Hi Met you know what I love about your site it humbles some people or is it “embarrass” because see Social Media Liar delete his “groupie pics” 😂😂😂. But I see him on snapchat talking about people bad mind him because he works hard. Well declare what you have, show you land and car title next please we waiting. Keep up the great work Met

4 thoughts on “BADMIND YUH FI WHAT SOR?

  1. Bad mind him?? Fe wah?? Is there a viewer on this website struggling with weight loss? Then if you are, just look at these pictures everyday, and trust me, the vomiting will help you reach your goal.

  2. Haha maybe they badmind him because not too many men can get a car from their woman. But sir seeing that you are so hardworking show us something that you actually gained from all that hard work, until then please go sit your stank ass somewhere. Daveen Skeen come get your man please

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