Mi seh met,

What is with Dan Dan and artistes? She nuh learn har lesson from Popcaan and Masika?

Is di natty Jesse Royal she a feature now but she a try keep it “low key” because the other two did shame har bad. Especially di unruly boss. Him and Jesse a nuh big friend too? How she a move suh?


  1. so weh jesse baby mother?

    u know wa fuck up bout da girl here? she and masicka wifey were frenz and she go tek the girl man and him just drop her like a bad habit

    1. A fi har ting dat doe. Look like dem couldn’t do di long distance ting nuh more. Di baby mother and she a follow each other pon IG. What a life!

  2. Such a gorgeous Lady… Sender maybe she wants a natty pon har frontline…a nuh nutten!!Gwaan thru Dan Dan but careful how yuh mix business with pleasure Sweetie!!

  3. It woulda be a better look fi the sell out ras still. man sing bout black empowerment and Africa and go deh wid whitey. neve rate him fi dat at all. everybody have them choice who fi love but u look like a hypocrite when u a talk bout wha slave-masters do to ur ancestors den go try build life wid dem descendants.

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