41 thoughts on “BAD PPL BAD PPL

  1. Di sender badmind cause dem a real sister’s, wid same Mada & fada. So mi nuh see nuh ting wrong wid dat cause most ppl a yard right now a wait pon smaddy wear & leff

  2. The admin fi pink wall go suck yuh madda ah me sista so she suppose to wear me clothes unu love watch people ee can bet say ah must a big pussy gal send in this all when me clothes no breeze off she my blood again admin fi pink wall suck yuh madda come wid something else FOH

      1. Mi nuh business if u sister want to be in your clothes I care not but don’t bright urself Sadiki boy toy cause that’s what you are

        1. Dwlllll. Sadiki boytoy. Mi nose. So wait…..a how she reach so quick. When Kim did a done har wid si screenshot dem she did quiet tho. Dwllll. I weeeeaakk

  3. She dayven hide an wear it. She mek video man all snap har pickcher ina it. Even dung to di champatah. Blouse fit. Boot fit. I wonda eff Sadiki buddy can fit too??? :siul :siul

  4. But none a dem lnuh uk gud inna i, a bet if she did leave it to Suck-hood-diki him wuda wear it betta

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. Sadiki seh shavel battam nuh going again. Unno meck man dig out unno battam an guh road guh chat, my God.

  6. The Admin can’t send een things to her own self Shavel.How you gonna tell her to get the eff outta her own site when a u come ova here?? All in all you looking and sounding dunce as fcuk! I bet that’s why u would win the bet that is a big pusci gal send this een but u too damn dunce to figure out that gal is ur very sista!!

    Admin didn’t the sista send it een fi true and caption it who wear it better? Yall just bitter it backfire so go siddung unno two disgusting dumb fcukups.The crothes part pon di shorts look extra long ijs.

  7. @shavel stop calling up shavel name and mek it look like a she cause shavel dey a work that mi sure bout. So what if prudence in her clothes thats her blood sister if u ask me so i don’t see nothin wrong if she wear it

      1. Mi notice anytime somebody call yuh blog name it excites you and having you acting the fool nd going as if you’re truly missed or needed,it’s clear yuh neva born wid a shame tree or really don’t have shit to do but be on de wall more dan de wall it self has been.

        Yesterday someone ask if it was you over some post going off and pretending to be who you’re not to be seen now here you are trying to be seen,well hi hello you’ve been seen and …..:nerd

          1. a doah know how sweet cuz she a more dan duh ova time,a this very moment in time only she can save herself of God himself

  8. dirty dirty dirty girl shavel , Bronx f**k box a really met u a stop wid ???? Germs yes germs no u go suck your dirty madda fi bring a johncrow like u … Shit up pussy gal nasty like

  9. dirty dirty dirty girl shavel , Bronx f**k box a really met u a stop wid ???? Germs yes germs no u go suck your dirty madda fi bring a johncrow like u … Shit up pussy gal nasty like bitch don’t come for met unless she sen for u

  10. Just a random comment. Something I notice is that these ppl who bleach u notice they have this white dead Michael Jackson looking colour. Ppl who r original brownin have a nice caramel colour to dem but des ppl really do look like di waking dead. Nuff of dem need to audition.

  11. Nasty suddy mouth suss how you drop een bout shavel deh a work?? Germs you can gwan chat cause you soon get the shitty part of the stick just wait shavel ago class you nastiness and tell you how you wear out her clothes dem just like how she did do harrysha and say how harrysha run up her phone bill suck hood suss you bloodclaate day soon come OLD F**KY BOX

  12. Met fi put shavel on blast.all the pose dem say she tief lol the 2 a dem maga and fava crackhead shavel she look like a muscle dolly Bronx mattress yes suss come run off your cocky mouth no,that’s why harrysha no fren shavel again met you never see the big dutty showdown on Facebook wah day wid shavel and harrysha??

  13. Yuh like call yuh own name like u a try keep yourself alive pan di wall dont?If your user name was so sacred to you then you shudda keep your lying wicked ass quiet

    1. for a grown ass woman who have proven she doesn’t like you nor your site yet she stays here going off at people or going off at her own damn self,wen de phuckry did gwaan mi mek sure tan a back watch nd laff but she really a OD nung,if yuh tun loyal peeper den be dat nd stop cause confusing tuh de woman bread nd butter like shit

  14. What’s all this hype over especially those tired tops that everybody n dem mumma been wearing they cost 24$.. I’m so tired of seeing them. Real hot gal nuh wear common clothes

  15. No man @yardieluvbug #dead a the sista Sen it !!?? Answer pls @Admin confirm it please. Two a dem want lamp oil fi wash dem out

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