0 thoughts on “BAP AN SHE GONE LOL

  1. Don’t play with the fans. Don’t play with the brand. Saw promise clash, then a talk about clash money no right etc. She said she will clash Macka and settle the argument, now she a talk about clash money.

    I think Saw is getting scared, as in a battle all gloves are off and people will say anything. Macka will draw for her weak spot ( her inability to have children)

          1. Met good morning so interesting u should say that so how will she turn this around, I can understand her fear n Macka need to b careful how she use that against Saw cause she Neva know wat can happen

        1. me too but she too brite bout she waa more money..she asked for a pair a shoes pan tap a di pay n im sure she got be honest i dont mind her not clashing because it wudda get personal but she too brite bout more money when she said its for charity…not a woman of her word and that is her undoing

      1. Morning Met Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This lady is too arrogant and ignorant ….the fact is if she was trying to have a child with another man she probably would get pregnant………….some men and women are not compatible …she just cah have pickney wid long john

          1. Weh u seh metty Saw wah sharpen..J :tkp …..den saw wah shoes? ////// a yu husband fi buy yu shoes………but den again .. :nohope …..have mercy :ngacir2

  2. Saw and Macka in the twilight of their careers. A loss for any would set them back. I don’t think any of them want the clash. When Kartel and Mavado clash, they called it a draw to ensure that them career will continue, Even Beenie and Bounty clash was called a draw.

    Winner takes all.

  3. a one ting mi realize shi always create a conflict . always ….shi have very low self esteem …mi nuh know something mussi happen

  4. All along she n d fan a have a good convo until him mek d mistake n say step children, did he mean adopted children? Did John John have kids b4 her tht would rightly be har step kids???? So y d disrespect Saw???? H was complimenting u tht the kids around u went 2 University n u start showing ur dunceness

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