Deejay Chase Cross had his bail extended by Parish Judge Broderick Smith when he appeared at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree yesterday.

Cross, who is the cousin of Mavado, was rearrested on Monday and detained in lock-up at the Constant Spring Police Station for assault charges. This came just two days after the artiste was granted bail in the sum of $40,000 for charges of assault occasioning bodily harm.

“I must say the judge remarked that the police had no right to put him back in custody for the same charge which he was granted station bail just two days before,” attorney-at-law representing the deejay, Pierre Rogers, told the Jamaica Observer.

Rogers said his client, whose given name is Sameer Coombs, is baffled by the rearrest and detention.

“He is just as confused as I am,” said Rogers.

Cross is scheduled to reappear at the same court for a July 6 mention date.

Cross was among five men detained at Mavado’s Norbrook property in St Andrew, two weekends ago. He was charged with assaulting Anthony Goulbourne, a man accused of a shooting at Mavado in his Cassava Piece community on June 2. According to police, Mavado (given name David Brooks) got in an argument with an individual in the St Andrew community. The person left the scene and returned with a group of men, one of whom shot at Mavado, who escaped without injury. Mavado, who resides in the United States, is currently being sought by police for question in relation to violence in the area.

Chase Cross got his break in 2009 as part of Mavado’s Gullyside crew, with the song Better Days. He is also known for songs like Can’t Stop Us, Burnin’ Up (featuring Mavado) and Money Me Want (featuring Flexx).


  1. Dirty chase is the doer! No talent no job!so him do the badness! Mavado boy bad frm long time! All shot him owner self in the foot! Him dirty maada fi feel it now a tutor the boy to do badness to get back at vado! Vado tried him best! Vent bout him nuff time to certain people! All I can say Mavodo worshipping the mermaid only brings wealth not happiness and protection! U worshiping her cursed ur bloodline tsk tsk tsk!

          1. If him have Yemaya she would have warned him and helped him with the son. Olokun is an aspect of Yemaya because Yemaya is the sea but olokun is the bottom of the sea where all the riches are and a desso mermaid deh..I went to look at the mermaid in his house and the colors the mermaid in nuh belong to Yemaya or olokun

  2. Mi cah even imagine how him a 16 and end up like this him fada get a good footing from him a three years old .. mi jus nuh know

  3. I know he always over here reading so mek I talk since him into orishas..How u gonna be into Orishas and always in black for one? U sing about Jah etc..Pick one God and serve him u can’t have two in the hand because as much as they try to tell people christianity not real etc…that energy is real and one will fight the other so ur family will be in turmoil because of the choice u made. Don’t go into something because someone gave u a reading and it sounds true…test the spirits and see what is for you and what is not for you instead of making them a mockery.

      1. Bounty and he never spoke for years and I don’t think they talk like that till today so there was no way to warn him about the son..Everybody was busy doing their own thing but badmanism only have to road…jail or death

        1. Yes sa the Jamaican Jay Z .. di twanga weh mek dem paint ova bounty pitcha a cassav piece … him a rap and him never left St Andrew and he is a rapper

  4. One thing I don’t like about Mavado and the people around him is the way him lie. He have all these people who go around to discredit the truth and then when it comes out him shame, its best not to say anything. I know its hard to raise boys because they do not listen but I am yet to see a boy who has a strong father behind him positively … fall through the cracks. But I will not blame either him or the mother because it is hard to do music and be there 100% especially if the child is not in your household. I don’t agree with comparing Kartel’s sons with Mavado’s because Kartel was not raised to be what he became, he is a sick mind.

  5. Chase cross come foreign already… mavado dance ina amazura. Most a unuh don’t know any facts just stop unuh noice. Unuh just a spread rumors. If you don’t know FACTS,Don’t say nothing.

  6. Met from bout 3 years ago Dahlia say Dante fi be the next don. Dahlia never used to ramp fi take Dante outta school, when him driver go fi pick him up from school to bring him home to him father’s house she would go school early and take him without nobody’s knowledge. Mavado hardly deh home especially in those times when him career did hot so the most him coulda do was call her and cuss her & constant tug-o-war over the likkle bwoy suh till him just let them be. Him talk to di likkle bwoy bout the weed smoking weh him pick up and bout him not wanting to go to school. The mother she say she a bad gyal and a just madness she a pre.

  7. Him a travel longtime.. He last the visa around the same time mavado last his.. He went with mavado to Florida in forth Lauderdale n got stab in his neck n almost die.. Dem seh him did a try part a fight but word on the street was that man a fight b4 mavado gu on stage n him buy it out n a style the man dem n one of the man that was fighting didn’t like him tone of voice n stab him..

  8. You know my feeling is the mother upset se mavado a live the good life and she stuck … so anything she can do fi get at him she do it.. and di son is it .. although I don’t think the young man guilty of this killing … he might have done things because he has no supervision

  9. Fi real still mavado should set up that gyal still cuz a she did deh with him wen him can’t even buy dinner.. In the early stage of his career a she him used to sing bout su him should a look out fi har… She naaw stop hate him cuz him 31 million a buy land n she still inna di ghetto.. Wen him sing money changer.. Him seh ask mi babymother Daliha how gyal love me.. Him fi remember weh him a come from

  10. Dear Daddy Mavado,
    It is with great sadness that Im writing this letter, a letter I never dreamed I would have to pen but Karma sits on a throne that is much higher than my thoughts. She sits so high, so as to make easier for her to reach those in need of her whip . Those who sit low have no choice but to brace their back for the impact…and she whips real hard!

    Daddy Mavado, when you started believing Julian’s selfish lies…the lies that made you disrespect Bounty Killer, the man who saved you from hunger. It was there all your problems started daddy. He made you feel so high that you put your own friend in harms way by attending Bounty’s birthday bash with more people than you were allowed to bring and your friend proceeded to fight the security for you and died. Daddy Mavado it was there Queen Karma began pumping up her seat. That night, Bounty should have gotten word of his visa being returned but you made sure he along with many others got none..And yes it may have not been through the correct channel but you along with David Rainsbeger had plans on reinstating visas that were taken away some months before. You bit the hand that fed you..Daddy Mavado. Bounty called himself Grung Gad and you trying to size up with him …called yourself Gully Gad…FYI , a gully is part of a city’s drainage system that carry out dead animals, debris and dirty water out of a city. Did you have some secret plan on carrying out bad things out of Cassava Piece Daddy Mavado, please do tell?

    Daddy Gully Gad Mavado, after kissing Rainsberger’s a*s, and bringing him into the life…Your celebrity life..and after thanking him for allowing you to come back into the U.S to make money you turned around and testified against him and made Rainsberger go to prison just for helping you…You moved on with your life, Married your lifelong career groupie Moe so that you could have permanent residency in the United States…Rainsberger did a year and change, lost his pension after working with the U.S government for years because you told his government that he took the bribe you gave him ………..Remember Daddy?

    Daddy Gully, it took you a while to get your residency and after getting it in 2016, you kicked Julian Jones-Griffiths to the curb. Julian the inflator of your ”Gad ego”, Julian the milk to your coffee….

    For a while, everything seemed to be going good, being that you had your mermaid and all. But Queen Karma wheeled her chair higher.You forgot about the past and began to carve out another future a future that included you taking over after Chappa. Sista Karma sits so high one tends to forget about her and continue living…You did !
    Daddy Gully Gad you are so good at lying , I believe you lied to yourself, that you aint never shitted on anyone who tried to help you. I believe you told yourself you were always rich and never had to work hard for anything..Heck, I believe that you believe that you were never a hungry barber but Empress Karma’s seat went up higher.. for forgetting where you came from…She took out her throne seat…

    Daddy Gully, you programmed your very willing son to program Cassava piece’s residents so that you would not only bop when walking through Piece, you wanted your word to come Cassava Piece’s law . You wanted to be the law after eating money for the library that would have helped them read books that would help to enrich their lives. You plotted to make their lives hell in order to inflate your over-stroked ego. Sister Karma took an eye out and put it at the back of her head so she could get a full 360 view of you daddy.

    Daddy Gad, you were so concerned about your ego, that you didnt give thought to your blood and what would have happened during his hostile take over to make way for you…Daddy you said you ”love him”….and yet your blood was in harms way prepping for you..Daddy didn’t the mermaid tell you she is mother to all? Where are you now daddy, now that your son’s rise is a fall? Daddy Gully Gad, you should be in court, standing tall, proud of the accomplishments your son has made under your directions thus far..Assault on a young lady and no lock up made both of you feel powerful innit? Sketel Karma has her draws off and is waiting at the court with YOUR GIFT ……….waitinggggggg on you daddy..that daddy who should have loved his son daddy…the daddy who should have steered his son away from badness daddy….the invisible
    run away daddy…..She is waiting to unload your sh*t Gully evil, with her ass bare for all the world to see…………..because your case is special she has to make a scene..
    Posted my unknown

    Lord help us

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