@met jaydon a use big words. I’m glad you know that prison never Meck fi dawg. Jaydon when you ,apple ,apple mother christine, sally and Kerryann did plot and tell apple fi call her baby father in queens sey him fi come for him child because apple tell Kirk her first son father that she needs to get away from jaydon because him beat her up and when Kirk got out him good clean bed and went to meet apple thinking he was protecting his son to Kirk surprise a whole heap a police surrounded him and tell him him is under arrest for black and blue and buss up apple face and jaydon knew he did it to apple to see if she could get the battered woman visa,

APPLE.jaydon u and apple a wicked and Kirk had to pay thousands of dollars in attorneys fee because him decided sey him nah teck nuh charges because him innocent .Kirk decided to take it to trial and the prosecutors tell apple with a dirty back ground like her, with so much fraud , fighting and theft charges the lawyers are going to rip her apart so it’s best for her to drop the case. Wicked jaydon , apple are muma and her dirty friends. Uno try lock up innocent Kirk because apple a look green card and you jaydon never wanted to the charges on fi yuh record so you decides to stage the beat up of apple so that Apple could get abuse green card. so what if people rejoicing over uno lock up. Wat good fi the goose good fi the gander. But apple Kirk was going to let them arrest you if yuh did ever bring it to trial .immigration was going to take you out of court you dirty bi**h,.Kirk sey him was going to give them the name you got deported in the time when you and him did a travel from England come to America and immigration hold you and send you back .you and yuh husband a devil now jaydon come a look sympathy. Jaydon it’s not like you and yuh woman never get lock up into store fi theft before so why you acting like u bigger than that. Nuh scamming you and apple duh fi a living. How much people credit card you and apple use on the regular to fun uno boasy bruck lifestyle,. How much people credit uno mash uno ?? How much people bank account uno meck credit cards for and buy these illegal phone wey, uno ,borrow people address to send uno boxes of thiefing phone tuh. Uno never hear sey kids follow them father like son and Like mother like daughter suh why yuh a act surprise.and jaydon every video and post yuh yuh dey, sida, that Wackass,kids glass bed with those stupid butterflies on the wall. .change uno Furniture now full time. can’t you change position. Guh into yuh stay bad living room uno fake ass nigas.mi ignorant fi them met cause Kirk is mi family and apple, her muma , friends and jaydon tried to destroyed him life for there selfish reasons. And now the case finish last month and Kirk still nuh want to call immigration and tell them the name apple come in him sey a because a him son mother although apple never considered him as her son father when she selfishly plot to have him prosecuted for her gain. She didn’t got no green card but the b**h got social number and that’s how she get I’d fi a walk with.

162 thoughts on “APPLE DIS NEED IT OWN TOPIC!

  1. Karma is a bitch. Hype and flossing nah go nuh weh. Tek roy fowl and flippa mafia as prime examples kmft.wid all the thieving A bet them no have no bail money put weh?

  2. Real Chat, come in cause is you dash the file.
    On a serious note, I know it hurts you to the core because we will do anything to support our family, especially when they’ve been wronged. I’m happy Kirk or Kurt has a cousin who loves him and supports him. Big up urself

  3. Immigrations need to come mek a clean sweep inna Bronx, di lot a dem just irk my spirit. Disgusting human beings.

  4. Apple if u r reading this stop stop cause hard wrking ppl hell u not even tek the money do something good all u do is tek it show off God have a plan fi uno ur time soon come trust mi do u knw hw it feels to be hungry and have to wrk same way? U gwan ,u need to stop nw

  5. Mi cannot manage dis today. Fi dem ting nuh normal if a dat dem really do. How u coulda plot fi mash up somebody life that way. Mi tink icon did straight cause mi see him a travel…why him nuh marry Snapple.

  6. What a wicked ruthless gal like apple. What goes around comes around. Wait. Unnu soon get lock up fi much more than that

  7. I still can’t believe this. Bwoy u hear bout them but to know this really gwan n for what. Bwoy I tell u their end will be a sad one.

  8. Tea noice bad .. Need two tuff crackers yah now :ngakak :ngakak right yah me a tan today nah move a muscle

    1. The cinnamon tuff crakers is the BESTEST! When you mash it up in a some corn meal porridge me say it sell right off. :ngakak

    1. Right……. the next part that puzzles me is if the lawyer told her that the charges she has won’t allow her to get the Domestic Violence Visa to stay only Social Security Number and a State Identification Card how is it Jadion going to give her they stay she try to get off her sons father head wid lies.

      1. The on the books 9-5 has kept me a bit out of the loop, aside from that I really didn’t pay much attention to Apple prior to the upgrade to Apple 2.0
        Saw her a few times up north when I use to visit some friends but she didn’t Glo- Up at the time so she never peeked my curiosity…..wicked bad tho!

  9. But he said that the mother if his chuld call him and said that she nt listen to her and he went ova and beat her and take the phone away and she call police pon him

  10. @met I know God going to deal with apple and her husband , mother and friends. Jaydon is a wicked also 1 night we all into Albany manner club in Brooklyn. Jaydon grab up this girl the girl name [ something] it’s apple brother baby mother and jaydon started to man handle her bad to my surprise mi si jaydon tump himself into him own mouth and then scratches him own chest with him nails and then run out the club straight to the police that was parked in front the club and jaydon told the police that the girl wey name [ something] just attached him and scratches him up and causes these injuries to him and had the girl lock up and then sey him did that because the girl text him and call him pu..y hole because she see him a promote party on her party night. Jaydon look how much people call yuh batty man and you nuh do nothing jaydon suh that must be true.people call yuh and gal apple scammer, thief ,low life and you never did shit about it and cannot do nothing about it.but we all know apple set you up to do it just because the girl[ something] and her friends them rush apple and her friends days before that you buy it out and get the girl lock up. Because you said something don’t have no papers so you a f**k her up. Jaydon how wicked yuh heart is to frame the girl after a you attached her. I never seen a man did wat you did before a only bi..hes mi si do these bulshit and you just get jaydin you use was here illegal, yuh wife apple and her entire family and most of her friends them nuh have no papers but you made such remarks and injury yuh own self and have a woman fraudulently arrested .jaydon yuh never know sey prison Meck fi man that time. Didn’t you and apple rejoice over the girl lock up. And apple teck ownership fi the stunts you pull off at Albany manner sey her husband is well trained by her. Wicked apple and jaydon.jaydon you come a look public sympathy you thing your past erase all the wicked things uno duh to people .but them sey wat goes around comes right back around .Apple and jaydon ago get dealt with.

    1. yuh know seh wen mi watch him video (wid dem bedroom looking like a damn tween room wid all the butterfly shit all over the wall and ish) de fuss ting him seh a neva nuh teef’n scamm’n ntn mi get lock up fah nd leave it deh suh mi weh wait suh yuh nuh follow dat up by saying your not a teef or etc yuh 9-5 a yuh music production whatever ……

  11. So with all the money these two flaunts and all the name brands rae tae, No one told this duncebat and her husband that if you come to the U.S of A not in your right name it no matter what you do, Immigration NOT and I mean NOT going to give you a green card? The big wedding in HawaiiA and getting the numb sckull last name STILL not going to give you a green card. Fool a lead Fool. NO lawyer no tell this Gal about the law that had passed years ago? Didn’t I see a video on here with this dancehall celeb in which her friends were saying she get green card after the big wedding with the Gaurdy ring? If I laugh. These dancehall people is the best.

    1. Not True. My family member came here in someone’s name and she got through about 3 years ago and is now looking to file for citizenship.

      Now if you got deported once and re-entered again for the second time illegally then I don’t think you will be granted your green card. But if you have a very good lawyer you never know what can happen.

      My family member lawyer mash up the case! and on top of that my family member came and got involved in a lot of positive uplifting things for the community so that was taken into consideration when her case was being reviewed.

      As for the thieves…

      1. Is true my friend in Baltimore came in on her sister stuff payed $1500 fine had a great lawyer and look now fi duh her citizenship….she was very active in the church and feed homeless,plus on the school parent teacher thingy suh things like dat helped her

  12. @simplicity apple really dunce bad ,bad and that’s no joke. Because she got the social number she think if she married she will now get the green card by trying to use the false claims that she made about Kirk to send into immigration.but immigration tun her ass down the other day because her rap sheet long with all thinks of theft, scamming and fighting. And apple wanted the title of been a wife anyway so she was happy to keep big wedding, to pop style pon kerryann , robad, yanki michelle and her rest of friends because all they do is run against each other . Why apple don’t make a post now and sey a lie mi a tell pon her .she run guh Meck post when them dash up her fake balmain dress on pink wall though. This girl too evil. But wat she did to my cousin Kirk her own son father she is going to get it back for sure.

    1. oh suh she really did guh in wah day yah den wen dem a seh she get de green card but a really turn down.

      quick question did she get work permit with the social or nah ?!?!?!

  13. My question is Apple and her son father wasn’t married so how would she get a green card?
    The baby fathet used to beat Apple and she afraid of him.
    Jay can’t defend nothing because he’s a bitch. He’s the someone who tell people bout his wife baby father

    1. she would have gotten it base on Domestic Violence there is no need for marriage to get your stay here base on that wid evidence and all

      1. She can’t get green card on vowd aka domestic violence because the program stop fact I got my paper from it and my lawyer told me that I was lucky cause it done with FACT me nah ask met when ever a woman get there green card on the vowd no Matter what can never be deported FACT my lawyer who help me tell me that call uscis n ask if a lie me a tell

        1. that program you are talking has stop, now there is one called U-VISA guh ask yuh lawyer about it or call de sed USCIS and ask about it,ppl still getting there stay for domestic violence if them co-operated wid the prosecutor and he signs of on a certificate stating you did.

          1. Your right I know about those but it just a visa that can be taken back at any time if it not use correctly I know some one that got it you can even help your kids if any overseas are a family member sns is given with it as well… Apple aside people we are one Jamaica hard look at the world we’re living in stop the wickedness leave people paper n business alone stop set up people stop work obeah stand together are fall together eought is eought every other build each other up why not us … Stop BADMIND

  14. @anonymous 1:40 pm you can still get yuh green card if you come to America into somebody else name because I got mines that way as long as the person documents you uses is a green card holder or usa visa holder you qualify all you do is pay the $1000 fine that’s wat my lawyer did and I got through over 3years now. Apple just can’t get it because of her sticki, fingers and nasty bad ground plus she got deported before because wat this dunce gal wey name apple donto know is that it nuh matter how long you try to enter through immigration and custom,and as long as they hold you and criminally, finger print you and refuse you entry, into their country that is a deportation and it stays with you for you would have to rat out a big crime organization for them to pardon you. It was big on the streets that a apple rat out jue icon.

    1. Stick a million a one pin yah suh……suh police never just pull over Jue like that or yah tawk bout while him get hold…a really 15 years him Jue get fi real?!?!

  15. @simplicity yeah she got a work permit and a social number and that’s how she get I’d fi a drive up and down and a credit people vehicle. But mi tell Kirk sey fi Meck lawyer him fi file complain to the social security office and let them know sey apple made false a ligation to obtain social number and let them cancel back them social because apple still gain something from the false report and false lock up that she Meck my cousin Kirk get. A work permit and a social is a good thing to gain into America. Mi nah stop push my cousin fi duh the right thing. Mi tell him nuh sorry fi apple and up until now she don’t even apologize to kirk for her wicked, action that could have cost Kirk to loose him good job because Kirk works at the post office.

  16. well Kirk a leave her to time,I wouldn’t force him to do a thing like he said his is son mother and time longer than rope,being that the son is now what 17 he would want him rejecting him saying because of him is mother is deported yet again

  17. @anonymous 1:48 pm tuh how apple wanted papers if when she was with my cousin Kirk and he was so abusive she would been lock him up from that time why she waited years after them left. But as I said before they stage it and because she had a baby by Kirk she did it as a domestic abuse like she and Kirk was still f..king and him beat her up because him jealous over don’t have to marry to get the domestic abuse green card there is a lot of loop holes into the immigration system you just need the right lawyer .

  18. @simplicity mi ago done pressuring Kirk but it hurt the family real bad because we all watch him cry times up on time because him nuh know wat the out come was going to be .it cost him and us a lot of money to pay a good lawyer to stand up for him .Kirk job at the post office was on the line. Kirk nuh do illegal stuff him work hard to teck care of himself and him children. Kirk could hardly suppose is other children when this case was going on because every work him work him money a lawyer get the money just through wicked apple , her friends, nasty wicked christine her man jaydon. Simplicity it tuff to watch somebody you love suffers and you know them innocent. And Kirk still love him son dearly and him nuh meck him son know wat him wicked mother did to him. Kirk you won yuh case last month God is good .and mi proud of you fi nuh try fi hurt back apple and simplicity mi ago teck yuh advice I wasn’t looking at it that way .I just was so mad when I saw jaydon wack ass video wey him Meck and a act like him a saint and a look public sympathy and a act like him cause the incarceration of innocent people.simplicity mi just started to lash out because I was so upset to see this hypocritical boy jaydon a talk like him good . But with ago leave apple ,jaydon, sally, kerryann and ugly Christine to time because God nah sleep. Simplicity mi ago let God duh him work him will give apple wat she deserve. Have a great day met and metters.and thank you so much met for making this a post.

    1. Yea man some battle a definitely fi de Lord,Thank God hi win him case,still have him 9-5 plus him name..Is just an eye opener now dis fi him suh him know wen it comes to him son he don’t need Apple cuz the little boy will be 18 next year nd is legally an adult suh him just deal directly wid him son.

      Mi know de feeling and wen wi inna heat wi do tend to think one sided is after wi calm or an outsider point out a next way then yuh wi seh yuh know dat way can work tuh….

  19. @simplicity them sey a apple set up jue icon fi get lock up because Kerryann was the boss and she don’t like it aND them sey apple have some detective man a work with wey tell her of she gives him a certain amount of arrest him can Meck she get papers. Yes jue icon get 15 years that is why ugly worthless Kerryann a dash out her big hole from bronx to la. That’s why apple spread it sey Kerryann cable cut off because them run against each other.

  20. Apple and Kerry send each other story in many time because they are secretly I’m competition with each other I witness apple screenshot something bout Kerry and run guh chat har many times and yes APPLE and other chat seh Kerry cable cut off and how she and her HUSBAND have to sponsor her with clothes for events

  21. @Realchat wasn’t your dearly beloved Kirk very abusive towards rotten Apple? I am glad that you are shedding light on some issues but please refrain from painting Kirk as an angel. Please share the stories in its entirety or else do not say anything at all.

    1. So if you is the real lawyer round here come speak up so the Village can understand what is what nuh? :ngakak

  22. When me come out a kerryels the night and see them just pull jue so. Me and me man pull over a watch. Jay and apple drive pass and turn round go a the other corner. Then them search jue car. Me turn to me man a say that was a tip off

  23. Kirk and him family dem come suck out apple and Jaydion battyhole bcs a bare batty him lick out… Kirk dutty family dem need fi talk how wicked him is, why unnu nuh tell pinkwall say kirk did go long island go kill man and mek apple sister get lock up and deport fi it… Why unnu nuh talk how kirk call immigration pon apple not once or twice and call ACS pon har how much time…. Kirk all a file taxes fi the the little boy every year and haven’t seen him in over 5yrs… Nasty ppl nobody nuh affy do kirk nothing wicked bcs him born inna wickedness. Everyday unnu live pon apple and it still naaw bring she nor jay down, dem still a flourish…. Kirk you and yu family cyaan fabricate no story yahsuh. You and dem fi f**k off bcs a donkey year apple nuh see nor hear gun fire bout you. Yu can’t stop har wid yu lick out batty mouth, yu family dem fi tell yu fi stop walk and kotch a the gyal dem yard now, as yu quint dem dash yu out bcs dem find out yu lick out a new batty. Sticking kirk and yu drankro family dem stop try kill apple fi nyam har…. Jaydion nuh need fi lock you up, why? What yu have wha anybody want kirk?… Yu need fi go confess bout the murder dem whey yu commit and come offa bloodclaat apple now

    1. This is Ugly Christine… Christine u face lean like boot.
      Mek u no go way. U swear Apple poppin..with har ugly self. Bish picture dem filter out like wha. She know she ugly and old that’s why she a try keep up with the young gal dem. CHRISTINE Apple looks just like you..
      All you talk bout a lick out this and suck out that.. Come with something else. Your daughter a the one wey love suck out people.
      Tuh!! the nerve. Get yo ugly ass x2 outta ya.
      If you was would tell your daughter fi go look a man with a future. You know someone weh pay taxes,social security,401k..etc
      Your gran daughter is gonna lose at the end.

    2. So wait who r u now. Are u family or friend. I tell u unnu talk about how people bad mind this and that but yet when story buss unnu quick fi run come a talk about who did this n that. The topic is if she lie fi get visa. The person come with good damn evidence n facts. Now here u come to try bring wi off topic to a whole nother story. A who mek unnu people man y unnu hate the truth so. If ur going to run in like Apple attorney please come with evidence n facts. Him killing someone n her sister getting locked away is not what we here talking about. Did she lie, did she get mr.bleach till mi pink fi box her down n blame it on someone else. A same su unnu make video n go around the scamming an a talk about working 9-5. What is wrong with u people. Don’t come over wid the foolishness. :cool

    3. Move… is thief shaka go thief shoes fi go her fren punchie birthday party when she get lock up and them dip her. Shaka hand was very touchies like apple.

    4. Kerryann go jaze out you shit pit of a mouth and come off the site. you have a shit obsession till you mek you mouth smell like diarrhea.

    5. Apple fi go in a corner with her rasscloth self bcuz all she know how to chat garbage and theft ppl credit card information. Before u talk about Kirk, take a good look at urself. Yuh a brainwash your own child. And why ya call Kirk’s Family “Dankro”. Ah ur family wicked, God soon fixed ur rass.

  24. Apple and Jaydion can tek dem money do whatever dem want just like how unnu use fi unnu own do wha unnu want…. None a unnu cannot tell ppl wha fi do wid dem own. Since unnu know how fi live good life den be the example nuh…. Show unnu self and unnu proper life since unnu waan give instructions on how to do it

  25. Ask kirk if him know how him son eat, sleep, or drink?… Ask kirk when a the last time him spend time wid him son? A Jaydion a the father fi him son, kirk need fi wash Jaydion foot and drink the water and gi him family dem some…. Kirk a the only man mi see have papers inna farrin and worthless suh…. Since yu say apple a wicked only hope yu don’t file another tax return fi the likkle bwoy and yu nuh see him how long…. You is a bum inna america nasty kirk, kirk whey love use him tongue push inna batty…. Kirk yu figet why apple leave yu?…. She hate how yu love batty…. When yu kill the man a LI and the police dem a look fi yu a suh dem send home shacka…. A lucky apple lucky and tell dem you and she left how long

    All unnu a talk it naaw guh nowhey. Kirk you can’t walk inna Jaydion shoes bcs him tek up your responsibilities and grow yu son. Yu don’t even know how yu son go school, start play yu role as a father and yu family dem fi tell yu fi be a dad to yu son.

        1. Met dearest, mi just come back from the day to day duties that a 9 to 5 and motherhood entails…and I see this….

          Mi cyaaaan manage dis none at all…dem people sick & tormented…lie til dem nuh know when dem ah lie.

          How is it that innocent Shacka get send home and angel princess Apple get to stay an ah fi har baby fada dem did ah hunt. How dem miss di chance pan da 2 fi 1 deal? Christine, you gotta come better than that lady…yuh nuh memba ah nuh everybody illiterate & fool like you….Apple come get your moms b

          Apple yuh nuh si seh Mommy ah raise har pressure up in har old age…if she get one stroke in yasso ah your fault. :hoax2

  26. People business is so in people’s heart! My gosh. If you have faith Snd believe in God he will handle things. Good over evil every time. It never fails. Putting ppl business out there like that is just as cruel

  27. I don’t believe ur Kirk cousin yes Apple did falsely llock him up to get green card but although there’s a lot truth to ur story some is not correct like how long the case took… Anyways additional info when she saw that she didn’t get her way she prevented her son from visiting him or contacting him so for a year the evil bitch kept his child away from he went to court so he could get his child but he couldn’t serve her papers for her to show up to court cause him don’t know where she live he had to go from school to school looking for his son. When the school call her telling her that Kirk is searching for his son her glad bag burst same weekend him get him son and didn’t bother to pursue visiting rights with the court… All weh a gwan APPLE STILL LOVES KIRK and her husband knows cause he don’t want her to drop off her son by herself anymore and u have a right to be concern about ur wife desires who text them ex old pictures of them 4-5am in morning when ur husbands was out the country ur skin was itching Apple??

    1. Mi rass what is dis I’m reading. Pic a send at 4 am. Let me get a snack n some drinks it’s about to get real interesting in here.

  28. Apple and kirk did married?…. How lick out batty kirk fi mek apple get social and work permit? Yu need fi guh skin out yu batty afta yu shit mek kirk give yu one a him special bout u a him cousin… Kirk mouth smell like pit toilet

    1. Christine you have kirk confuse with jayicon! yu look like donkey did a phuck yu madda and you a proof a it! Is hide and phuck produce you pickney dem frigging ole wombat. me hear say you witness you gal and her orgy dem a few times! nasty ole crone go sleep permanantly

  29. Why I feel there is another side to this story? We hate Apple and all the mess they come with, but something tells me there is a whole other side to this story. I a not even trusting the so called sender who is family. This look like someone that knows some shit and posing as Kirk family to try to bring down Apple and Jay. Kirk has long been implicated in murders and other atrocities so let us all be fair. Kirk is no angel and everyone hates Apple so much they are willing to join in the SAINT PARTY for Kirk. We hear one side of a story written to paint one set of people as evil and wicked and Kirk and his poor family a innocent. We know there is way more to this story and the truth lies in between. KIRK IS NOT THE VICTIM HERE. Something about the procedural posture of this story is off. Apple you need to do a video so we can hear your side of the story. SENDER you are suspect.

  30. Some a unno real dark nuh bloodclaat,guh luk up how many ways yuh can stay inna uncle sam land and yuh wi see……de same way battyman can get him stay base on hate,the same way refugees can get it is the same way yuh can get it bas off DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    the ooman weh did a guh back and forth wid Apple did police weh she seh rape har was she married tuh him to get her stay while him a transfer her to be deported?!?! is not marriage alone give yuh stay here darkness…..geez

    1. You have time. I think they’re playing reverse psychology for more information ’cause they need dem EAC. Don’t let out no more info ya village lawyer lol dem silly bad.

  31. I agree anon 4:40pm. Not because we do not like Apple we should jump and believe these stories some pieces are missing. Let’s be fair here and this Kirk does not seem like an angel as what is painted here.

  32. rotten apple memba u lock up shushanna , baldhead baby mother weh u f**k wehen she gone a jail ,dutty mind ,dutty body, memba sey a u a meet the dt dem when u lock up the woman a creston , Barbara ,blacks babymother , then she rat out kirk omg girl u must sufer ,don’t forget she can go ja ,dem wah get fi dem family memba weh she send home and deh a jail

  33. apple [something] a laugh now eeeee , we hear when jaydan fight har in a di club ,she call u brother and him dis har to , that’s why kotton deh wid har now ,dutty set a people ,him never defend the girl ,u dutty muma tek miss macy man

    1. Admin mi appreciate it very much how yah block who nuh needed in de story,oh yes i do..i see you

  34. As per caption…This really needed it own topic.
    Christine batty licking is the norm now. It is a pre-requisite for some people.
    But u forget where ur coming from, yuh figet how Junju use to grine yuh pon top a paynelan rooftop,cause him neva waa nobody know him did a grine yuh. Yuh figet how yuh use to walk barefoot pon di compound. Guh si dung, & nuh meck ur file get rinse out.This is not about u, it’s about Apple/Kirk/& Pink boy.

      1. How dee dooooo Met!

        I’ve been reading and laughing all day, but this comment take the cake :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak what is a “panelan”?

        1. PayneLand, Kingston 13, Jamaica. Community of some serious germs. From apple mumma escapades we see that all beastiality bring forth life from there too.

          Met, you know dem all have dating site? :hammer

          1. Me just see it when me did a look fi the geographical location . Put a M infront of all GAY dem advertise fah

    1. mi seh mi mind tel mi seh a de muma deh yah a beat off har finger tip a galling gwaan…Jadion name call pon batty tuh but luck like Kirk a get tuh har more than him :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      a next thing she busy a cuss the man bout lick out wen har dawta sucking out the same thing wid har Bi-sexual self, mi seh some parents one sided bad


  36. Donkey face Christine.. Stop it bout kick out batty u mouth dutty and nasty for a old woman speaking of liick out batty , a never u same one tekk out u false teeth inn motel fi suck young bwoy dick ?????? Lmaooooooo just face the facts all your kids are thiefs and worthless u should be ashamed of yourself cause .. U not even have status inna the people dem country your daughter might not have killed anyone but she scam people and that’s a crime so STFU

  37. You know some ppl lives dirty. There is just too much going on wid some folks. Thank God life is not forever and all a wi must depart this journey and this mess gets washed in the river of the past. Thank God seh mankind only living fi 80+years these days and not hundreds. Some of unno livity too sordid.

  38. Kirk when was the last time yu see apple? A years you and apple nuh bless eyes pon each other…. As fi pictures send proof, dash out yu proof bcs everybody know you don’t have any dick…. Yu tongue a beat yu dick by far. Tell the ppl dem bout the murder whey yu commit nuh and get whey scotch free bcs yu mek smbody else do the time….. KIZZY GORGEOUS aka KIZZY DIRTY inna Bronx and apple was best friend when kirk and apple did deh… She can talk and vow to God how kirk did lock up apple at the 47th precinct fi no reason and how him use to deal wid har….. Kirk ain’t no angel…. If kirk go to the lil boy school after all these years him should a shame ask kirk how him find out what school kj guh?…. Ask him how him know which school and if him know bout him son…. A years apple leave kirk and naaw look back pon dat. Kirk a the bottom a the pit… Broke, worthless, and love eat ass

  39. Unnu a talk bout kirk…. Ask him what have he done for his son?…. The time yu tek and deh pon apple whey nuh member kirk and leave kirk from wappy kill Phillip…. Kirk need fi go pay retribution to the man whey him kill family. Him need fi go and beg the man family and all the ppl dem wha him get involve pardon….. Kirk and him family miserable and unnu ago dead bcs apple and har husband stay mek unnu talk non stop…. Tell kirk him have one more year him can try play ketch up before him son turn 18

  40. Kirk nor none a him family dem naaw live better than apple…. And anybody whey know how fi live the oh so perfect and proper life unnu live it and show everybody how fi dweet. Kirk show the pictures dem whey yu say yu get nuh? A proof needed yahsuh likkle hood kirk, kirk whey gyal shit inna yu mouth you and yu family dem deh a last bcs apple a lead unnu dats why unnu a try be relevant after all these years. Kirk yu cyaan walk inna Jaydion shoes Nooo day. That’s a real man to take up another man’s child and raise him

    1. Yes him tek on another man child and raise him same like how unu tek on other people identity and credit and use it. hip hip hooray you damn criminals.

  41. Bombohole ole foot Christine stop come ova ya come chat shit , because u mouth a shitpit , u daughter mouth a shitpit, u son inlaw mouth a shitpit.. Run ova yah come talk bout ppl lick out batty a unuh set di batty swiping trend suh gtfoh wid u shit up mouth. Swivel up body Christine go hole several seats u pampers wearing ole lady.

  42. Y is anonymous fabricating stories? Truth hurt doesn’t it nuh well her husband knows the truth so if ur trying to protect by dismissing the story bout the pictures here’s another one Apple before u got marry remember when u drop off ur son by urself ur obsess insecure fiancé ask if u did come out the car u had to call Kirk to vouch for u but u didn’t come out the car that time u came out other times and what are u talking about not being in his son life? When they went to Miami who u think Apple son was with? His father so stop making up lies and for the story about kill u know he never did that but people like to run with scales story when they don’t have nothing good to come with and yes he file tax what Apple going to use and file it? Plus he pays his child support and I guess ur dawta love them a little fishy or freaky cause she’s a freak herself

  43. Omg I swear to u jmg will be the death of mi tonite. Di amount of laughing. From false teeth to roof top to lick batty. I have to tek break n come back. It’s soon time for my bed today was a good day. Laughter is good fi di heart. Thanks met this site here is the light during long days n sleepless nights. :2thumbup

  44. Christine is this same reason the same jaydion u defending cant stand you. Him say you mouth dirty and him nor apple no want them kids round you. You should be ashame

  45. Why would he send in pictures he’s not the mix up one a people send in stories cause this happen awhile now the false lock up if you never a trace people wouldn’t be adding more to the story

  46. Kirk mek yu sister Marsha tell the ppl dem when last yu buy a school shoes fi kj… To how long yu nuh see the likkle pickney him reach 17 and hate yu now. Every time him fi guh wid yu Jaydion affy beg him fi guh shit up kirk… Yu family dem know bout yu kirk, yes yu work at the post office but remember a package yaaw collect… Yu claim yu naaw sell drugs a bcs it nuh work fi yu…. Every time yu try hustle dem tek yu money and run yu whey…. You and yu family figet a the sane drugs ting mek yu kill the man and did run whey?… When yu kill the man and dem a look fi yu a suh dem hold shacka bcs she neva have no papers…. Dutty wicked kirk yu family dem know a you kill the bwoy and him family dem eye wata deh pon yu…. Kirk yu son hate yu bad…. When yu call apple and beg har fi mek yu see him whey day a sorry she did sorry fi bcs yaaw bawl and say yu sorry…. Kirk kj say when him see yu him did waan vomit pon bcs him nuh know you as him dad a jaydion him know of…. When him a refer to anybody as him dad a Jaydion name him call him nuh regard you and yu family dem…. Apple don’t even want yu know whey she live she mek sure meet yu farrrr fi drop off har son…. Sweet tongue kirk and him family the pics are still awaiting to be released by you all… What a ting eeh, after all these years unnu still have apple pon unnu heart and she naaw stop siddung pon unnu heart… Kirk a wha yu remember how apple batty taste suh yu start wid yu murderous self wicked kirk…. Apple fi send proof to the IRS fi all the years yu file taxes fi kj and show dem say a she him did live wid…. Dutty kirk you and yu family dem a look a hype offa the princess and har king. It naaw work father worthless, stinger tongue kirk

    1. “Apple fi send proof to the IRS fi all the years yu file taxes fi kj and show dem say a she him did live wid”

      you forget say social media have you and you man business pon lock year to year, week to week.
      illegal reentry
      drug dealing
      identity theft
      wire and mail fraud…

      W2 will show kirk earnings how about you and icon own? me need fi go jerk some chicken fi live high on the hog and say me a producer. lol bitches don’t wake a sleeping lion

  47. From apple leave yu a UP she deh and yu still deh down under batty… If a me like yu sister mi influence to be a dad to yu son and try fi mek him like yu. Anytime yu see kj again ask him how him feel about yu, ask him a who force him fi go. He’s 17 now him have sense and know you aren’t his dad you just a piece of shit but fi peace sake mi mek him guh… All these years and yu still nuh have nothing, be careful how you collecting those packages too kirk. The post office nuh waan know the truth

    1. Is a threat you a mek?! like you need homeland security a you door bitch because that “All these years and yu still nuh have nothing, be careful how you collecting those packages too kirk” read like a threat to a federal employee of the united states postal service and its security.

      sometimes onu love follow argument till it bite unu in the ass! and since this isn’t about drugs but malicious speech I would take it that you intend to endanger kirk since the setup didn’t pan out.

      seems like kirk need to let the Post Master general know about the vindictive, criminal mother of his child with an agenda to do him harm since “The post office nu waan know the truth”…yeah bitch I know how to spin an argument fi sauce a bitch.

      You think that detective have any powers over homeland security, which is bounded by executive order fi all imprison dem mumma can help them once report start? lolol no bueno bitch. calm down.

  48. Everyday unu say Apple mother ugly, but cute man f**k her and breed her, unu ago tired fe see that ugly face, cause it na go nowhere, but the baby always de a Apple mother yard, cause a nuff time ️️me see she make video wid her grandkids, all of them, best grandma ever….

  49. Christine i cant believe you a throw word pon people you remember weh u comin from Causeway Bridge selling fish chill you self longtime big woman from nothing to something

  50. If a long time story that suppose to happen oh so long why now? Unnu a look relevancy?…. Kirk yu need fi try be a dad a dat dem fi tell yu, try and mek up fi lost times when yu did run whey…. Only hope now that the likkle boy a come round yu him nuh affy pay fi the murder bcs things have a way fi the kids dem pay

  51. Nothing whey unnu come wid naaw stop nor slow princess apple or king Jay… Unnu really know how fi motivate ppl and mek dem nuh stop beat unnu bad. Keep unnu heart pumping, eyes wondering to see what’s next, have unnu brain puzzled fi know more, mek unnu beat up keyboard while the heart monitor a beep

    1. Onu did say the same thing about marsha and king flippa

      :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      BITCH WHAT? :kr :hammer

  52. @anonymous 8:18, your comment had me rolling that’s a good one. Christine all the cuss you a cuss you havent, answer the question did apple not call Kirk out him bed and tell him sey jaydon beat her up and she want to get away and tell Kirk to come pick up kj and when Kirk come police lock him up because apple Meck false report sey a him beat her up when a jaydon hit her to stage the abuse pon kirk.??? Answer christine. Christine I would rather to be motherless than to have a dirty mouth, low life ,disgusting mother like sick stomach. You come on here a talk how Kirk lick out batty how you know that ?? Kirk must did a f..k you tuh.and if apple sey Kirk lick out her batty if Kirk such a bad man that mean sey apple lick out Kirk batty also. I’m not saying Kirk and apple never use to fight each other but why apple and her mother never lock him up when he was so call abusing her ?? Why wait until him and her left and years pass by when she taught there was an opportunity for her to get a green card she fraudulently lock him up.if Kirk wanted to call immigration on Apple why when they went to court Kirk didn’t mention sey apple is a deportee. Christine stop it. Jaydon and apple got together when kj was about 11yrs old, so dont act like him grow kj from kj a 1 yrs old and a people money
    And them credit card wey jaydon thief him use to purchase things. And welfare pay the rest of bills. Jaydon meet apple with all her old plastic bedroom set and furnitures. Is only the bunk bed jaydon bought fi kj and him daughter to sleep christine stop talking like jaydon doing much for kj.christine why u lying sey Kirk nuh see kj fi years mi si kj and Kirk last month. And uno sey Kirk nuh work suh how uno come a talk sey all him duh a file taxes fi kj and nuh give apple nothing and a bet him nuh file no taxes this year for him .uno is so dunce uno can’t even tell a good lie . Christine yuh fi get sey apple a one of the biggest sadomite, Inna bronx all apple do is walk and look the little girls them a Bronx and tell them how jaydon rich and influence them fi Meck she apple and jaydon suck out them p….y and f..k them so stop christine your daughter apple is nasty and if Kirk is a freak apple is also a freak. What Kirk my cousin wants to do with him sex life have nothing to do with me. And stop tell lie sey Kirk kotch a no gal yard Kirk works for the post office have him own apartment and him and him son kj have a good relationship and he does give apple money to teck care of their son. Kirk loves kj. And christine since you and apple have so much proof sey Kirk kill man why the he’ll uno nuh bring uno evidence to the pricent and have him arrested apple may get her green card then. Uno is some stupid set of people. Christine all your children are non ambitious, silly and dunce and it’s clear that children live wat they learn. because you are a poor excuse for a mother. and you are a poor excuse of a grandmother and a poor excuse for a woman.your mouth need Ajax and fab soap fi big old woman christine you are a disgrace. Your daughter apple is a nobody, she have no job, no high school diploma, no college education, no career, no skills your daughter is dunce christine and it’s all your fault you never raised her well.

  53. Christine stfu because you a act like a Kirk was Apple last man before jaydion Apple did inns good relationship wid silky whey gone prison all tattoo him name pan have get the f**k offa pink wall and kJ use to call him daddy too so no badda come yah like a donkey years Apple a f**k jaydion and him a di only man afta Kirk Kj call daddy! Bitch ass, nasty mouth Christine I dear you say I’m lying!!! Me just read and not even bother comment but Christine draw me the f**k out. These birds acting brand new. The way Apple use to suck silky him walk and tell the whole Bronx how Apple give him 3 sum wid him baby annakay and lick ass good, dem one one nasty happy fambily till silky get the book thrown at him. Christine you sick all johncrow stomach nasty woman go give your life to the devil cause God have no more use to you, go bury yourself a hell man you are vexation to ppl spirit…. Tuh tuh dirty paynelan roof top reptobate.


  54. Christine get out of here… You fu**g battered looking witch you need to find the shelter for battered women. I can’t stand your filthy mouth you worst than Matterhorn. Old shrivel bitch like you belong in a cage. Just reach my breaking point me tired Fi a read the f***y dem now. Apple is a nasty “salamite” bitch whey walk and suck pussy and have har personally pussy Fi lick when she travel, Apple and jaydon stay chewing gum with them Nasty cum breath. Member jadon use to f**k batty man jue whey dem rat out. What a way pot wah come cuss kettle call it back. Dutty Christine put up Fi di night a long time Apple a do the nasty she’s a known freak from England. Shocker sticky finger mek she get dip you stink like bout Kirk and she go right ding go breed Fi Oney British and bring har fingers wid and pussy wid har Oney couldn’t manage har a rob him Fi mine young Bwoy and f**k pan him so him run har. Nasty Christine GTFOH!!!



  55. @met read 9:48 pm a apple a write she sey kj nuh want guh look fi Kirk and fi peace sake mi Meck him guh apple suh yuh come pon pink wall met, metty, wey yuh dey . [ Who is the mi] apple is here? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Suh apple yuh know sey Kirk a collection package suh him left from nuh have nuh job ,no apt nuh si him son fi years until now a you apple force kj fi guh fi peace sake. Apple come back here did you or did you not lock up Kirk fraudulently fi try get green card and the prosecutors advice you to drop it cause yuh record too dirty fi them put you pon stand. Apple yuh dey yah yuh dunce like yuh mother. Met come here come read @anonymous 9:48pm ,apple yuh expose yuh Kirk going to teck your advice and be careful but a hope you teck yuh our advice and stop thief , scam, people stop using people credit to purchase stuff. Stop buy name brand stuff off yuh chase card and then call up the bank and report yuh card stolen. Apple teck my advise and you and jaydon go get a job because yuh going to end up life flippa mafia.because yuh sell drugs ,scam, thief and worthless. Stop front apple jaydon nuh uplift yuh life you have the same bedroom set yuh meet him with , the same old plastic Furniture, the same old bad color little I piece sofa yuh life nuh improve not one bit stop fool yuhself, the only thing jaydon tuh yuh life is a wider range of thiefing and scamming.and yuh get links from jaydon where to buy more fake balmain, channel and dsquare. Lol. How yuh life up up jaydon nuh send yuh guh ano school fi not even get a cna license , him nuh meck yuh learn nuh trade bitch. Jaydin nuh get yuh into a honest job you so dumb and stupid. A the social wey yuh get from the false abuse case yuh use credit the porche apple shut yuh mouth up .but apple mi never know yuh come pon pink wall yuh burst yuh self apple.guh re-read. Mi cousin Kirk and simplicity mi did sey mi did ago leave apple alone but because of how she and her mother a gwaan mi ago Meck sure mi send home uno , uno not contributing, anything to the a set of John crows mi ago deal with yuh apple mi ago fight this fi my family.yuh easy fi catch apple.mi a Meck immigration send home you and yuh mother. Jaydon a promoter suh uno all over. Long run but it’s going to be a short catch fi immigration. Remember ever body with criminal pass information ,address, place of employment, can be found on the Internet

  56. Unu don’t sorry fe that ugly woman Christine, ️️me tell unu again, she is a juggler from jamaica days, wey unu no know older than unu, she got stuff, if you really know Christine, you would know that lady hve up her things, all now ️️me no hear unu say that, cause unu don’t know the woman, whole heap a donkey years me know her, she smart yu f**k, I gwann try get Apple number, cause that murder in long island need justice, Christine is one of the nicest person I ever know, she get mad when it comes to her picney them, ️️me say unu ago shame esi, unu take set pon Apple, now her mother, unu cuss apple pickney, her brothers, and her goodup husband, and the girl and her family ️️them still living, what more??? Unu make up some more new lie now, cause them de stale now..Apple a goodas from she come out of her mother clean pretty pussy, so go choke on a cock now

    1. Go right ahead and wake up ants nest! It shall not fall in your favor. Go right ahead and get that phone # and stir up a nest you wish did stay dormant.

    2. yes apple is you dat at 9:48 wid you f**kup speech as usual :hammer

      Congratulations say unda yu mumma fall in a looks department cause jah know she face no set good. yes baby cubby gwan celebrate. now you know why yu head front can’t grow hair. yu dna a call you so till you have fi a shape you body like mumma donkey :ngakak :ngakak

      yah dildo jay too me hear :ngakak a christine select the size or was it kerry and jue? :ngakak

  57. Stinking mouth Christine ….Cum ketcher Christine….batty washer Christine….donkey looking Christine…salamite Christine….baboon looking Christine… Pampers wearing Christine….juneplum hole Christine…miserable hole Christine…Welfare recipient Christine…please please drop asleep an nuh wake up back, stop teck up space pon God good good earth, U miserable ugly bitch…..

  58. Gn everyboddie,anon u page me earlier but my dearly departed granny always use to say if u don’t have nutten good to say doan sey anything.She also say liberty come thru carelessness.

    I’m not here to defend anybody’s wrongs or careless past,this one bag a battylicking n suckings is just not my cup of tea.Let me make it clear though,all when dem sey Princess Apple kill the Pope,all when she teef,me still a go love n admire her 4 other reasons.Just that she a go be a pretty sexy thief..but hey.

    Condemned the Sin not the Sinner.We leave all judgements to the Almighty,HE will punish n bless whoever as HE HAS a right too.Apple don’t 4get to do England’s fav tradition…Give dem a stiff upper lip n keep it moving Princess!

  59. Princess apple and King jay ???? If donkey face Christine dunce one more time !!!

    FYI … Princess are daughters and Kings are fathers I never hearrrrrr married ppl go by princess and king. Mussi princess and king of SCAMMING, AND LESBIAN AND BATTYMAN activities. Ole theifffff unnuh

  60. Anonymous who ketch come like you, who eat shit like you, who eat fly like you, come and take your teeth and take off Christine shit up pampers, she need to change now, and you know your mouth is the shit bucket, buoy I see the truth sting you like a scorpion whoiiiii, anonymous how is your wicked muma wey poison the chiney man doing on the other side? She no start wear pampers yet like Chriistine, Dutty patsy wey kill the big belly ugly chiney man, fe what ️️him don’t got, yes the poor chiney wey she used to suck ️️him wood, long before suck wood come in, a your family start the trend of sucking you know that for sure, Christine a better woman than your stinking pussy muma wey live a Jamaica and your sister wey walk and f**k down the whole a Tivoli garden, anonymous you obeoh working granny dead yet??? Unu caan come to Apple and her family, cause unu live like beast from Jamaica days, go f**k a dog now shit bait. We a get yu cross don’t?????

  61. Laughing so hard.I can’t believe I sat and read over 100 comments, but needless to say I learnt a lot and I really enjoy this site. The advise that these young girls get I often follow and make myself a better person; thank you all.
    I must say I am very proud of my people who are holding it down in America. Most of you sound very educated and work an honest 9-5, my hats off to you all. Can someone find out for me how to obtain a green card without marrying or staying in the US. I visit very often but refuse to do business marriage for the fact that it just don’t feel right.
    I also work from time to time so I have a social security number and a bank account but no permanent stay. I also hold it down here in Jamaica but I want to spread my wings and make the most of life to be an example to people in my community and so forth. Met I really appreciate this site and all the intelligent, productive bloggers,.This is like my little virtual community that I never want to move out of.

    So back to the topic at hand, I am not surprised at all that is happening here. I also wasn’t surprised at Flippa and Marsha’s downfall, dudus, zeeks, Robbas going to jail, Shawna stargirl going to jail multiple times, Apple etc, Jue’s sentencing, Sidonie’s deportation (I hope she’s ok), Starbarbie’s big reveal( that she’s indeed an escort despite hiding for so long) Delano’s prison sentence( he was very hype) and many more I can’t remember now. How is Anniekay btw? I use to love her on SM. I didn’t know Silky was her babyfather, I thought Kirk was.
    Be prepared for more of these unlawful people to go down. Not like I am praying for anyones downfall because that will not affect my life in any negative or positive way. It’s just the laws of life, retribution, reaction, karma or whatever you call it. It’s just the way it is and will continue to be.

    1. Lol I agree with u 100 when I say I sleep n wake up go to work n end up right back here pon the people job site. When I say this is my favourite place. My life is boring work, taking care of kids n being a wife. This Likkle site here is my Likkle excitement inna my life n I love it. So is not only your navel sting tie over here. This is my family away from family.

  62. @Apple yuh nuh meck nuh more comment from yuh expose yuhself pon pink wall talking shit about Kirk and spreading all kinds of aligation @9:48pm.last night. [ mi just let kj guh fi peace sake] story come to bum.been searching fi mis,met and simplicity from last night fi Meck sure them read yuh apple is one wicked liad gal.and yuh always talk sey u never ever come pon this site because it dirty suh a guest yuh finally expose yuhself sey yuh dirty.just leave mi cousin Kirk alone please.

  63. Love JMG! Big up Met! … The site has opened my eyes to the lies of life. ( how far people will go, just to let others think they are rich!)

      1. Morning Saran, welp, it’s afternoon now. Damn boss keeping me busy when he knows I neeeedddddd to check the site on the hour. DWL, mek mi stop misbehave at the people good-good-government job yah.

  64. @SugaDumpling Nuh true mum? Bwoy dis yah site yah sweet like suga dumpling :shakehand2 Good morning and have a productive day.

  65. When I said in the previous comment about obtaining a green card without staying in the US, I meant I am not currently living there now but of course I would live there if I had a green card. If it requires me to come there to start the process I can do that too. I also have my social security and bank account already because I work in the US from time to time. I hope it was not confusing.
    Can someone help me please.
    (PLEASE SEE MY PREVIOUS COMMENT) Thank you lovely people.

    1. Morning. I will never encourage me people to leave their country to come to amerikkka, worst if you have a job, a home and can travel freely, plus find you way through life. Jamaica just as great when you have all of the above.

  66. backside met site tunn’into immigration services….. gosh me miss a lot!!! Morning met, me still deh’ bout!!!!!! :angel

  67. @Anonymous 10:31 am- Ok thank you for your opinion. I am really thinking about my purpose and path in life, and if green card is not in the picture when I am done evaluating then so be it.

    N.B We all must constantly evaluate/take an inventory of our lives and get our priorities straight, it’s not a one time thing. Take a moment, even once a week, go over everything you did the week before etc and write down everything you did that was useless and bore no fruit at all, and that you could’ve done without. Then you will avoid doing it again.
    Philippians 1:10 is a scripture abt priorities

  68. @saranwrap Big up yuhself enuh, and nuff love. You crack me up with ur comments all the time, you’re fun :)b

  69. Pleasant morning Met. Nuff love and Respect
    @London5948 Yes Met site is that and much more when yuh really check di levels. This site is everything actually (fun an joke aside tho) :ilovekaskus

    *If there is any form of activity that Met plan in the future that requires donation to do anything of benefit to those in need etc; I will definitely contribute, just like I contribute at church etc. I learnt a lot here and I am grateful.

      1. Include me on that one for sure. The $130 the lady’s man uses to buy me champagne on the weekend can go right towards that worthy cause. I will drink beer that night instead.

        lol #ShoutOut to the old lady young husband.

  70. Just one thing tho, how them people here love talk bout shit so? All them cuss bout a lik out batty, diarrhoea, shit mout, tongue in a batty, I amost threw up reading these things. Is like all unuh think bout is faeces. There are so many other ways to insult someone, but the bible say as a man thinketh so is he, so I guess the whole a unuh full a shit. Unuh sick stomach tho. Mi literally start skip over the comments with the word shit the way how unuh turn me off. Disgusting.

  71. Ok Met. I will check tonight when I get home. My duties starts at 1pm – midnight today so I have all the time after to check up on my fav site. I went to bed about 2:00am this morning just reading comments etc till mi all dream bout the ppl mentioned in this post lol.
    Btw I really love your daily devotion and JMG Natural herbs and cures corner; and whenever I miss the news on the tele, I can catch up with some of it here. So for all the ppl who a talk bout mixup site check again. Maybe a u mixup because dat a di only ting unnu see fi read smh.

  72. Me say ….@met and bloggers :peluk :peluk I love this site :selamat :selamat :2thumbup :2thumbup Christine I hope u are sleeping by now :ngakak :ngakak and don’t show your face anymore , on social media talking crop


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