AS DI SENDER SEH>>Qq shut upppp

36 thoughts on “AS DI SENDER SEH>>Qq shut upppp

  1. Why does she need ppl to tell her she’s pretty to feel good about herself this all go back to pparenting u can tell which girls had a father n their life

  2. I think this video is a part of her healing process, she has stopped and started to look into herself and realised that she has made a lot of mistakes. Though she says she has ‘no regrets’ this video suggests otherwise.
    Keep healing, it is never too late and look towards your future, your still only very young….

    1. Same suh Lou-Lou…something or someone gave her a reality check, and she has finally made a conscious decision tuh change her lifestyle for the better…hope she stays on this path tuh redemption…

  3. It doesn’t matter what title this girl has worn and still wearing in her life, Jah see mi rate har fe dis move. OWNING/ADMITTING when you are wrong is the first step to healing. DON’T LOOK DOWN ON A PERSON UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO HELP THEM! GUIDANCE.
    @Ms Met, you are so right! Father or not this is who the person is…I’m just a bit curious as to why now!? Maybe social media LASHING ah finally get unda har skin!

  4. Sender go and get a f**king like and mind your damn business…atleast she can be big enough to let the world know she have problems just like everyone else..unlike you that want to follow her fb and secret hate on her for sharing her struggles…go get your self a camera and make a video of your sad hater ass life…ya’ll need to stop rejoice on other ppl pain and struggles yo..

    1. The sender tired a QQ just like di whole world tired a har I’m sure. I don’t see where she rejoicing. QQ love attention so this is just another way to get what she likes so much. As a mother myself I have no empathy fi anyone whey disrespect them mother so she aint getting a drop of it from me. She insecure bout the attention she not getting right now so this a go mek she get it from man n woman. A nuh one or two people try to help QQ as to what mi hear and a nuh di insecurities mek she never waa better fi herself. Ambition lacking bad and she too bareface.

      1. Also she a go be depressed and sad and feel like the whole world jus drap dung pan har because a so God set it when u disrespect your parents a certain way. Mother a try raise her the right way, even if her mother was bad to her mother at least she was trying to make the best of QQ n a di good that her own mother did a do she a try tek cuss har..BOOOOOOOOOO fi she from me she cudda mek 100000000 more video mi nah look..She need fi start from di bottom with her disrespectful self and she will get there. Damn out of order

  5. Mi hate when ppl humble brag, and ttry come off as self depreciating. They fo it for attention- troll, shouldn’t you be under a bridge trying to eat goats?

  6. Mi naw go knock har cause we all make mistakes. God knows I have. This is a start for her cause with all the bullshit she keep up……u know this was hard for her. Buttttttt…..mi haffi see she keep this up before mi start pour out mi empathy and good grace pon har. Stick with this thought process QQ and do as you say. Don’t talk about it……be about it. Cause if u mean what you say…..great things can happen for you. For starters…..try to mend the relationship with your mother. What is done…..cannot be undone but you can start here and make the rest of your life…..the best of your life. My suggestion…..remove yourself from the circle you’re in. You can’t change yourself without changing the ppl around you…..especially since you seem to be motivated by the ppl around you. I understand you’re insecurity about your looks because when you are beautiful on the outside…’s assumed that your life should be perfect (misconception why nuff pretty gyal have nasty attitude an tink di world fi bow down)…..and when it’s not… begin to doubt the one thing you thought should have given you a perfect life…..which is your beauty. Then you begin to think that you must not be beautiful enough….because you’re not experiencing the perfect life you anticipated. That’s because you weren’t taught that beauty comes from within. I pray for you for this coming year. I pray that God will grant you the strength to persevere and move forward…..positively. It’s OK to let me down……but it would be a shame to let yourself down……again. Bless up!!!

    1. Love dat, Mamacita. I’ve seen worst ppl come to a realization in their life and change for the better. If she genuinely wants to change then she will.
      Love and Respect.

  7. True ting met, if she was really serious she wouldn’t make a video…. I’ve came across this chick in clubs n mi watch how she move n she always wan be di center of attention… She gwan like she a celeb. Girl bye #bye Felicia

      1. Di way PMoney class har and talk up bout her u would think this child would have had some back bone out a shame. She did say pan di radio show say everybody know say Patrick a maaama man like that made it better, now Patrick gone she nuh know how fi get that attention alone by herself so she a try all kind of tricks. How insecure could you be so much after hearing people everyday a tell u say u pretty? How insecure u could be so much about u body when u walk half naked suh much time? I never listen di whole video mi nuh have the stomach but I would rather see the change in her than hear it because saying it and doing it are two different things. Cita she doe have a circle..she is har own circle she in her own type a mess no matter how many friends she have it all begins and ends with her

        1. She is har own circle…..cho!!!!! A Monday a nuh Shani. Behave. Cho. Lol. Lol. Mek we pray fi har. Mi praying hawwwd fi har.

        2. And mi waa add again that people whey insecure bout dem body cover their insecurities . Betta she say she fall in the wrong crowd n it mess up her head because all drugs people did think she a tek at one point. I would be her biggest supporter then but nuh run with other people’s psychological diagnosis and think people like mi a go support it..U mek whole heap a mistakes like the whole a we and u feel its a turning point now ..thats all she needed to say

          1. Not ah turning point nah hakkur yah so……..stay tuned for her next self diagnosis.
            First off she does it because no father to love her, now she depressed because of insecure body parts, NEXT, neXx…..
            I’ll wait to see it to believe it……QQ stop talk that talk and walk the walk, first step is your step!

          2. Kyah badda wid dem…One thing the body n brain is good at and that is producing its own defense mechanism. No father to love is one but where was the father figure as replacement? Pmoney could never be that .She assume a stance of stardom n she is just fi wi likkle local celebrity which means she is like an eyelash in this whole wide world so mi nuh know y she feel the need fi mek video like she really addressing an audience. Mine a money she a look fi go feva duck like di res a dancehall oo :hammer
            QQ have a seat please..The New Year is coming ..Her first step is a public apology to her mother more than once. The girl say she hate har mother with no good reason behind that I can’t with them.

  8. I don’t know what it feels like not to have a father in your life . I can’t say I can begin to understand that feeling because it is indeed important for every child to have both parents but as my grandmother would say…Daddy’s maybe and mommy’s baby. At least she had a mother, I am mentoring a young lady who don’t have a family , no mother or father all her life , she was abandoned by both parents and I have a friend that also grew up with a single grandmother. She loves older men that much I can say but none of the young women I know act like QQ. It is the individual that needs to assume some sort of responsibility and have some kind of desire to want what is best for them. If you lose that from early then your life will be a waste for a long time to come. You have to eye what is right and what is wrong..what is the truth and what is a lie..Daddy not being there may be the best thing that never happened because you don’t know what turmoil daddy would have brought to your life. What is good is that QQ, you had someone and you were never abandoned ………….Mi done now

    1. Best thing you’ve said. I wish I never met my biological father it would have saved me from alot of bad memories and abuse. I hate when ppl use not having a father as an excuse. You make the best of what God gave u because it can be a blessing. Qq is just very trifling.

  9. Lord mi couldn’t even watch the entire video, because this is a cry for attention! I’m sorry but I’m not moved by it one bit. Accepting ur wrongs n correcting them is too different things! Lord this girl don’t know how fi stay out a the lime light always a look validation as she post video she a talk bout pink wall. Instead a yuh get yuh act together and mek ppl see seh ya try change and yuh really mean the whole new year new me thing .tsk

    1. She want it reach di wall di same wall she se she neva know exist like har madda disrespect that she nuh see she fi rectify . Funny Pmoney class her like a dog to dirt n she had no hard feelings but have up her mother because she was strict about her being home on time..A nuh we sick oo is she n doctor nah go find that treatment at all :ngakak

  10. It don’t do nothing for me just ah out look for attention .. Me see the weekend she gone back to her old friends .. The only “insecure” girl that shows everything that she’s insecure about … You been in farin for how long ? And still can’t do nothing with your life .. You how old? And still blaming mommy and daddy … It’s bella we feel sorry for because with a parent like u she nah go mek it just like you.. Break the cycle and stop making excuses you worthless bronx girl

  11. Yuh know somebody seh weh day deh love how she a lay low and mi laugh and seh only when har so call friend dem drop har a so she behave like she change n she a get har life together , but the heart body n mind weak. Kmft ask har If a nuh the same mother she hate still have Bella tsk

  12. Yep! U too happy
    QQ will never change she only a look into herself because she has NO FRIENDS nobody likes her or want to be her friend Cuz she FCUK off all a har friend dem man Mek she move and Gweh all now she nah seh ntn weh police a kill ppl haffi do wid ar ole whoring hole kmft and like u said met ppl who are insecure nuh bare face like this bitch dem hide they don’t take pics they don’t go out they cover their bodies !!!! QQ yuh can’t fool me down to u very nipples u walk n show QQ yuh vagina have been seen by many men and women girl you not insecure you a extort yuh owna self you loved every moment of it… Why you bragging about ppl man a text you dem don’t want u dem wa fck yuh Cuz dem know u a freak n u tek it inna u batty suh dem wa use u and dash u inna trash look how u full a tattoo my girl u need an intervention !!!! Yuh life dark like a cave bout 2015 u still aguh deh a every mummaclat party every one and still a FCUK fi star wars pajama and Jeffrey Campbell boot instead a papers GOOD BYE N GOOD NIGHT FELICIA

    1. Indian, I was really rooting for her cause there is wiggle room inna everybody fe change, dat’s why mi did duh happy fe ar lol..

  13. Woww she hate her mum but if Nuh her where would Her daughter be? All now I can’t believe people buy this !! If she didn’t change for her child she won’t change for nothing Helloooo

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