A man who was dragged before the Kingston and St Andrew court last week for choking his aunt, claimed he was acting in self-defence because his aunt was squeezing his ‘balls’.

Clive Campbell, 20-year-old resident of Rockfort in Kingston, was recently arrested and charged with assault.

According to allegations, on June 1, the complainant, who is in her 50s, went home and saw her nephew and his sister-in law in a dispute. She reportedly told him to end the dispute and when he refused she told him that she was going to report it to the police.

However, reports are that when she turned around and was about to walk off the accused held her from behind and chocked her.

She later reported the matter and he was charged.

Last Thursday when the matter was mentioned in court, he pleaded not guilty.

“A she grab on pon mi balls,” he said.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith after listening to the accused’s explanation sent the matter to mediation and extended Campbell’s bail for him to return to court on September 12.

3 thoughts on “BALLS CRUSH

  1. Good morning all,

    Well if true ..that is more than reasonable self defense claim!!When someone is squeezing ur balls,it’s perfectly acceptable to do whatever to mek dem stop…choking her a the least of the apostles!!Those who disagree with me,unless unno have balls..unno wouldn’t even begin fi understand!!

  2. Hardier guhsiddung man like you have any..would someone acting as a peacemaker then turn around and squeeze a younger stronger man’s balls for no reason!? It’s more than likely she did that for him to stop choking her, shi shouldn’t let go!

    1. You may or may not answer…but it’s worth a shot asking u this critical question. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS WHEN SOMEONE SAYS “WELL IF TRUE”??I ask Cuz your entire response was based off the assumption of Falsehood!!Clearly if smaddie is choking u,wouldn’t u try ur very best to do whatever to get them to stop!!??Read over my response again..but slowly and with understanding this time zeen!

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