0 thoughts on “BABY COLD , BABY GERMS ,HAYGUH??

  1. wen yuh hav boosters it hawd not to lissen caw trini a boost har bad an she’s a followah an doah noe bettah suh dis is expected :hoax2

  2. well di lilly gal wid have baby wednesday night and by thursday she deh a victoria secrets a thief…….sooooooo diss oman up top……..does not surpise mi.

      1. chuet u head gaddering wader? u neva si she come ina di paper and all dese tings di big dmv ting……..dat is face powder in this new brand neh new new picho…………. n pregnancy shadow ina di news paper

        1. Oh yes oooooooo but jesam dis gal a look pon time in prison n deh a dance with flyer in hand dem have a faith n courage eee man smh
          Mi memba now Obs n Metsy she drop the load n right back to where she left off lawd man dem terrible no respect fi dem baby. She must turn informant meck she out n about so smh

          1. she neva pik nup weh she lef off ooooooooo membah she lef off rite outtah di front a di dmv a duh di money trade….but due to ow a trini a ine har now she haffi tan a di ooman dwoor an collect else a bareeeeee libaty tekkin a cum soon…stay tuned…. :tkp

          2. chuet membah seh trini mek payments fi har enuh suh watch di press release wen money doah payback…yuh see di status yessideh….watch di ride…toya haffi put enn werkkkkkk

  3. I guess the Feds didn’t put a monitor on her ankles by the way she a watch Lincoln hard deh doe because as baby born she teck pic and a post it pon social network and all now di man don’t look pon har. Him just go see di baby and bounce my hear.

  4. But she nuh mus party after all there will be no dance inna di prison once she is sentenced.

      1. Met……… N give her front time fi contract dem tooo wutliss man y u think dem pikney grow up n gwaan so cause no respect no deh bout from birth a germs dem b kmt

        1. a mean di skirt a caw she hav on di paddings but come on yow wah happin to di uterus an dem tings dere…nasty gyal smh

  5. this is disturbing dem nuh fraid dem catch baby cold.dem gyal yah too bitter mi nah look how unno say she ave case pending so the little time she have a road nuh suppose to spend with her new born chikld bfore d sentencing


  7. dutty toya, stay home it too early. And if yuh baby fads di mean yuh nuh good he wouldn’t let u come out suh quick. yeah u maybe bored home and well want to come out, what about a movie and dinner date, well him never did a carry out before di baby a now him ago carry yuh, di man care zero.

  8. she muss come a road fi support har friend but if a true friend she wouldn’t mek har come out. trini would tell har stay wid you pickney…we know wotless L nah stay home…why she never dey at his dance wah day…its so sad to see baby barely a month…ya crotches still a bleed and you…everybody need a break but you just was in dance wid ya big belly…wha she have to proove so…anybody can mek baby but anna everybody can be a mother!!!

  9. Dutty patra yuh can stop send in Toya now give the gyal a break and go worry bout Lincoln taking care of u go get a life you have Lincoln fi yuh self and still worry bout toya all mining is on u now when are u going to get it Lincoln don’t care bout nobody but him self

  10. Petra go get a life and sort out yourself and stop worry bout toya cause Lincoln don’t want you either you should a shame Petra u have 4 kids and a bare Lincoln you worry bout start pay more attention to your house hole u mind Lincoln to stop talk bout Toya get a life Petra and send in the girl

    1. Tar baby….I mean Keisha?? are dat you? smh go try collect yuh debt and stop defend swole uderus Toya, kmt mi feel like seh when she gi L di draws wata yuh drink likke tuh oo

  11. Petra really still a f**k Lincoln one gyal can so fool she need fi leave that ugly man him do she bad to him nyam out she and toya money cuz she Petra use to mine all him family dem

  12. Unnu muss inna har hole fi know say it still a bleed. Unnu just prey pon people who nah worry bout unnu. any one know month after natural birth u nah bleed still so stop the f**kery. Petra go sit down. The girl nah trouble unnu so wha happen now. Waste arguments

      1. simply dem too lie nobody nuh dry after dem have baby unless dem p___ dun dem may nuh bleed but there is a pink discharge dem nasty u si yow

    1. Mi cah understand how you a defend har so…as a womanhow you just give birth and one month later you already in a dance….shit even your job give you at least six weeks…some a unno need to prioritize…neva mind walk and f**k Lincoln can he nah mine non of him pickney….

  13. Unnu bias nuh rass cause mi see story wid gal who come out after 1 week and the same one a unnu come here and say noting neva wrong. So wha wrong now hypocrites. Everybody need a break. Through she hav baby she fi pop down and cage up

    1. doe tell no lie pan di people dem, no one here never yet seh it alright fi anybody come a road one week after fair dont lie

  14. Met u see FAIR inna dem worm shit ya????? If money dem can give persons who don’t know how to drive trailer license fi kill off innocent ppl a road no FAIR no inna di jankrow dem. Toya di time u deh a dance u spend bond wit u baby cause u ass soon turn Big Bretha ownnnnnnn unnu gwheyyyyyyy n go drink bleach wutliss gal

    1. chuet from mi born mi neva si people like dis yet smh dis a more dan wutlis how someone fi have a young baby like dat and deh a street dem fi gwey man

    1. a dem life dat and dem have friends dat approve of that…this a di reason why the circle of new jamaicans children dem is di way dem is

  15. Met is the same reason I say women must talk to man of substance, because she just have a young baby, and have leave to go hustle her own, and when mi lick out on deese man mining so called independent women, yuh hear say me wutliss, if them did guh look man that can pay the bill 100 she wouldn’t have to be out on the street before the pad come off. because yere now, them in completion she and Patra over who mine the man more, is them tinz yere mek mi cuss non stop

  16. Obz what’s more sickening is den nuh stap beat up chest bout a 3 Pitney dem have and body nuh done so dem nuh mus go a dance in boldy pad fi look a new man bc dem self esteem low like dem uterus

    1. I wouldn’t even talk about their parental upbringing because clearly they have lost their way since then til now because nothing else can help me fathom their actions.

      pon di uterus ting..jah noe mi tink toya tink it a cold shrink it suh she fraid fi stay enn :ngakak a caw seh no betta cazzen sehhh all di titi dem a leak wat seh di undaneat :nohope:

  17. Clueless and careless and should not be raising gyal Pitney. But a she same one did dress up her two likkle daughter and out dem on party flier so me nah expect nothing from har Nopes

  18. Who are unnu fi judge the gal life? Why unnu so bitter and dark? Obviously unnu neva hav kids cause u stop bleed after 2 weeks then after bout a month later or 6 weeks u get period so whey unnu dey. I gwan look up the story and come mek unnu bite unnu words when unnu did a defend out 2 week afta birth. Unnu memory bad or as unnu say its according to who it is. Unnu must live inna har house fi know how har kids dem character or upbringing. Seem like unnu feed off a oda people downfall. But when judgement day come fi unnu I hope a heaven unnu a go and not hell since unnu so call life suh perfect.lmao

    1. Why does bleeding after birth happen?

      Every new mum bleeds after having her baby (lochia), whether the birth was vaginal or by caesarean section. It’s how your body gets rid of the lining of your uterus (womb) after birth. The blood may come out in gushes, or flow more evenly, similar to a heavy period.

      The bleeding will change colour and become lighter as your uterus heals and returns to its pre-pregnancy size. At first, the flow of lochia will be heavy and bright red, and may have clots in it. Gradually, it will change to pink then brown, and eventually to yellow-white.

      You may bleed for as little as two weeks to three weeks, or for as long as six weeks after having your baby. The flow will gradually become less. Red lochia usually tapers off within the first couple of weeks, though if you try to do too much too soon, it may start flowing again. If you see bright red blood, it’s a sign that you need to slow down.

  19. All unnu duh a sit behind computer unda false name and alias and chat people, judge people and cant let unnu true identity out because all unnu a chat unnu life probably more a reck than any of the people who unnu a chat. Wishing unnu did a do wha unnu up here a preach unda false pretense. Unnu pathetic more than the people unnu a judge. God say who widout sin cast the first stone.mi bet none a unnu cant cast dat dey stone.

    1. well mi can dash up di stone seh mi neva lef no weeks old baby go a dance yet..i can chow dat one right sin and a crime…that baby is still being fed every 2 hours or u figet?

  20. So met how u know how long she bleed for. Read u own information and gway cause as mi read fi as little as 2 weeks or up tuh 6 weeks. When mi hav baby mi neva bleed no 6 weeks na no month.

    1. it said bleeding 2-3 weeks but u still have whatever after that and some people do bleed all 6…after 2 weeks di blood change color but people still call it bleeding kaw u a drain same way u pussy nuh dry

  21. Who are you all to judge people lives. Nobody is perfect nor do they have to be. But before pointing fingers and judging make sure you all hands are clean.

    1. Not about perfection….di likkle baby need di mumma nurturing. Dance nuffi tek precedence ova young baby an’ pickney. Bady fi heal and baby fi get love and affection.

  22. Petra don’t have nothing cause she mine ole man Lincoln and always a help him keep the flap dance she fi shame har self that gyal don’t have no self esteem she get har papers yet ?

  23. It’s so sad that the same one on that saying we bad mind and we fraid have yet to identify themselves…what you need to understand “anonymous “is that when night time come you need to be there with your baby..obviously she has no job…it’s that fast night life …that keeping up with appearances is what drive har …and I too will fling a big stinking boulder cause Mr nah leave my house to keep nobody door and leave my little baby at home…blackie couldn’t find nobody else fi the door…I feel say Toya a send herself in just to be relevant

  24. No matter we soon see the talk up video…baby soon reach flyer.all before trial starts….Smh @you Latoya and ya dutty friend too

  25. 8:14 me sorry me Neva look in last night bc me Did a mine mi rass Pitney where she should have been instead of a dance a parade around. And me nuh have new born. While me did a bleed for less than 2 weeks my period never returned for over 1 yr. why? Bc me breast feed my rass Pintey for well over 1 yr so no dutty dancehall thiefing bitch cyan come chat to me when it come to life and Pitney care. Unlike them me nuh haffi mek scam to mine my Pitney and man is not my priority. Me tek time and educate my self. Me tek time and plan pregnancy with my partner of several year. Me Neva breed fi try keep nuh dutty fish weh name call pan woman and man round a Brooklyn. Toya is careless and care free and dat want tie off. So stop come pan ya and chat f**kry bc you life careless like fi har own.

  26. The hole a unnu careless and obviously stupid and illiterate. A few hrs away from ur baby make u a bad mother. Mi member a yr or two ago unnu defend it and say it was same as going to work. Now a toya talk change. A pure ignorant fools dey here. when a somebody u all hate unnu slaughter but when is unnu friends its right. Lol no reasoning with ignorance and hatred. Continue u all daily bashing for tht is a sin in itself. So ok Gods…

    1. memba u deh yere wid di daily and u do ur own bashing jus di same…unno cannot be fair u see why there has to be God? Because God know she wrong n u a call down right. Nuh badda call wi ignorant today because ure with us EVERYDAYYYYYYYYYYYY

    2. uno who? mek u wicked so? same as going to work where???????? someone has a baby that needs feeding every 2 hours and leave dem bed go a party stand and a gi flyer? if she bruck tell har sell har bag dem..if dem real dat is :travel

  27. yes met talk di tings dem..why she never sell har tings…why she neva save up har money…she know the dutty bwoy nah mind none of him kids…she know he breed one gal wah day thats why she run go breed…if he did care bout har bills woulda pay…not she mek the argument that he care for har…yes it makes you not only a terrible mother but a terrible person overall…shit hapeens…she do wha she do and get caught…so wha you gonna leave ya baby home to come out a night for $ mean she cah find no other legal hustle…she nah look like she come fi work…she look lime she come fi party…she just wah make an appearancce and mek everybody know she dey bout…if its change she a look fa…and thats what it is…why she never put on har sweat suit and just humble…why she neva leave once door lock…the same one she a try impress are the same ones that laugh pon har…and you are just as f**ked up as she fi try defend the tings cause no job let you return to work before 6 weeks so go sidung somewhere

  28. she did have to breed fi lincoln less she would of drop dead her kids was taking care of themselves since they were a baby so nothings different now.

  29. a who did jump over batty man counter fi them money because the man don’t want them a friend black keisha right so expect better fr the crew BIRD OF A FINE FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.

  30. feel like mi a beat dead horse but you know she come out again wah night…met mi see the gal a run from video man and camera man whole night…a wah you a hide fa…she inna one gal name Marva dance just a party like no pictney dey bout…met beg you find a picture cause me kno sey she get caught…why you a hide fa…de people dem a talk same way…smh guess the city dun cum fi dem kids already…jail time soon reach

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