Barbie you ah breed 2 months fi ppl man that’s why you go back to di man no toilet seat big p**y gyal go back and gi back the storage money yuh owe di man ah ppl stuff yuh nuh tell yuh family yuh a breed tell the chute tell yuh family dem di truth and stop tell BL**ATT lie anything ah anything barbie


  1. She fava ediaaat suh mi nuh hear sehh har fren di one SashaBinkk a breed fi Patrick But mi also a hear sehh she neva wah keep it so I guess di gal dash it weh cuz she a struggle fi maintain Har wannabe good life and Patrick nuh stable fi mine pickney

  2. Fake pussy gyal guh suck out yuh mummma mind ah you owe the surgeon you breed her wid your dildo fake pussy fake body

  3. lol yes and him want mi and mi a keep it yes family him say and yes sudi pussy gal gray pussy old woman him want and need barbie cant do with out u mad u not anymore f**k all f**king stop nomore dick for u hahahaha him done wid u u upset great pussy barbie mi name

  4. lol who the f**k doesnt have a toilet seat in america i sound retarted u need to give up cause me stop yuh from getting nomore cocky all mines dwl yes family him say u upset badddd dwrl

  5. Ah sleep inna yuh madda basement wid pon the small iyon mattriss come outta di 90s basement the man back kill him the day aftah

  6. Mek mi tell yu something old dutty fart woman, who di f**k do not have a toilet seat inna merica, Lol and blood cloth live inna basement. Old, old dunn nasty big old body woman, call di name a di man yuh a chat bout, dwrl yuh a f**king nunskull, yuh ever think about weh yuh a put pon pink wall sey, old woman, mi pussy must a good a dan yours, why him woulda left your stinky dunn mek over old bruck dung one fi come sleep wid mi inna one small iron bed dwrl again old dutty bitch. it sweet mi how yuh put mi beautiful real real movie star face picture up pon pink wall, it give mi more power to see how yuh grudge mi because mi a young gal wid real real body and a. Good pussy and when mi go over him house him nuh want mi left , him give mi breakfast lunch and dinner in bed Lol a dat a blood cloth kill yuh old bitch and yuh know. if yuh claims how yuh know so much

  7. bitch di man wey yuh put mi beautiful real real face picture up pon pink wall for chat yuh and dunn yuh old dutty fake body woman, him seh him know yuh from Jamaica and yuh was a little hoar from yuh a 10yr old yuh a f**k dung di whole a Jamaica old dutty bitch, and when yuh see him up here in America, one night yuh man and yuh inna blood cloth dance, and yuh left yuh man and go f**k him, and from deh suh again yuh start buy him thiefing name brand clothes from the mother f**king booster dem out a di people dem shop weh yuh working inna fi keep him, yes yuh start a mind him dung with pure name brand old fake body woman, a dat and your old bleach out pictures yuh fi put up pon pink wall, keep play wid mi old 47yr old woman ,just remember dis who mi think yuh are keep putting mi blood cloth picture up wid pure lieing story about mi how mi blood cloth pregnant because remember dis old fake body bitch at the end of the day, mi not going home a Jamaica mi was motherf**king born here. so a nuh dat yuh fi do ,,a put mi pon pink wall because mi just a get more famous pon pink wall, Dwrl yuh fi just come confront mi old dunn out body bitch trust mi fi a old dutty bitch like yuh and yuh so bad pon pink wall, and mi so young come test mi like mi seh ,Lol it is so f**king funny how mi blood cloth born inna America and if mi nah work, and mi know have a good bed what is di governor there for old suck cocky lick out batty woman. Lol because mi young and green and nah lick his butt hole like yuh a it a kill yuh ha ha ha him just a pamper mi suh, and again it so f**king funny how mi buy have a good bed and him love to sleep inna mi bed ,dwrl and ask him dis when him wake up from be side mi , him start look after mi and the family breakfast come right down to mother f**king dinner, di way him nuh want fi left mi good pussy old bitch obvious him love mi bed idiot and a watch di goodie pussy bitch mi well good and comfortable anyway mi live in Je


  9. lol dwl how dat u stupid bitch when we f**k 4 times for day mi and him shower together u crazy and him mother love me and mi son so how we nuh fi bade big hole nasty bitch i bet i kno who u are and mi a ago deal wid yuh u old germs

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