A reggae artiste/producer charged with two counts of rape and assault had his bail application denied yesterday and was further remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s court until February 9.
The musician, 39, is charged with rape, grievous sexual assault and assault occasioning bodily harm.
According to his attorney, the allegations stem from a failed extortion attempt, though not stating whom it involved.
She also made mention of his shows being affected by the ongoing issue.
social media
The court heard that the accused met the complainant on social media website Facebook and that a photo suggesting to be an individual was uploaded, which later turned out otherwise.
The investigating officer in the matter objected to bail on the grounds that the accused man’s identity was not verified.
Resident Magistrate Maxine Ellis told the investigators to look carefully at all material based on the allegations.
The accused man’s wife was in court at the time of the proceedings. However, she was not called, even though the attorney told the court that she had her husband’s passport available to hand over to the court as part of any bail condition.
The matter will again be mentioned on February 9th.


  1. Dey pon FB a look ooman, nu him married, wifey she lucky shi a go a courthouse bout bring him Passport fi surrender fi bail Mek him tan in dey n enjoy u freedom

  2. Hello MET tell me something plz. This off topic tho…..who the heck is nikki chromaz? What is her claim 2 fame? Ive heard things but mi wa verify. Plz and tonks

  3. This rape Story seems sketchy. Hope d media works out the details as they come.
    By the way. R. I. P. To one of the greatest grassroots reporter of all time Marcia Henville who rallied the cause for poor and underprivileged people and the cause of youth turning to crime and illegal activities. She dies this morning in Trinidad in what I believe was a suspicious fire.
    Born and raised in London, she chose to live in Trinidad and report the news in places those in up society did not want to dare visit.
    She also worked on radio and media.
    In other breaking news
    God bless the woman who taped the young boy who was beaten and abused and forced to do yard work and post it on her facebook so that he could be rescued because the police in Trinidad failed.
    The child and his brother was finally rescued, and being evaluated and arrests and police suspensions are expected after the video of this precious child telling his story was shared 20,000 plus times.
    I will never watch a video of a child being beaten, it is cruel.
    This video of the child telling his story of abuse was even more powerful and moving than any reporter can give.
    Please watch the video if you can.
    Also speak UP against child abuse and cruelty to children all over the world.

  4. Nikki chromaz on my IG I don’t know what’s her claim to fame I don’t see her doing nothing at all ! Like at all lol she just claim people are trying to steal her indentity I don’t know why she would even think anyone cares about her bleach out self she’s liek 22 years old don’t go school or work me hear seh she a big big f**kist and scamma and a talk bout how ppl a use her pics to scam people lmfao she a one.likkle bleach out midget me always a wonder what is her claim to fame too lmao she nuh stop done this bwoy seh him steal her identity lmfao everyday she post seh ppl a Mek fake accounts of her me just can’t help but laugh cuz it funny badly

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