Two people suspected in Tri-sState alleged organized retail theft arrested in Southbury

Posted Today At 12:13pm by WLAD Newsroom

Two people have been arrested for alleged organized retail theft across multiple states.  Southbury Police were alerted to a shoplifting incident last Friday at HomeGoods in New Milford by a pair currently under investigation by the Southbury Police Department.  Officers then responded to the HomeGoods in Southbury.  Officers spotted a  vehicle that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle.  41-year old Jadion Richards and 42-year old Akwele Lawes-Richards were identified and arrested.  They were found in possession of a large amount of fraudulent HomeGoods receipts, fake driver’s licenses from the Tri-state area, and a retail theft device.  Southbury Police say they are suspected in thefts in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.


  1. Jadion Nuh Shame. Go do state to state delivery like Damion. Big man like u a drive roun go tief. Go get a CDL and mek use a ur life. Since u need me fi tell u

  2. Rich people a teef inna Home Goods…if a lef tideh a poop! It bad pon dem, would tink dem go teef in Guuci, Burberry etc

  3. You see true apple a snitch, me not even a look. All me couldn’t be her fren cause idk what she telling the police them every time fi get off so easy. But let me mind my broke business. Cause all them carelessness ya a fi show off pon them own frenz.

    1. But how can she show off on her friends When they all doing the same thing. A farrin mi live n even if a drugs a person selling, he/she still can’t like like Apple n har friend dem. Because if you are making crazy money off the street u must guh jail bcoz u gonna become hot. Suh when mi si dem a post clothes n shoes and cyah post them house a Jamaica etc mi nuh affi ask weh a do. N a nuff people mi know have them things inna real life n nah behave like dem

  4. Apple is definitely going to home on the man dem train back to Jamaica she will be deported that’s a class a felony

    1. Adwele-Lawes. I do not think this babe is Jamaican. She ah African. Unlessshe legally changed her name or sumtn.

      1. How the police haven’t pick-up on the fact that she is in the USA illegally? She must be using the someone else identity.

  5. These people let a lot of people down who would think they into this lifestyle it’s not cute at all !!! It’s tacky as hell and They seem to be addicted to thieving I’m yall couldn’t stop at some point. Thirst and tired looking sad sad sad for apple daughter and son and j kids too parents are scammers and thieves.

  6. Is it me or they seems like the 2 a dem look like dem a sniff the white powder?. Dem look like2 crackhead in this picture.

  7. If you weren’t so teef yuh cudda mek ppl trust yuh and maybe ppl wudda come in the business place and spend without ppl worry if dem card aguh get scam. Yuh tek out business why not focus on it and try wid it. Teefing a run outta style fi yuh now mon a from 19olong. Yuh affi put yuhself in a position fi get out at some point, yuh mek teefing into a career suh yuh nuh want fi retire. Suh all when yuh reach certain age yuh still waaaa teef. No mon shake up soon ppl aguh lock dem door from unnu den waa guh happen.

  8. Idk these two are suffering from some type of sickness because this cannot be real cho bubblegum 😭😭😭😭 they’d why when.. I see them over IG a Braff me look me sis 🙄🙄

  9. Why do we love to tear down people like this, why is there so much bitterness within our soul. The people did not take anything from you all, so why is it a problem to you all. We all have to survive in this hard times, so please leave them alone, only God alone can judge us.


    2. They’re tearing down themselves, do they look like care; state-to-state, it’s a pattern. You can’t come bragging on people when you’re basically stealing everything you have and showcasing it to the world like you work for it. F outta here you must be related.

    3. Can tell you live walk and thief people things too. You know who ends up paying? The non thieving consumers.

  10. How they coming out so fast they get caught every year different country state they got caught 3 times last year in Hawaii and Miami and also Manhattan and come out like it’s nothing something don’t right they have to be working with the feds or some kind of strong black magic or something cause these people been stealing getting caught since I was a teenager and now I’m 30

  11. Well they want to be famous now they really are . All a Jamaica pon the Observer website dem picture reach. Oh gosh the people dem a done dem and a laugh. Show off bring disgrace.

  12. thief all of them kerry, opal, ico, skittles, taneishaimages, bossydolly, shamar, shamielesingh and her man soon get caught go wok

  13. Are they not going to address the nation we are waiting. There press agent should let us know whats happening they are famous right.

  14. If show off bring disgrace was a person….. Christine where are you at? Normally you’re under ppl comments cussing dem. Come talk up now.

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