No but talk truth who could a really deh wid him ? Him sick stomach look under him arm yachhhh Ricky fi a money man u need fi do better dash weh dem glass deh and buy some clothes u no tired fi repeat u same pants dem when u come ? U wear the same pants dem wid different shirt and u a buy so much bottle inna party and a buy so much Brazilian fi gal u must do better Mon

6 thoughts on “ARMY

  1. Everyday Ricky talk bout f**k and me hear say him can’t f**k dwl the 2 gal dem look like dem eat him out and left him

  2. f**r ugly bad eno and like some a Ren Ren ugliness rub off pon him cause him look even more uglyer the last few times him come

  3. Me wonder everyday weh renee a do wid him …. him no fit her non tall me ago txt her and tell her use little bleach & fab soap rub off some a the ugliness a a sin if him go breed her

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