0 thoughts on “APPLE ON SET……………………. DONT BE SHY PEOPLE -_-

  1. Something a tell me say a di thiefin Dr man whey Apple wuk fa she a meck video for dem a try find more ways to rob di gal dem INNA dance fi go lopsided n fuxx up dem body poor unnu smh

    1. mi get that feeling to but she must be getting paid and dat better dan scamming so she can gwaan get more meat fi di slaughter fi all who want choppings

        1. If Quena bad lmaoooooooo but Happhell can use har belly fi the promo tho cause the belly a crumble n cave in like when cake drop INNA oven smh yuck

  2. :hammer met u know u a trouble mekka? Bout script a mussi smaddy inna the background a bawl out a tell apple weh fi say.. :cd:

  3. met yuh dont have a job yuh careless goh find a job skermidge yuh stink like pit toilet groupie come suck mi abbayyyy

    1. Yuh type just like the lean belly girl. Don’t you have better things to do with your time, u nuh soon set fi deliver since thats your job?? Di way how sucking a common assault now people stop tek it cuss people..Welcome to the world you left a few years ago..You need an update , you’re still operating pan windows 04 :nerd

      1. ______________________________________________________________
        The Belly slowed down her thiefTing position Metty, mine yuh don’t run har go thiefT her windows upgrade. Ask if Baldhead nuh have no hood head for her to clean, weh she ah do pan dis?

      2. Hold on DEH Metsy is this the mant that just get out of jail n somehow breed cause this would be serious my birlllllllllll u no suppose to a wash n iron the baby chemise dem now????????

    2. U don’t have no job eiderrrrrrr cause that dr office not paying u shitttttttttttt all u get is fuxxed up surgery GTFOH sloopy ass bitchhhhh

  4. Lol this reminds me of when a celebrity is shooting a movie or music video and the paparazzi is spying in Lol I see why this girl feels as tho she’s important.. Ppl send in every move she makes

  5. So dat doctor not getting any complains from patients that them social was linked to his office for identity theft…him better mine dem tek weh him license

  6. Dis musss going to be one ah deh widout audio videos, but it look like har mouth a move suh it going to be a voice ovah. A wandah wah dem going to do wid di belly part if a is a commercial fi body do ups and ovahs..ok dem Happhell, drop it pan wi, get u self some almost clean and honest coins.!!

    1. Tinan those coins ain’t gonna b clean eno cause the gal dem INNA dancehall blood will be on apphell’s hands oooooo

  7. Sshe might be re-inventing herself!!! Watever it is, I give her kudos for even being able to :hn guh in that direction! She is being “sexually :bikini: exploited” and, that usually means $$$$$$!!!
    Make your haters b your motivators!!!!……..of course, NOT HERE ON JMG…we will always b your motivation, to do better! :ilovekaskuss

  8. Its d music video for the song weh icon have with QQ, the same song weh unuh did see she post bout her baby in the studio

  9. Wait deh. Anonymous weh a cuss met apparently u don’t have a life nor hob eithercause u deh oan the site wehetc a control a read up the tings dem. A wonder if a apple thay,name cah bother with this site. Her Belly A Cave in…Lord Help me

      1. That would of been her second vagina the first one she gave jay icon to wear never see one pussy love attention suh …..

  10. Is this Dr. Shanine office she works in. Omg from what I know about him he’s a gyn but does cosmetic surgery. He did a few celebrities including k. Michel and that lady from mob wives(forgot her name). Anyhow he have done a lot of botched job from what I’ve read online the reviews are 95% negative. He’s also on youtube, when you put his name in the search bar in youtube he will come. He was even on the news once warning people not to go there he had messed up this lady really bad.

  11. Met aleast give har little credit man unno done har and tell har fi find job and stop to this and that and and when she find one unno still a done har.. What else unno waa Apple do like seriously me sorry fi har man..

  12. No papers suh she caan travel, it’s about time she get a job, now that jayicon next woman, her matie come bright up herself, $$$$$ affi share, drugs bizness soon come to an end, FBI on watch….

  13. UMM APPLE PLEASE SIT YOUR ASS DOWN BOUT SUPRISE . UMM PLEASE SHOW A RECEIPT OR SCREEN SHOT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT SO I CAN NOT HAVE TO DISS YUH UP LOL YOU HAVE SO MUCH NAME BRAND BUT PLEASE POST UP HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WORKING AN HOUR OR HOW MUCH U MAKE YEARLY . I NEVER SEE YALL POSTING UP POSITIVE MOVEMENTS. THIS FANTASY LIFE GOTYALL SO MESSED UP . LIKE WHERE IS YALL 401K WHERE IS YOUR PICKENY COLLEGE PLANS . I never see none of yall taking yall kids to the zoo or pon school trip . yall have time wasting . yall pum pum so tun up what happen to marriage or being married lol yall bitches is waste of space like dancehall and hype are yall lives . stragglers. lmao sheesh shouts out to apple , crysan , Barbie and Christine and all the topics . Topics with no stability

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