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Madonna Williams married?
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NycMarlon Jackson What kind of stupid question is that you see me and my wife and you asking dumb question
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0 thoughts on “BAM!

  1. Mi an him a fren pon FB and I must say……any baddie nuh see say him married really blind or dumb. Lol. Altho at first in dat pic before mi read below….it look like Meagan Good from sideways. Lol. Everyday him big up him wife pon FB. That’s very nice. Good man he is.

  2. Mr Williams oh? a wah u a gwan wid otah door why di Ms Madonna a ask if u married?…it sound like she surprise seh u married..a wah u a do wah u nuh suppose to? Dah come back sound suspect, too defensive,sound like u upset bout someting, loikeeee, sumady out fi mash up biniz outah road and yaard. Mi wouldah just tell har of course mi married and start talk up bout mi wife etc..and den ask har why she never tink mi married or suh…but it is none of my biniz ..IJS.

    1. Tinan a dat mi wah ask em caw it luk like em neva tie up all loose strings dats why em a big up wifey everyday em nuh stop yah wid di big ups a muss message em a sen

      1. @Observer, Really Doh, well hopefully wi rang..caz di bun ting deh nuh noice at all…hopefully we wrang!!! but im sound like mi ex hence why mi seh suh.. a bit 2 defensive.

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