1. So who is at fault? The Woman? The baby mother who know about her but still sit down at home? Or the man who wants to have his cake and eat it too? In my eyes everyone involved is to be blame.

  2. Nope… The sender is def the Babymother… Yuh run eenn come dash out story with no details. Gee Gee a good up girl, if you not taking care of home and the man stray, is who to be blame? Yuh well know bout who di man deh wid ah night time…. leave then!!!

      1. Met GG is a ol dutty nasty whore ! Bout good up girl .. SHE ALWAYS A TEK SOMEBODY MAN! Wasn’t you f**king with hubo just the other day? Kmft

    1. Blessed morning Metsy n metters
      Anon that is called a “beard” use to cover the obvious that dougie is a shit stabber

  3. Gg is good up?…. Larks when she young and file long…. I digress she is a nice girl but keep trying to get a hype.

  4. Well, you have a point @Original… Maybe that was a exaggeration lol.. But I’ve never had problems with her and I admire her ambitions.. Mi nuh deh ya fi watch nuh gyal front so if she wah fling it up pon di left and dash it out pon the right… Anno my business but she is a well mannered girl, I do agree that she forces the hype life but hey… No one is perfect!

  5. She’s quite attractive but GG….spread the rubbings evenly cause the feet tell a different tale :hammer …morning Met Met Metty and cr cr cr cr crew :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  6. Wish part a that gal a good gal , them pass her around like dog I don’t like woman that do things like this not because the baby mother is not a party person come on now lady’s.

  7. why is dougie still trying to deal wid women. coem out of the closet already jeesh..

    hello young lady u sen in ur pic and a affiliate yourself wid faggot. even if him was str8 why u a mek it known that you a side chick. what happen to the days of side chicks staying in dem lane.

  8. Juggist must do better, for a pretty girl weh the hell she a do with juggist I’m not even have clothes all him do is go around a fool these girl just because him e use him last dollar and a champagne, young girls it time for u to grow up and learn.

  9. Good Morning Met and Metters…May the good lord richly bless each and everyone of you today.

    Now for GG…does anyone really know who GG man is? she has a lot of male friends and from the looks of it she mainly keeps male friends. However, people always sey she is everybody gal, and in my opinion that is not true.

    Most time unno see GG trust me she is on the clock. Very ambitious girl…

  10. the baby mother is also very ambitious girl kind of socially chanllenged (in my opinion)but nothing don’t wrong wid that, yuh cyan mix wid everybody.. mi nuh understand dem bloggers ya unno don’t know the girl and a talk shit c’mon who blames a woman that loves her man faithfully and don’t find the need to run behind a him to every wutliss event that he attends fi watch him?. the girl don’t have no time fi dat she business in further her education and her career so all who want to ask what’s her next step… you don’t worry bout that, worry about urs coz the baby mother well sort out, suh if him walk (which he’s not) she’s just not left wid dancehall clothes and boot and bag .a mek mi tell yuh something you will always have the babymother fi worry bout coz he ain’t going now where that’s his backbone and so is she so alllll the Likkle fly by night pitch shit buntry fowl house gal dem a gwan and gwan the ants inna ur suh yuh stay deh ..

    1. We hear you loud and clear Juggist baby mother (aka Anonymous) @ 11:54am. A yuh sey koki fi share as long as him come home and yuh sort out don’t it?!!! Buoy mi nuh understand when dem ooman yah come and defend dem borough/community straying koki and tongue man. Some of you should just read and don’t respond because it mek unuh look fool fool. And unuh always blaming the chick on the side and not the man.

      1. first of all I’m not the babymother .. did you hear me come an defend the man?! I only said she’s his back bone so what are u talking about!! every time somebody speaks on someone’s behalf unno automatically assume its the person smfh why because mi nah dun har? I’m only speaking on the babymothers behalf because she is a nice person and shi naw run go inna no bag a shit wid gal ova juggist. unno waan draw out the girl gwey man

  11. smfh ppl is so evil and wicked gg and juggist is not together they like family so get ur story straight,and uno have soooooo much time fi a watch and chat ppl an go see some a ono file how it long and nasty weh a chat ppl,while uno a chat di girl she is well comfortable at her well payed job,do y’all get payed to wach and chat ppl? cause mi know nuff a ono bruk an hungry baaaaaad

  12. good mawning .everyone pretty girl I must say :bingung but I don’t know a ting bout har except she always spar wid a bag a man ,but wait don’t is juggis and twinny dey :bingung : :malu

    1. @Pretty Nikki…what yuh not saying to us?? Juggist and Twinny dehhh???!!!!
      I saw GG and Juggist in Jamaica last year at almost every dance I went. I’m not saying dem phucking, but I saw them (with others) at partiessss.
      Good Very Afternoon Ms Met

  13. Listen, I don’t know the baby mother and I am not saying the baby mother is not ambitious. I am saying that people often mistake GG because she keeps a lot of male friends. You will hardly see her with a bag of females and I don’t blame her.

    Not one blogger on here including my damn self can truly say who GG’s man is. She is just a friendly outgoing person, and nuh baddi caan know GG business cause she is one case hard to study.

  14. When a woman keeps mainly male friends dem say she f**k alla dem!! Until the girl or man tell me seh dem f**k somebody we cyan judge. But mek I tell you dis!! Battyman is NOT a friend of women. Dem ginal & love compete but will mek like dem a yu friend. TRUST they are friend to NONE!

  15. @ chat too much what u don’t know older then u, a no ask me a ask u a tell me a tell u gg the visa p…y deh with juggist a Wyndham hotel gg sleep with juggist ever night a ja last year all stinking shorty get jealous and a bear problem juggist deh with her from last year and bring her back a ny for his party, to all the side b…h them weh a lick out on the baby mother trust me she good cause her family have her back she just need to wise up and leave his nasty ass.

  16. Twinny and the other fool them what the hell them see on juggist lord them fool juggist no have looks money nothing all him have to talk bout that him use to work a Wall Street pls him work there for what 3 months girls stop make him lie to u, him need to get a job juggist no have no money the other day him go a ja him a fe borrow money from shorty man and all now him can’t him the man back, stop show off cause u no have it and u is a big f…y.

  17. Juggist go pay back short man fool, and stop bad mine u friend them, u gone too hype and u hype off a nothing.

  18. Nasty cocky Juggist.. Yu go round and f**k everybody RAW . go sort out yu health..ohh God.. mi sorry fi GG.. I guess the disese a spread round dancehall now….

  19. @Anonymous the gal them fe get all HIV because as soon as the see a boy buy a bottle them run in and no know say them broke like dog.

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