Areseno Hall addresses an audience member who accuses him of not allowing gay people on his show…His response is spot on..check the video below

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  1. That’s what I love about the great USA they say freedom of speech and mean it, if that had been the UK the anti gay groups would have him shut down. Gays seem to believe we are all bound to live in ‘their’ world and woe be tide anyone who does not live as they do – they then start to have a problem with you. There are the least tolerant people I know

        1. They love to compare their thing with racism and the thing is this; if a white person does not like me for being black I dont care and will not try to change them or make them tolerate me because from u nuh like me..MI NUH LIKE U NEEDAH..but for them they have to force tolerance

  2. Met to me gay people are the most paranoid people I have ever come a cross every detail of life is vulnerable to them.thats why you know it’s wrong normal everyday people don’t put there emotion and get paranoid by the universe. Dem need fi go one side an go create dem world in a different universe an stop for e god people fi accept dem.

  3. Brapbrap tell dem idiot fi me arsenioe tired ah dem try force dem nasty lifestyle pon good people face me Neva can tell who gay by just lookin at dem ppl nuh walk roun wid dem sexuality pon dem forehead so dem need fi stop try compare gay ppl to being black

  4. What ARSENIO said was on point… 100% however this show was in the late 80 or early 90″s I am sure if they run up on him at his new show he would be saying something different because they would protest and make it bad for him. Plus they are bigger now with a louder voice… as usual once you not with their lifestyle you are crazy, devil etc and nuh have any freedom of speech

  5. Bet u any money is GLAD plant them there 2 try draw out d man. As him show start back is dem dat a try find a way 2 finish him. Dem mussi did have him up from when him did have him previous top rated talk shw.

    Ole craases, evil, dutty sick people dem

  6. Mi like how Arsenio put da bwoy ya inna him place yu see. Mi like it !!!! As a talk – show host and a comedian, him just deal with the erroneous being very assertively.

  7. Them gay people yah like to compare them self as minority “like” black people. I was born black with black skin, black kinky hair and black sexy lips and I am a minority in America….I totally accept that even if I wanted to change for some dumb ass reasons, I couldn’t. How do you now compare a gay situation with the above facts.
    I don’t care about all the lame excuses that gay people use to justify their nasty life style, yes it’s a style. Its a style because you were not born that way, it’s a choice that you gays make. Blah blah about it’s in your genes and the usual excuses. If my father was a child molester or rapist and my mother was a crack head, would that justify me as some sort of deviant from my parents genes? Should that give me the right to be a rapist too?
    Me nuh like gays, but if them nuh bother me and stay in them lanes, me cool.

  8. the only thing that made me said ,,ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!.Arsenio said “there are many gay ppl that come on),,,(DL) but it’s not of our damn business,,,,ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,how you know Arsenio..dwllll

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