Afternoon metty… They get it wrong, a Rajeev dolled up and ophi a f**k.. Rajeev a the girl and ophi a the man.. Dwl, them confusing ee. Rajeev a the worse batty man mi eva see, him eva bruk, all him do a itch up pon shauna and she treat him ikel har servant.. Tafeivia sash n shauna use him fi nyam dem pu**y n sen him out, the only thing shauna lef fi do a mek him clean har house. All a them jus a nuff up ina lime light n it nu fit them su them do anything to maintain it if a fi even sell them soul.. Him need fi stop wine pon gal a dance cuz him kno him heart nu deh deh su.. Unu nu memba when him n tafievia did dash out pon ig n she tell him man stood him up a new kingston lol them sad..


0 thoughts on “BACK IN DI MIDDLE

  1. Him
    Nuh like woman and Ophie is ah sadamight n she ah f**k germs body tavia stop screech n BLOODCLAUGHT pretend unno sad bad n lie !!!! Rajeev ah fish dats why him par wid gay girls gay love par wid gay how him Fi deh wid den unno lie ehh man big up mi linky dem ah farm !! Str8

    Sash n dolled up ah some liard under cova freaks now tavia start falla dem some gal will sleep wid gal fi ah 4wud sick tomach dem ah tell pink wall bare lie unno freak out like blue movie Gweh

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