Met dis is whoring shavel weh breed fi bag white bredda sadiki….fr the gal a breed she no stop hide the belly a bare back way pikture she tek wid r flat ass….wa day ya she juk it up but look like the gel run out back…. mi nuh know if a de man tell r fi hide it or she just rass shame cuz she a 20 with 2 pikney live inna furnish room no man fi r self no job no (Edited) and no life.





  1. You know say more while me feel say a she send in herself though cause them gyal yah love attention and seek it any where it available ! Everybody done know she a breed and a hide it so a must she a send in herself congrats on the baby though.
    Hope you have a save delivery and a healthy baby

    1. :thanks2 You know it……attention seeking Whore Shavel. Congrats on the new baby though! Safe delivery.

    1. Lol so Fashion ppl carry fake MK bag too they make fake MK bags too???? Lol no sahhhhhhhh so mi must not be tricked by the many I see in the train lmaooooo

  2. most pregnant people hide di belly for as long as they can, not because they are ashame but they want to look slim for as long as they can. Senda get a life.

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