Only the children I will hold sympathy for in these incidents.

  6. I pray that God gives him the strength and healing in this very sad time. I cannot imagine losing a child, yet alone your only child. My heart hurts for him.

  7. R.i.p to the dearly departed n may Jah grant you the strength to get through this pain mr.Cruz.

    My theory is that the demon agent was trying something untoward ur lil princess n her mother stood up to him n the coward killed them.

    1. Yardie, a something you hear?

      ‘Cause if that theory can be proven…why when him get charge for battery and distruction of property him still in a the household to “continue or attempt” that? No dead him should a dead months ago?

      1. Dearest PP

        U would need to watch Precious based on the novel Push n tek een Monique character who played Precious mom.

        To understand the complexities of some mothers.The highlight of the movie is that the dutty man a rape precious straight non stop n the mumma know but her point was

        Who was gonna love me?dont I deserve love too?

        This demon didn’t just snap so cuz he was always bubbling up n the pot of soup run over with his wrath.The mumma did know his violent tendency n should have removed the Lil angel from such a toxic environment.

        1. Thank you very much.

          I had the honor to have read the story before it hit the stores and screen.

          The movie was watered down.

          Precious was being raped from she in pampers.

          Careless mothers me nah hold no sympathy for!

          A few years back, my friends cousin lost 4 of his kids cause a careless mother. Her ole killa husband whey wanted a jamaJamaica kill off 4 of a the man kids and de paper wife,and left his kid alive.

          The couple name well logged a station for fighting, she didn’t want leave the man.

    2. I thought this too. The fact that he made sure he texted ppl to make them know she was cheating, which I do not believe one bit, is the height of victim blaming and an attempt to divert blame, in his mind he was driven to it. Of course, she and her daughter are both dead, he can say anything he wants who will be there to object to it.

  8. This is so sad! RIP to both ladies. You know say is just the other day I was thinking about him and I remember the song he sung for his daughter. No man it’s like no one is safe anywhere from these mentally ill men.

  9. Father’s we have to keep in contact wit our children, especially wen der is a step dad, try N get to kno the person ur child is living wit. ask her if everything is ok at home not jus sch work, sch work won’t klii dem, try to let it be civlize between u n the mother it’s hard but if u love ur child r children u will make it work, try N kno the man, put a camara in a u dautgher room a lot of sofisticated tings out der .

  10. PP tek it easy no draw dem tongue, we a go gwan till orange head drink he wrong milo from bellevue and tweet we out, a papas him marry her for? them say a mobay him come from, a tek she tek up run wey murdera? lord help us women who feel we have to have a man fi wiself after a while depends on ppl background a swine u tek up it cant work police had to be called him dash bleach in the house and thump her in her face what decent man dash bleach in the house him live, decent man walk away from labba mouth woman a 2 tongue we got, if dem grow up in violence it a come go pon u, 20mths married and she dead to rass, stop pick up dem a dance ole jankro kill the man only daughter

    1. Lolol…we have fi confront cause instead of effect. Woman dem a mek this shit repetitive by accepting or contributing.

  11. what decent man tek up bleach and splash in his dwelling, a never see com see behaviour that, she must have loved her surroundings for him to want to spite her and spoil her stuff, and it smells obnoxious even when diluted, jankro no use to nutten but piece a sponge, we marry dem and dem hide dem criminal background till push come to shove dem cant get through dem want blame u, woman barrow man and sen him home leave these run wey murderer alone some a dem confess how much people dem kill when dem deh pon top a people, then u cant say nutten outa fear, set a dead dogs

    1. Usually dem hear or know first hand about the men, but want to earn top spot as the one who changed brass into gold.

  12. The thing with America system still dem take to long fi di death penalty…..bcaz this filth deserve instant death this really hurt mi belly bcaz I have one daughter myself choooooooo. R.I.P God’s angel

  13. The real truth a di daughter mi sorry for , woman stop expose di children to do dirty life unu pick up, she kno who she have in a di house , Cruz mi hope u did in a constant communication wit u daughter n she hide tings fr u if not, u drop the ball, u father said tings never right at the home so him must tell u dat 2 , sorry for ur lost, man n man wi fi bleed fi wi youth dem wen dem get big n don’t want to give ous a cup of tea dats on dem we did our part.

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