1. Apple dont mek dem force yuh fi dweet just yet for years nd still counting dolly mek use of her mada hall way :ngakak

    tuh much hair nd dat pawt nah duh ntn fi yuh muma

  2. Gucci down to the teifing socks but your ring and watch (me not even see none) AIN’T filled with rocks though.

  3. The head path looks empty bad you need more hair in the middle it’s called filler . No lie your overly done not cute on you Bobbete rock that look better.

  4. Now ova yah ago full up wid appl house pics lol…. Cause dah girl yah ago prove harself tuh hunnu poor ting.

  5. She need fi furniture “…down 2…” the floor boards. 2017 say grow the hell up!

    Nuh Pet People….happy 2017#

  6. Anyone can see is the first apple ever lived in a decent apartment she can’t believed say she have a little space dwl . Not like the bronx two kids she & jay bundle up breath now apple you have space girl your our clown 2016 and the same 2017 .

  7. @anon are you Bob? I think you are. Bob can’t rock nothing better, she have no sense of style. She through pieces together and hype say a brand. Her sister/mom ALWAYS look better than her. Bob either you try too hard or it’s your face and shape. I can’t figure it out. APPLE YOUR STYLE IS SO 2016. TWINNY KILLED THIS STYLE LONG TIME. YOU CAN’T WIN BECAUSE NONE OF YOU ARE TRUE FASHIONISTA…you guys just copy each other.

  8. smh they all dress the same way, tiad of this socks n shoes. only common brand they wear bobbette go buy the blue fendi apple had on at her party poor soul you all have to guess my brand am wearing i hate to see everyone in the thing n dress the same way no fashionesta n bobbette why u didnt show the reciept if it swipe buy r thief it still come with a tag soo what u proving… lord have mercy on you all fools

  9. Nothing is wrong with the girl. She looks good and her husband wants her. You fake ass bitches need to get a f**king life and leave the gal them alone. You are haters. Stop f**king hating for 2017. And I can bet all the people that are on pink wall posting these hateful comments are a bunch of losers. Don’t worry about the girl because she is alright. And so what is people look alike? What is the big deal. Get the f** out of here haters

  10. Apple yuh husband buy yuh all these name brand stuff fi Christmas and all through the entire 2016 and nuh buy yuh nuh it clear sey yuh house empty like open land. All the pictures u be taking for months now is at this same spot u so dunce and dumb and love to seek attention. the stairs again yuh nuh shame gal. Yuh always a show off sey yuh rich and all now yuh cannot buy nuh living room set nor bedroom set but yuh have so much berkin bag fi $30000 each and can afford Kris Jenner balmain dress although your balmain $6000 dress did short 2 button.boasy bruck apple u ain’t got shit up yuh ass. Yuh look like a principal fi an elementary school.big new years party yuh wear this bulshit outfit come a frenchie dance .apple u and Bobbette into her batty ride and boots look a hot mess last night and out of place old turbit uno always a seek yuh a wait pon jaydon fi si if him gain off the party a jamaica to buy yuh Furniture. Apple it clear to all of us that a pure fake stuff yuh wear or should I say
    [ pear lol ] fake stuff yuh buy and wear.I have to speak your language

    1. Real Chat, you are so right for 2 so call rich fashionistas I was expecting to see the 2 swipers/money makers in something to talk about until the next big event. (Alexander McQueen, Proenza, St. John and such)

  11. I guess after hubby come back from Jamaica with the money he made off his party….i guess clothes ,shoes and bag is more important to her than furniture in the rent apartment

  12. muma ya hair too thin go buy 2 more pks,toooo much matchy matchy colors, she looks like a Caribbean flag… im just keepin it real n honest no hate

  13. This bag, shoes and socks full up Jamaica. If I am a real rich bitch why would I buy pieces that are all over alieexpress? The beauty of being rich is exclusivity the ability to own what no one else does. Real fashonista nuh waan inna weh everyone inna.

  14. Dunce bat Apple mi catch it lol!! Somebody call yuh and tell you seh yuh spell socks wrong so you correct it fast but mi catch it!! Damn dunce!! Bout Sacks lol

  15. apple came back before her hubby lol , apple why u didn’t go tooooo, apple the outfit to frenchie was old , apple twinny give us dat already, apple jay and the girl up and down in ja , how u feel bout u have wedding and no paper mrs Richards ,image a good girl mek we know say it was no wedding , it was a event to borrow her bags and stuff , apple u still nah win , apple ur mother wah moveeeeeeeeee , ur brother a keep party a city , mek sure him pay the people dem , memba the girl nuh want him again fi u use out , boom boom wise her up

  16. The money seh spend pon boot & clothes could easily go towards furniture….real Niggerish, new naega, frighten Friday behavior….Christine yuh Neva expose your child to nuttin good from she born…no culture, no quality, no education ….and no life lessons taught whatsoever ….good job mom…what a bumboclaat disgrace and the saddest part is….there are soooooo many like her it’s not even funny.

    Money & designer clothes do not make you rich or wealthy. Richness & wealth are found in having standards, morals, dignity, family & friends, a good clean & honest quality of life. Shit like that. Happy New Year tho….

  17. Apple stop drive with yo cousin license police Soon pull you over and I’m going to make sure them have that plate number too yo dress up ever day and u don’t look about your self mother give r one off the Chanel pocketbook dress r up because u now yo mother ugly already and yo son what them trouble him Batty from him was a baby u and your friend Kerryann need some furniture .

  18. That bitch don’t have NOOOOOO furniture in her house :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak first came fame then comes shame. Roflllll

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