1. Wicked Safa, yuh si seh dis pickney was fi yuh from the sperm touch the egg? sorry but dis pickney not even look like she get any a Amita nice hair or looks, dis child is the striking semblance of d father, nice little girl btw

      1. Metty, Asafa genes are pretty strong cause the baby not even inherit likkle baby hair from the mama…pretty likkle dumpling still..

        1. yes nice hair, u know how us Jamaicans call coolie hair nice hair that’s all I meant no stereotyping! ijs

      2. Met I wasn’t saying her hair not nice enuh, just wanted to exaggerate the fact that she looks mostly like him, if he didn’t disown her he sure distanced himself from the mom, glad he stepped up to the plate cuz I know he was telling ppl is not him breed her initially

        1. You are trying to take your foot out of your mouth with that asinine comment about “nice” hair. That is so 1960s type of comment. Our women need to appreciate the beauty of our god given hair, instead of wearing these long ridiculous looking weave. I guess you are one of those that buy their children white dolls in this day and age.

          1. Absolutely what she was trying to do. Make black people gwan trick demself. So what the hair don’t look mix, straight black people hair ca nice? Her hair nice, and plenty fully bred black people have nice non chemicalized hair. …him genes strong fi true though. I just love daddy daughter pics from real fathers

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