….KP look like a …GIRL. She look so nice an refine. Yuh know at first mi nay know a she. It look like Sweets an Dolly did a tek weh har light….but now dat she rolling solo…she shining bright like a diamond






  1. Morning met, a real ting.

    I was there & KP did look good fi true & she good solo !!!
    Shawna star did have on one repeated dress ! Lol she need fi change her name to
    Shawna Repeat.
    As the person say look to me like sweets & dolly tek it from Kim & then try style the gal in the process like them ah d shit.

    1. Fi shawna want repeat her dress she can a she buy it right it Ina her closet so fi she want she can at least she na borrow. She always wear nice stuff want due fi it to her

  2. I’ve seen pics of her without make up. She actually looks good, softer and more like a female. The heavy make up makes her look hard.

  3. big up kp.u look noice boo :peluk Shawna I like your shoes from ioffer dem look noice :ngakak :ngakak question was BOBBY ROBBAS at the party

  4. Big up KP..yuh look good & great. Always keeping it elegant and classy. Not like some of these other dancehall bitches who like a freaking Christmas tree. Dancehall bitches always look crowded in their clothes with the bag of accessories and jingle bangle dem. Theses bitches need to watch the grammy’s and see how the real rich bitches put themselves together. Sometimes your dress, shoes and bag speaks for it self. You don’t always need to bag a accessories on top of the colour colour hair and face pounded with make up. Classy and sassy we sey. Good Job KP, show these bitches.

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