1. Google morning met an meters! A damn shame! Senda, how about u an “people gyal Pinckney” use protection so “Breda” would stop breed unnu?

      And whicjh one a di babymadda a look fi him. Tracey, Tanya Alicia, etc, etc,. cause fi him sperm tree long.

      Unuh shoulda shame cause di bwoy show unuh seh him neva wah sette dung long time.

    2. Dem seh man fall in love wid an image and woman fall in love wid a promise.
      They are so correct . all a woman affi do is put on some hair and makeup and tigh clothes and she can create any idol the man would find attractive.
      All di man have to do is put some $20 on top of his $1 bill and him coil get fatter fi di woman dem eye. Him coulat live wid him mother and tell her him live a Hollywood. All when she see him and she see di truth, all di man have to tell her is “you a mi girl” and dem jealous a you”. Just that false promise alone have a lot of girls stunted. This is the scenario for all a Ajah baby mothers, because everybody wah seh a fi dem man, no matter how much him disrespect dem, his words are all that matters.

        1. Him same one Met.
          And him madda juss collect all a di grand and have dem together when di babymadda dem fedup. Instead of her telling her son to be a man and not a bwoy.
          Him swing gone a di next state wid a new victim as we speak. Alll now Alesha from Ny nor Tanya from Philly cah wake up out a dem trance. Tanya became a Christian which is a good thing, but me sure a fi him stress send har inna church .

    1. Obs mi gal wha gwaan
      The baby farter as disappeared sender sometime unnu fi learn fi thank God for small blessings cause u haffi a search fi him not mean him no business bout u n urs hush but life goes on

      1. chuet :peluk

        senda noe weh di man deh but chue it luk like em sekkle dung she need fi root up a ting tink dem easy

          1. Some of these women know what they r geting in to…they know the man is a rollingstone an have women an baby here an there but they think they r the one who can change them. As u alk say the settle dowñ now shes saying hes MIA.

          2. dem fi email right out wid what dem want to say because we can see through dem a mile away…….dem fi gwaan betta oo

  2. Get the f**k outta here uno too nuff so f**king wat if she’s looking for her babyfather….. It’s HER babyfather and thats not your business!!! Uno MOVE and go get a life uno stink like dog shit

    1. Lmaooooooo no a no we a dogshit a u fren whey di man step inna n no badda wipe him foot him just dash whey di rass shoes
      Unnu fuxxxxxxxxxxxxx tooo muchhhh stranger go file a missing person report dumb bird n know that the right way is to know the man first then breed not breed n then try know the man idiot kmft

        1. Shalamah shalamah rock mi head dip n fall back teck whey mi self butterfly mock di dread all sorta sumting ya man ————————————————————————–

      1. Dem tink because JMG organic dem can come ova yah an look fi dem missing buddy weh did a stray from when dem did together….dem caan goto di police station cuse dem no have time fe dem

    2. Listen senda…know who u a laydown with ok. Now u mad because n baddy ova yah no know him or weh him dey… Unno to much sometime

    1. Yeah he could be panty creamer of the day….but keep u panty on..thats how senda get her ass in trouble till she ah ask we fi find him

    1. __________________________________________________ deadments mi seh when mi see di comment mi did a go ansa but mi seh maddddddd mad people rite yere pan jmg it never fails oo

  3. @Sender a AIDS him catch and dead becuz him too damn lie, breedy breedy if a mi u did do like mi fren would carry the baby go give him because affi him own to. Nuh look fi him rass a rass, sometimes u should listen to u fren because nuh baddi mouth nuh sweet like Ajah.

  4. hello ms met I haven’t heard from my husband in 3days I put out report at station do you think i can do one with you also? someone told me you help a lot of people in these cases. what do you need a pic of him? his name is toney he left home sat morning,left his phone on the bed.he was wearing black jeans grey hoodie and black slippers. the police took the phone all they found in it odd is a text from a woman who he stored as R-shop we don’t know what that means, we cant see her face because she is turn back way in the picture bent over. what do you think I should do?

  5. @ Anon 2:17 I wonder it R-SHOP= RAMPINGSHOP if I laugh I dead in ya to rass met a weh di site turn lost & found.

  6. I would just like to know if he left willingly and if he is alive and well, I took out life insurance on him four months ago I don’t want police think anything funny here. so TONEY if your at some woman house let me know, if you’re afraid to call me have the woman call me please, because if I don’t here from you by 12am midnight i’m going to print posters

  7. and if anyone know who R-shop is can you guys give me a little details on her, the police just want to know if she seen him. because she send the last text saying ” come now”

  8. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak I don’t believe sey anon serious…………………………….mi finga dem stuck becaw shi cannot be serious no way no how no sirrrrr. Dis is historieeeeeeeeeeee woieeeeeeeeeeeeee mi cannot botherrrrrr. Lady if yuh serious the man goneeeeeee and if him lef him phone yuh know him not coming back. Mi still cannot believe dis no sirrrrrrrrrrr

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