28 thoughts on “APPLE THEN AND NOW

    1. Hey babes I hope u see that one person average is a next person drop dead gorgeous!!when gyal good dem good!! 🙂 the blue dress,the black dress n her boobs omg up up way up princess Apple!!

  1. Even then she was rubbin but at least she can gwan verses da other black monkey turn brownin “daffy woman”lol so if dem put down da bleachin dem skin drop off? Can a reformed bleacher come ansa

  2. In my eyes she was always cute before now . I think she look better before . Now she looks like a Harlot .

  3. Before she was a cute big farrid gal, now she look like a deformed fembot with horrible cheek implants. Robert look like him get cheeks to, di surgeon must did have a two fi one deal pon di cheeks.

  4. Boy people nuh easy a backside. Sender u need a day jib hating isn’t working for u at all. How is it your business if the woman want bleach r do surgery on her body is who fah body kmt the world would be q better place is people mkmd there own business Lowe di gyal

  5. Met, please add Yankee Michelle and Peaches to this line of Before and After Bleachers and Body fixers. Thanks in advance

  6. Nuff a uno only love si certain ppl name over yah but wen a fi uno or uno friend all of sudden uno a call ppl mix up an dem fi goh luk job

  7. Apple did look just fine… with the creit cards she would have looked great. She didn’t have to bleach or even do her ass.. her batty wasn’t flat.

  8. I don’t know this woman personally or a fan of her but I honestly think she looks better before.she nuh look much different from the past jus that her present features are fake.

  9. this is not a real before and after because durng these times she was bleaching and did have surgery done but it looked nayural. we need real before and after pics those would the pics she have wen she was black as shit in england and never start bleach until she get deported from england.

  10. plz make this into a series for all the “dancehall celebs” then and now ill love to see a before pic of some of them well most of them

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