Babbzy’s Take On The Foota Hype, Ishawna, Skatta Burrell, Joe B. And Downsound Records Drama!!!!- WI MISS DIS OO

0 thoughts on “Babbzy’s Take On The Foota Hype, Ishawna, Skatta Burrell, Joe B. And Downsound Records Drama!!!!- WI MISS DIS OO

      1. Ishawna lef foota, and when she find out say joe hire she right back.. because konshen (a so him name spell) neva did a help her? no sah

          1. met dat miss we.. a so Ihawna deadly so a really true she just a go round and a f* *k up her character! mi bombo foota pass gal clown.. gal clown a fi beanie footaype fi get a different name :salahkamar

  1. i love this girl shi just talk the things dem an nuh care! everything shi sey a suh it guh,i don’t care what nobody seh mi believe every word foota sey!

    1. Mimi mi tell u already seh foota lie..Foota vex wid joe because joe jump ina di middle when him did a stab offa ishawna..When him did a beat har a chugit skatta jump in dem seh and him tell skatta low him and skatta low him till four next man draw him offa har

      1. i metty i know foota is a lair. but in this case i believe him metty,ishawna too whoring,too much man name call pon fi kitty cat!

  2. @met dats why mi no sorry fi Ishawna.. She wicked and all the man dem a line up fi do is use her.. But how skatta wicked so.. Him really make toya blind fi Joe money? A so Joe soft? Him must get brave and run way skatta

  3. Babbzy say Ishawna Shudda come use her pussy rub it pan her leg.. Cause she have more connection more than nuff a dem Inna the music business mi nose oooooooo

          1. u knw seh mi jus seh it to misself met cuz a nuff more mi knw u knw bout Shawna n u no chat ,,,cuz yessideh a d fuss u chat seh shi did stab foota aready das y mi cannot chat bout d battered woman sitten like some a dem

          2. jus cause mi did tiyad a di one whey did a repeat di same ting over and over and a insinuate bout di jamaican media..dem fi know fi split justice

  4. GN met u c dah lady ere shi tlk d truth ishawna too wukliss ………..scatta to full up a betrayal wuk obeah an blind d man woman,,,him soon start look joe

  5. Scatta a fix Joe cause him nuh waan him tek back him BMW from him again. Joe need fi open up him yeye n pick sense outta nonsense. Nobaddi naa buss, summpn wrang inna di camp.
    Ishwhora, u kno Foota fi 9 years but onoo probably dey ony 2 outta di 9 cuz u lef him 1 million time go dey wid diff man. Babbzy rite as him get a buss a Downsound u run come hitch up back fi get some shine.
    Glad Puffy neva sign u untalented whorin raass. Bare f*ck n duck unda u claat cause u ano Goodas, ur pusci doan hav no valu

    1. It look like skatta obeah him can get fi teef Joe money.. Smaddy weh fill with the holy spirt caah go help Joe? Smaddy need fi go pray out skatta outta the ppl dem life

  6. Ishawna can you do hair and nails? But foota fool eh.. Him a beg puff daddy fi sign Ishawna dwl.. Him mussi think puff a idiot tearssssss

    Oh gosh Babsy light the fire. I wish Ishawna woulda tek lady saw advice and Nuh bada do Onstage tonight….done it now. This back and forth thing a get me dizzy.

  8. Met! Mannaz & respect. Mi cyaah believe Babs draw me hout! Thank yuh mi fren! Cuz as yuh seh wen wi wuk production, bookings or management an dem tell wi di tings dem a di grace a God mek mi can hold the part much less the whole.
    Di man may bitter but it nuh mean him a lie. Tiad a kill mi suh mi gone. Nuff love Metters.

  9. Allelujah, what a piece a sulomuttoh, me girl buss whey di suss, meoike har. She keep it real. She right the man dem will f**k you out, siddung lap dem frock tail and chat you like dawg.

  10. So di hole a downsound artiste dem a iron balloon? Ishawna, u puzzy keep failing u….no matta who u fuuuck the balloon cay get off the ground :hoax2
    I love me some Babbzy…always keep it real

  11. Tory um up to bump.. Ishawna should really have several seats and close her legs. Foota feh go donate to a battered woman organization and Skatta feh go jump Inna lake.

  12. Poor Toya! If she’s blind as many claimed, I hope she’s legally blind, at least she has some vision.
    I wonder if Ishawna and Joe f**uck at the house or in the studio knowing that Toya cant see. What a gyal dutty!

  13. :ngakak Babbzy seh dem ago fu*ck har and shiff har…how de shifting part go
    Babbzy D’Angel ago tell u she buss already…why u go call har name

    1. Honey, that means she gonna be the pass around donkey in the industry so all the homies can smash it and dash it on to the next

  14. A dat me tout from day 1 INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY INTEGRITY. She fi lock r leg dem an just concentrate pon singing. Shi nuffi mek r name link to no baddy else man. As Babzy seh di fastest way fi get to the back of di line is fi try using u P#$$y an sucking dick. TALENT ova PROSTITUTING all the time.

  15. LOL this woman tells noooo lies, I already hear tht anybody who close to Joe end up dead plus mi dun hear the Konshens ting long time. I always say if u want a man’s respect u need to respect ur self 1st and earn tht

  16. Laawd, she funny bad she ave mi rolling 3:30am waking up the house, she sa >pussy gain weightpenis&virginia fabrication< I can't with her…

  17. Thx Babbz most of us knew all along that JOE WAS PART OF THE GRINE.But because he is a slick white dude with nuff connections and dem want save him reputation. anybody that knows Joe will tell u that he loooooooves 3sums and all the freaky stuff..
    In fact Joe been f**kin SLUTSHAWAN B4 Scatter but dem put all a it pon Scatter for various reasons..Its just like police hold 2 brethren for Drugs and 1 of them take the rap to save the other ones ass because he knows anything goes and he will be well taken care of..Scatter got a new BMW so u will hold anything for ur boss..
    I personally know all these people that are involved for over 8-9 years and none a dem nuh good..Di hold a dem want put inna barrel and roll..
    So when mi si people pan ya a try defend some a dem like dem good mi just cut mi 10 and laugh out loud..

    1. So was Ninja Man in the mix as well because I’ve heard that he was…didnt wanna believe that Ninja Man had a relapse, but hey, what can you do..*shrugs shoulders*

  18. Downsound has a major problem..Did anyone of u really wonder why is Ninja Man at Downsound as signed artist and he dosent have a major hit that is pulling in revenue and he is not doing any Major shows locally or overseas to make money for the company but still he is driving a new benz…lol..
    Wel let me tell u why..
    Ninja is Joes snorting partner when it comes to cocaine and because Ninja is a veteran in the business he keeps him close..
    Did u guys also know that Joe owns FANTAN MOJAHS publishing/royalties over the past 9yrs now,so that means no matter which producer or label Fantan sings for all the publishing and royalties from that record or any records goes directly into Joes pockets.
    Remember how Norris man got fired from Kings Of Kings label is because Skatta was introducing ILEY DREAD THE BOSS TO FREAKS AND ORAL SEX UPTOWN and Norris was upset about it and started scandaling their names thats when they pushed him out…

      1. Yeppie den u believe say if Joe a snort he would need a partner and if Ninja a snort him need a partner? Ninjaman is at downsound because Joe a long with a lot of his friends who are not even Jamaican look up to him and his music..few months ago ninja and dem did ina bangarang..dont believe everything u read

        1. Metty, please tell me it ain’t so..I really hope that isn’t true Metty cause I am one of Ninja’s biggest fans but if him ah coke head, dat naah huh work fimi :hoax2

  19. I dont know who da f**k she is but mi nah lie mi like har she juss str88 up and honest bad, skatta a iron balloon caan buss nobody. Khago a laugh ya now.

  20. Lawks…mi Exy come pon di wall an yu nuh call mi Met! Youze a wikkid. Exy…long time. How yu dween?
    As fi di pass roun Ishawna punny….cho.

  21. What a story noice and , sweet no sah lady me loike u very much :peluk :peluk I believe every word u say @ met u yard tun up inna the Sunday yah man prrrrrrrrr :ngakak :ngakak

  22. Sorry to say but I hate thse nasty hating Bajan why she no tell dat to Rihanna d queen a use her body fi get whe she de till she no need fi do dat no more…what away she ready fi discredit di fact say Fotta beat Ishawna but ready fi jump say she know fi a fact say Ishawna did de wid Konshens . She fi stop call ppl name was she there in bed wid Konshense n Ishawna ??? BITCH PLEASE . She come in like a Bajan Coworker a me job whe love bilikkle we JAMAICAN BABSY UR BLOG NA GO NO WHE A WAAN SEE U FI TELL U FI SHUK RIGHT THROUGH U MUMMA

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