14 thoughts on “ASAFA AND HIM DATE

  1. He looks dapper! Very nice Asafa
    Girl is quite the plain Jane nothing special
    About her! I hate her hair should’ve pulled it back!
    Kasi weh yuh den pare back page business yuh deh pan praying for your recovery

  2. So Asafa bring date while Kasi, the glorified groupie *clears throat* I meant girlfriend…stays home and watches it on CVM like the rest of us? Hmmmm ok, logical.

    So whapm “Kase”, u neva wan go pan red carpet too? I’m asking for a friend

  3. Lets be honest. Everyone has a type. If she was dark-skinned, some would say she’s too dark,she looks dirty, she black and ugly. She’s cute…they look good together.

  4. Loved Asafa suit, it fi pon him body nice.

    We all know Asafa have a type. Slim, toned, light brown, curly 1/4 coolie hair.

    On a more interesting note. Kasi couldn’t go the ceremony, but had the time to watch it on TV? Fi all di idiot dem weh a cheer fi har, wah unnuh call that? Cause is not like she had anything doing!

  5. Mi Nuh know if a Chu mi prefer a likkle badness to a man…..No matter how much mi look pan asafa 12 pack an him firm body.. he gives off a gayness like he shouldn’t even be a runner but I see him like a Tyson Beckford type gaymodel. I think he likes the fully toned ladies cause it’s the closest he could get to being with a man. Dragqueenish. He will come out fully soon

    1. Amita looks like a boy? tappi naaaaiiise. I don’t like to call ppl hater enuh but my God man. yuh wicked.

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