Sherekia Carter… stated on a particular Radio Show that you have several degrees,you are very much educated.So the question i want to know and what enquiring minds want to know and need to ask you how many degrees do you really have and have accomplished and got??Because you stated n facebook after posting your Associates In Arts(Honors) Certificate you also stated on facebook you are also expecting another delivery in the mail in a few months,you will be getting your Bachelors,then your Masters and hopefully your PHD and the sky is the limit and how proud you are of yourself.Which is it…..young lady and little liyad gyal because you seem very confused!!!!!!
But its good you upgrading yourself and bettering yourselg and stacking up your degrees and making tons of money or will be by then so you can stop brag,boast popstyle and showoff how your money long but yet Sherilee see you in Ross Department Store shopping for clothes and shoes and you walk pass Sherilee like you better than her!!!!






Word Of Advice,Sherekia don’t let nobody especially Sherilee know of you bragging and boasting on facebook how your money long because if she see you in any of those little department stores she going to come bawl it out like she black and she proud that she seen you,here,there and everyyyyyywhere!!!!!!!The price you you pay to keep up appearances!!!!!!
Another accomplishment you say but you didnt get to walk accross the stage this time hopefully your close friends and family will be there to cheer you on!!From January until now you been posting about graduating and you know damn well all you have is your degree in Associates Of Arts but all of a sudden now you now have your Masters ah weh Masters ah guh from 19 how when weh Masters ah guh and now you graduating school now with your Bachelors otherwise know as B.S.N(Bachelors Of Science In Nursing))stop the damn lying and the damn fronting and putting on a damn show that you have more than one degree smh.You never thought anyone would catch unto your lies would you!?!?!?Or your lies will catch up to you right??Sad f**g case!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “ARTS HONORS – MASTERS

  1. GM let me commend this young lady on her degree second of all dumb ass Sherilee know say when she step inna Ross is like stepping into Bloomingdales fi she, cause Sherilee meck cheap clothes look realllllllllll cheap she look like a over bend dung market she cop the whole shipment of oldddddddddddddddddddddddddd clothes. So she need to shut the shit up n stop being a nuisance. Oprah who is counted to be one of the world’s richest female favorite store is Target so why should the girl shame to shop in Ross? That’s y she can complete her associate while Sheri the clown n governor of ole bruck can only finish the night with $30 n some jerk chicken while checking if the dude whey fuxx her the night before is really who he said he is FOH

  2. Nutten nuh wrong wid Ross, wen mi guh Vegas mi go the bothof dem on the strip, all the ones in Florida too, if yuh can buy yuh can shop anyweh. Tru mi live a NY and the closest one deh waaaaayyyy out inna jerzeee. Can’t speak of her degrees, congrats either way.

  3. It not nice to brag, no one is saying you shouldn’t be happy with your accomplishment. However, if your degree can only afford you cheap shoes, clothes and money to post on social media then it’s useless. Honestly it’s better you never went to school. The reason you earn a degree is so that you can develop your talent or skills to serve others. Money, cheap clothes and shoes can be had quite easy, and you don’t have to take on debt and study so hard to get them.
    People who do these thing really should mind because just like it was given it can be taken away, then what. Are they going to steal to keep up appearance or rely on grace. Humble yourself young girl.

  4. Sherekia “Stay bad, Look bad” Carter you’re a liar. You post your degree but forgot to block out the date. You obtained your Associates degree on December 17,2015. So how 5 months later you graduating with a BSN or Masters? Bish where? Further more Broward College don’t have a Masters program. Stay bad Sherekia you always trying to hype and run in on people and can’t manage when the fire start burning. Likkle girl you need to stay in a child’s place. The only reason people know you is cause you walk in Sexy Red shadow,duppy. And the likkle cheap shoes you post is nothing.Everything you walk in is made of cheap material. You come in like Crisco, bare oily skin, and oiled down weave you walk around with too. Mi never see you look good yet.. But keep working on your BSN. Lol weh degree ago.

  5. I guess she never thought anyone was following up her stories and keeping track of her little white lies and she would burst her own bubble lol

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