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Anthony Miller interview -Never will I ever speak of injustices again. I spoke on behalf of the poor is all I did. It was flipped! I will write and sing my songs and carry on. That’s what I do best. I apologize to anyone who has misunderstood what I have said. I never lived a day without Jamaica and Jamaicans in my heart. I was thinking of you all. But isn’t this what they want to see. All the haters can have their laugh. My heart is broken. I will cry today but I’ll be stronger tomorrow.


  1. I watched the interview & while I’m not sure what was edited, I didn’t see much wrong in what she said, except the voting for Trump, but even her explanation of her reason for that I didn’t have a problem with. Maybe I wasn’t listening keenly enough. She sent a very positive body image message in that interview too, but she’s apologising so she must know.

  2. Buff a these people on the band wagon talking bout dem voting fi chump but I pity that all because dem caan give u a sensible explanation as to why… same thing wid dem a England voting fi come out di EAU and tun round sorry because dem Neva kno di full 100 bout it. Mi naw look pon unuh :travel

  3. She has a right to voice her opinion about the poor state Jamaica is in. People just don’t like to hear the truth. The sad thing is; the trolls who are on her page and other social media outlets, drawing her, are living under these conditions or have friends and family members who can’t make ends meet on Jamaicas’ minimum wage. If Etana, is a Citizen of the USA, it is her constitutional rights to vote for whomever she wants to vote for, Whether we like it or not. We need to stop dictate to black folks about who we vote for in America.

  4. Etana does have a point about the ambulance because that young footballer would still be alive today if there where at the venue like they do in the US. So every body who bun Har out never seen how long the embassy line is and would take the opportunity to go live in a country with more economical and social opportunities .

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Jackass! Run Negros Run. America a slaughter unu, England a shackle and return unu….Run Negros Run :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngakak

  5. Who she votes for is her business, but don’t expect others to jump with you! Especially a nation full of BLACK people who the very leader she jumps for publicly stated he doesn’t wish to see around. And if she was so convicted in who she is voting for (Trump) she would not have back peddled on her words so damn quickly!!!, sounds like she just said it to be seen. And on top of that half accuse Anthony Miller (one of the most recognised faces in media in the dancehall scene the world over) for editing out what she said, so it would create some form of controversy. This man has literally been doing this long before she became known and has had bigger stories than her’s. It’s not like he nor his programme needs the publicity!

  6. She said it herself. he did not twist her words, is when she realize the negative reactions she a backpedal. Throwing in people face that she can’t live on $5000 per day, not even per week and minimum wage is an insult. She is insulting her fan base some of who are minimum wage earner.

    She free to vote for whoever she want, so I have no problem with that. i do have a problem with her feeling that since she is a US citizen then Jamaica no good enough for her anymore because of the economy and health services. we do not have to support her.

    A so a lot of people a talk about back to Africa and give the impression that they are for Africa, but Africa has bad economy too. It justs highlights that she is about the money ( and nothing is wrong with that), but it runs counter to the image she tries to portray.

    She get caught in her own words !!!

  7. No one in in the UK is sorry for for voting to come out the EU.. UK is doing much better and the EU is a failed project trying to implement the New World Order with one government controlling every nation… Vote Trump yes.. Trump sometimes say things in ignorance cause of his lack of political skills… However his overall goals are good for the USA and the world… The main thing is he wants peace with Russia, that will save you from becoming burnt toast as if Hillary wins look forward for world war 3… Almost every week the shoot and kill a black man in the US.. Hillary, Obama and the rest all take orders from the ruling elite who agree with oppressing black people… Trump is not the best but he is not in league with those set of people and will bring a different agenda as Trump said “what have you black people got to lose” a black president and still blacks have to be marching weekly to get justice with a black prezzi…
    So many lies told to u USA people your media is 100% controlled by the same elite who says what is to be broadcast…

  8. Mi never see de interview dat Etana did with Anthony Miller, but in dis video here she’s right about certain tings. These things include getting ambulances fe de people dem, de sick state of the Jamaican healthcare system, de lack of benefits, and low minimun wage. Me know people who work full-time in what is considered to be a “middle class” job, and still a bawl say it ruff out dey, and still a beg a money. Anyway, enough said about de never-ending struggles a yaad. It is time to say…….we need to hear some new songs from you now Etana…. it long overdue.

  9. Etana I will mos Def back u on the facts u spoke abt Politicians stop buying new fleets of car n to buy ambulances. I play Dominoes at a pretty high level but I swear those firemen n Soldiers will give u 6love everytime cuz they play daily on tax payers money n even in overtime.

    Jamaica is not involve in any wars why the tens of millions of Dollars on tankers,planes,helicopters n military stuff not to mention spanking suvs for “the officers”. If the army patrol the street with a quarter of who uppark camp,crime is sure to go Down at least 60%! Gwaan thru Empress Etana…hold strain.

  10. I agree with what she saying about Jamaica and she is right but don’t come tell us nothing bout trump bcuz trump is doing this only for himself he has no vision are leadership skills..Banks in America don’t even do business with him…I don’t think she is listening to him she just jump on the bandwagon bcuz he is rich

  11. Etana, I know you might have back up dancers, or a helper/nanny or people who work for you. I hope you are at least paying them $5000 a day when in Jamaica.

  12. Anthony Miller asked Etana how she can support Donald Trump when he accuses Mexicans of being Rapists, she replied that “He’s referring to the ones who are”, Anthony added ‘drugs dealers’ and again she said Trump was referring to the ones who are, Anthony asked “isn’t that a blanket statement”. Etana answered that by saying “there are a lot of them” and added that “there a lot of mexicans, spanish ,black people , all kinda different races who are in the country illegally doing things they’re not supposed to do”.
    So no mention of white ppl being in America illegally? Ask the native Americans how they feel about that. America is captured land and white ppl are squatters.
    Etana is entitled to her opinion and in the above video she says she was misunderstood and she says in the future she won’t answer any more questions on politics or equal rights and justice , then her message can’t be flipped and she doesn’t want her fans to think she turned her back on them.
    Those are the same fans who stuck by her after she first come sing ” Nuh wata dung an dilute, yuh cyan hide di truth fram di yout” , the same youts who heard her chant Rastafari in that song and then watched her go to the Emanuel church and Baptise.
    Again that is her right, but her fans who she is worried about should listen to the most truful thing she said in the original interview with Anthony. @3.58 Anthony in the voice over states “Etana sees no conflict in singing about roots and culture and voting for Donald Trump’ the interview continues with her next statement ” MY MUSIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I BELIEVE IN” and adds she makes music for the world etc.
    My humble advice to the fans of many artists is just enjoy their music as entertainment. Etana thinks there is nothing wrong with labeling one group of people using a blanket statement to tarnish everybody who falls within that group.
    Well for those who believe in what these “Rasta” artists or “Christian” artists sing about the truth is that many are just Reggae Dreads or one-day Christians. Many see it as just a hustle and are as serious about equal rights and justice as the Police are about their oath to serve and protect.
    See how easy it is to label one whole group of people, in this case artists, well as Buju said “everyting weh gwan ah fareign, Yardie get di blame”.
    Etana should overstand the fact Jamaicans have faced this type of profiling for years. So when Trump says we are all drugs dealers and scammers she can know her vote endorses that.
    Respect to the Artists who’s livity matches their lyrics, that’s why over the years of knowing many artists the only person I take seriously now in an interview is Ninja Man lol.

  13. Dem always accuse Anthony Miller of editing dem interview smh yuh video reach all di way a Africa some Mexican site have it up mi love lol lawd god di comments dem pon di video a beat mi bad dwl lol

  14. Tanya..cum off a pinkwall an goh teck care a u face y u eyes dem look like dat where were u all these years an months now u creep out a teck up ETABA tings pon u head u eyes dem look like d man wife beat u up

  15. Everybody entitled to their own opinion. If she feels trump is the better of the two evils that’s her choice, are you going to stop supporting your friend bc he or she is a Laborite n you are a pnp come on. Nothing she said is wrong if you do a study in Jamaica every other person wants to leave, why for the same issues she mentioned. You sick in Jamaica if you nuh money dog nyamm u supper. Overseas whether it’s the USA Canada England if u call an ambulance rest assured the ambulance the police the fire department will reach in a very short time. In ja police saying there is no vehicle at the station the fire truck has no water and the ambulance is privately owned if The system doesn’t change 90 per cent of us can’t afford it.

    All who a bun her out why unnuh a kill unnuh self go get visa. Smh we need to sort out over social issues n stop chastise people for their opinions

    1. Bad voting is why we in a stagnant socioeconomic condition. Etana is proof of that! Dem vote bad a yard and wan do de same thing abroad.

  16. Accountability is not on her radar. I don’t get the defense/back peddling when she clearly say 119 not going to get her an ambulance….so what she a defend?

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