1. Good morning metty… Is how yuh decipher these thing? Some of them mi can’t even si but but but the charges oh lord. Dis gal a Yankee? All along mi tin dis turbit a Jamaican.


  2. Sender, GREAT investigational journalism :2thumbup/ superb…but sender I’d like for you to research and find out what kinds of burglary tools were confiscated at the time of the alleged thefting incident..(s)…sender, find out if wrapping foil was confiscated from the thefter’s belongings…well, the store’s belongings :nerd …matta fact, I’m pretty certain that wrapping foil was confiscated. I’d just like to know what brand of wrapping foil it was (i.e Reynolds Wrap, Dollar Tree brand, etc.) :siul

    1. dem a walk with the ting fi remove the sensor dem offa the clothes. a criminal tool used in retail theft.

  3. Just curious which one of the friends was with her and gave the false name. And why the friends bail was less with the higher charge. Bob nuh make your ppl update your instagram everybody know seh u deh a jail for thiefing makeup fr sephora of all things. U fi thief food fi I and daffy hungry belly.

  4. Bobby a merican now that one is a surprise
    Heshe bobby sephora say u gots to payyyyyyyy, now ur with child n u see that this life don’t pay let’s see how ur gonna conduct urself after this big big disgrace. And the man whey u a thief fa well deh a road a fling Koki all bout poor u gal

  5. The jail can assume that if she has a state issues ID that she is a citizen. Her actual citizenship is not of issue in this type of case so could Be based on assumption. A county jail and a federal jail/crime are different. Federal cases are where citizenship is usually confirmed.

  6. Bobby I hope you change after all the hyping on IG this confirm you are a thief. Not a good look. Datz y mi nuh grudge gyal fi dem ill-gotten gains, unu fi look work….

  7. If is half price dem sell dem tiefins fah….a $99 Bobette did a go sell Sephora makeup fah or she was planning on giving herself a makover, since ppl sey she ugly n faava man. What a shame hot gyal gone a jail dat.

  8. Bobettte is not pregnant I repeat not pregnant. And Bobette is a jamaican I repeat. A jamaican . She is not an American her cousin. Tricia was born here not her ok..

  9. But mi nuh know how fi dem daily job a fi thief di ppl dem tings and dem hype so. All tools inna bag one a di time mi swear mi read something bout burglary. Yuh know mi kaint wid dese ppl eer.


  10. :ngakak :malu :ngakak :ngakak met .me lubb u baddddd :peluk ,u know what I have notice with these dancehall thiefs they have no shame ,and their friends on ig and fb no stop big dem up wtf like a something good dem.a do :alay

    1. :kiss a nuh nothing wrong to dem until someone steal from them then it wrong…memba jamaica have a culture of this kind of thing, di man a nuh murderer if him kill everybody else child except their’s

      1. a so the ghetto run. man a real killa / gundar / shotta but as soon as police out him light like candle him a good yute

  11. so nuh ny dem people yah live. dem gone way a ohio gone tief?

    dem lucky dem nuh pick up a federal interstate charge one a dem day yah.

    1. From u see them put Ohio address the gyal have a Id wid ohio address. A professional theif. Drive 9 hrs wid har burglar tools she an har partner in crime marcia robinson fi go theif. A pergume u theif inna sephora bobby?

    1. Sexy we not making fun of you; it was just mad funny how you made the comment, that’s all ma. Don’t take it personal.. We’re always down for a good laugh so just take it all in good stride :peluk

  12. hi metty blessing
    shame shame shame shame on youuuuu!! where is the man in all this we all know she went hard for him so where he at ? but met put fun n joke aside you know why him have that ID b#tch think she dida go get bail and out a there but god had it with u …………………..

  13. Why everyone so bitter.. Rejoicing in someone down fall only to show how badmind y’all are.. 7time rise & fall. No matter what a person do to live & survive. > who are u to judge<.
    (((May she learn her lesson & be free!)))

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