Karen Bad and Ready as u come back a foreign u in a mix up. Take Toya baby father and live a house wid. Toya a hunt u like a hawk.
Toya say she and Karen don’t have anything and she would never call the popo pan anyone. Is the man baby mother that is making problems and want to call police on Karen

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  1. wen will sum gal put on dem big ooman drawz,a karen yah phuck or de man? suh him guh luu lowe him out weh yah drop number nd all dese tings a move like a headless phuck’n chicken…all yuh haffi duh a tell him a two tings yah pree by will or force yah guh duh fi de yute as always or a de court haffi mek yuh knw how yuh fi dweet.
    uno nd dis waste bloodclaat fite oba man ting,it done nd played out nung man a phuck’n eights days in act like u already know.

  2. nd nuh bada call nuh immigration ntn pon de gal edah it ruff a yawd she mek har way back yah nd ting a try agen deal wid a ting …

  3. if a kinova and dead wid laff to raas…..karen bad arready no bout 50 yrs old by now…..and di bwoy look like him younger dan 35…..and im not saying that being almost 50 discounts her value as a woman or a sex object…..but all mi a say is if a deportee come tek whe yuh man….my girl…yuh pum pum is not turned up……lmfao

  4. Which badmine evil will try call immigration on this lady she need to change to a positive environment if she’s gonna try make it again inna foreign good luck

    1. yuh knw di pics dem weh yah a refer tuh is wid him nd toya ..wen days gud dem gud
      yuh neva knw de extend sum will go jus tuh get back or keep dem man mi nah put ntn pass nobody yuh have sum dat will call all if anuh she a family memba or fren,suh mi a tell dem from now it nuh haffi guh suh far by calling in on de gal…anony 1:40pm

  5. A nuh karen she fi cuss..She fi cool and guh to har babyfada bout dat. She and him deh?? THATS THE QUESTION CAUSE IF NOT, SHE CAAN TELL HIM WHO FI DEH WID..All him affi duh a tek care a him yute, dats all, if they are NOT together that is, cause him couldn’t so BRITE.

  6. That little boy could pass for her son. No sah. Karen if u come back u no suppose to deh pon a more positive meds. You deh yah so long and Neva a focus. Me think afta trees send fe u you would come and try achieve something now. Low den loose life here. U a big woman now.

  7. Sometime it not even make sense some a dem people yah whea get deported come back a foreign because a di same thing dem a go waan wid dem Neva learn

  8. Metty!!!!!! Coming like you read me mind!!!!!!!
    Mi done talk!!! DWL… Mi woulda just hand him right over to har…

  9. Kareeeeeeeeen bienvenida de vuelta!!! Now please tell me why you people say it’s negative for her to come back and have a man in America. Is there a written rule that says deportee’s must return and not have a man or woman?
    As to Toya…….you ain’t READYYYYYYYYYYYY! Wrong person to call out at any age Toya, best that you go knock and ask to send DJ home PLEASE!

  10. Wow, I always wonder why when people get deported from US why would they even come back here knowing that they cannot get any papers from this country? Why would you come back and get stuck and cannot go home or even travel? I mean, There is NO other else country you could go to and make it with even the possiblity of getting yourself sought out so you can not feel trap? I honestly don’t get it. One of my friend got deported from the US and end up go Europe and now can travel all She want well with the exception of coming here but jeeeze.

  11. Met Toya wasn’t look for Karen like dat ppl go on Toya Ig n start dm her about Karen dem even start call n txt the girl phone it’s really no story here Toya spoke wit Karen n she took down the pic stay bad Nicole Thompson dixon loe Toya she not f**king wit u I hope Karen n her frenz find n beat ur ass cause a you start dm the girl bout Karen after Toya Dnt kno the ooman n her status a u wit ur crossing self if Dj did really want u he would of been wit u instead of goin back to Toya stay off pink wall n stop sending in wrong info met Toya n Karen Dnt have nothing

  12. A When some woman ago undastan seh when man leave yuh leave dem alone…as long as him is a fada to him child….y karen dont get a decent bigman n chill..mi nuh know how dem love passa passa suh…toya as fi u an di”i shall not return pumpum…

  13. Karen still a walk beat people. She nuh just come back. Lord Jesus. She a look fe go home back over man. No sah. Karen u need fe gwaan better.

  14. Toya so this is your third child father now smh u can’t even take care of the other two so u run go breed you really worthless pinkey cant hold man for 2015 bitch wasn’t Dj the same nigga u shit on while he was in jail for the shooting in daffy party and then turn round and f**k daffy smh these hoes really not loyal as for u Dj I suggest u get a paternity test because Toya belly is a raffle don’t make her pin no baby pon yuh ah yahso nice

  15. Karen still a walk beat people a that she come back a foreign for. No sah it no look good Karen. A time u grow up now it look like u want go back a jamiaica faster than u come.

  16. Met Toya is a dog shit.that is not Toya man.he just f**k her and rob her so now she mad . trying to pin baby on DJ because he got a new link with the Mexicans .Karen beat out Toya rass yes

  17. no sah no delly dat whey shoot up Hollywood hype inna queens. no sah him no bout 26 so him no coulda be karen son.

  18. So met u really a buy the story from toya. Nuh toya ig page me see Inna the post and she post bare pick wid the man. It look like she find out Karen history and catch her fraid. Karen goodly page her. No sah she s if bad gal. She buck up in a BAD AND READY

  19. Karen u pick the wrong set a people mi Stacy don’t give a f**k I will send u straight on conair ask Dj how him end up in jail the first time yep I did it n there u both are goin Dj ur parole officer soon get that call wats his name agouda brooklyn division bye bye Madison will be ok remember u were gone for 4 years n she was ok I’m sorry for Toya n yes I told she was blind even though I Dnt like her we all are woman n Karen u think u can bad anyone up over fone bitch see me Dj kno where I live u out of hiding now me put u back in our 10 feet under u take ur pick Karen u are a fool Dj just want your link so him can ketchup you think if Toya was in Brooklyn he would be wit u he needs a shelter he has no family in New York ask his mother Stephanie u need to check Dj phone n if I was u check his Ig remember this Delroy robinson doesn’t love old ooman he use them and on to the other like he did Nikki oh Dj nikki carry ur name to the cop for the joint account u kept taking her money after you moved out so expect a warrant soon

  20. Oh by the way u taught Toya was stupid and was gonna send you her truck so u n Karen can drive up and down remember u call and Toya toya everything tonight and guess who she call your sister who don’t like u and Dnt give a f**k about u your own father don’t wanna have shit to do with you wen him touch road him can’t believe him son a suck pussy for shelter Karen really dj don’t want you watch and see just like Nikki taught dj was gonna dash way Toya cause she had money now a bear threats him get left right and center dj u start ur New Years off with your nastiness I really hope Toya go dash way her belly like Nikki did or she bring it n forget bout ur dog shit ass u serve no purpose u can’t even take care of the one child you have you beg Toya to carry ur pickney and this is wat she have to find out all u Karen u call the girl fone n tell the girl you don’t f**k wit dj u have your man n u not inna no man mix up but yet dj come tell her yesterday everything n how he soon leave u wen he get on his feet abayyyyyy u still loose stop having the world think man have to mine u cause met dj bruck like dog don’t even have a pot to piss on he live out of a rental car abayyyyy let the world kno u mining a 28 year old lil boy and how trees left u abayyyy u is nobody abayyyyy now come look for me like I said before

  21. Dj u taught u n Hollywood ting did done oh my Hollywood soon see u I hope bad n ready can defend u since a she Mek u reach pink wall don’t hide again

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