1. Him muss good when God spare him life dah night deh. Me like him me no come out a dah cave deh weh him inna. PPl still a carry grieviance fi him so you neva know. Is nuff ppl him mec loose dem life dem money and dem happines. sake a greed and teefing. Trod on yah Jeff and doh look back. Mi glad you only stick to 1 sex now. You no have no choice di big woman is ur only future right about now.
      How did the Ferrri end being paid for??? juss curious. Me know dat was a hefty loss.

  1. Me see this goat looking fellow wash down him car with champaign anyway him is now I hope him no need a nothing alrite

  2. Las me know he was paralized and with the pretty baby mother. Old raper boy Jeff now wid big oooman.

  3. Paralized? Oh wow. Is it true? Him have a little girl that he was not taking care of and him still not taking care of her. How did he get paralized?

    1. Mi watch d video, him mek Flippa look like a baby 2 fi him champagne flossing ting. Really hope him set fi life. What a shameful waste

    2. I was at that party ah hide…lol. Dat night I laugh so til ppl ah luk pon mi like mi did siccc! Especially when shorty popstick flipper dash out de $20 dem…alla de steggeh dem dive fe it like dem neva ole/c money before.
      Shawm Sharpe n de Moggela wish dem could return some dem liquor de fe a refund

  4. I was chilling with him couple weeks ago in the city VIP style in club VIP if you don’t know about this club then your not saying 1 hehehehe. Jeff still popping bottles and looking good same way.

  5. I saw Jeff last week in the Bronx by rock a tone restaurant him and a little cute girl, them seems like they together. Jeff a drive one old bmw 650 bmw. the Orange and white Benz been repo. Jeff never had money. Jeff is a born popi show. when Jeff use to a dash wey champagne him baby mother that was living in queens . Brown Kim friend .light cut off at one point and she never had a car to move around. Jeff look mash up wen I saw him , him never had on no Gucci nor lv. look like a co way him shop.

  6. oh plz, him frequent island taste in long island very often, no cripple either!
    him and him baby mada Keisha a think she name, a brown girl live. not a dam thing wrong wid him, him just tek weh him self from dancehall since all of his boys got killed

  7. Me and Jeff use to De! He was too much into scamming people stealing dem tings etc! In case yall didn’t know several attempts have been made On his life! (was around for a few )And I do mean several So he always walked looking behind him… Because he burned alot of ppl. I cut him loose because I didn’t want to spend my time or my life mourning for no dancehall man. He comes off as a hype flossing lime light person but deep down Inside he’s just a SCARED little boy he’s always been! He’s not Relationship material can’t settle down for anything He does not and I repeat does not have $$$ in abundance. All or any $$$ that he has ever had have been taken from someone else. I always wish him the best and he needs to find Jesus to get true blessings in his life from his dark past, that seems to follow him everywhere he goes. True word!

  8. U no stop call up the man name bout him dead RYDA is alive and well I see that nigga on the beach with them twins from Florida just the other day and he was at fire reds party too

  9. Jeff is good i saw him in the summer time in a convertible in the Manhattan i know that man from him a murder people in Spanish town but staying away from bad mind people is a good choice.

  10. We black people don’t like to see when our brother or sister making money i was just in NY two week ago and saw the big man in a blue porsche panamera the sickest porsche i ever seen in my life nuff pussy want everyman who a make money dead or go a prison.

  11. Ryder is no badman or murderer whoever say he is don’t know him i know for a fact he is a punk di man dem run him outta Brooklyn

  12. Black people don’t like when a brother or sister make it.i was just in NY and saw jeff British in a porsche panamera with one sick color di big man a chill but bad mind people will never comprehend that

  13. Black people don’t like when a brother or sister make it.i was just in NY and saw jeff British in him porsche panamera with one sick color di big man a chill but bad mind people will never comprehend that.

  14. If I wasn’t of Jamaican descent, and visited Jamaica regularly (from the uk); Looking at the comments here? I’d think black people are a ‘kin insane bunch of freaks. And as for flossing? Every single flossed should be tied up and beaten with a jagged piece of wood, til at least 10 bones are broken. Enough to make black people design AIDS and Ebola.

  15. This clown can lay low all him want. A nuh badmind him fi worry bout. A the karma Weh soon reach him

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