1. Aftanoon Met, Naomi and Imani look like dem innah dem 20’s oh..aging gracefully ladies..gwan tru…love it to met

  2. Aftanoon Met, JMGers and all, Imani and Naomi dem look like dem innah dem 20’s too, one wouldah tink seh dem and Ri innah di same age group yah..gwan tru unu are looking great.Mi loike it to Met.

  3. iman a real African …it jus dont sag until she about 90…shi got another thirty years…you know black dont crack…and dem a model inna real life dem tan up stay good ..

      1. Him black almost a purplish black and his wife white..she a 34 and look way way older than him…Our skin is such a blessing and people a bleach

  4. yuh si all when dem a seh Nefertiti was white mi shake mi head, cus when mi look pon Iman a she mi si… and without disputing color they really think all those artifacts and designs in crafts and jewelery, colors , shapes etc were Europoean ?? Sometimes I wonder what wickedness black people do mek wi enemies do wi suh.

  5. :kiss :kiss representing the black women. Iman yuh a beat wi bad at your age. This is such a good look love it love it gone to bed. Real black really don’t crack.

  6. imani imani imnaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sass crise wat a gal tan gud fi a push dung 60 man …she is wan beauty yuh caan seh is not

  7. Kim K and her sis had on 2 of the outfits and I am not being biased, but Riri, Naomi and Iman rocked it better. Don’t get me wrong Kim and her sis looked good but the ladies up top rocked it better. I think Kim K wore the black and white skirt to the Teen Choice awards.

  8. Bwoy o bwoy, when dem seh Black is beautiful a dis picha dem fi show. Naomi looks stunning in her solo photo in the black and white outfit. Rhianna caan chat bout shi off di charts gorge. Iman giving the AARP members hope. Mi know di gays dem a salivate ova Two women repping di Caribbean in dis shoot, Aunty Iman repping Africa.
    Di racist fashion ppl dem never hab faith in Olivier cause him black and young, but him really doing good tings fi Balmain, and keeps putting out some hot designs, and dem mecking money again and put back pon di charts.#younggiftedandblack

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