1. lol….. im not impress with him apartment nor him comfortable single bed and fan. suh how him hole comfortable? if mi laugh mi ago dead

      1. Metty mi did haffi :ngakak when dis clown ah showcase di antiquated room. Ah mus kotch him used tuh kotch pon grung and now him get upgrade why him tink dis video worthy. :ngakak

          1. Dat nastiness need ah serus muzzle fi him mouth cah ah so suh air ah leak desso. Nut’n bout him nuh look clean nor comfortable. Nastiness..:travel

  2. So from him a f**k till now a dem 2 likkle sinting dem alone fi him shit hole gi him??? & ful a attichude (yes attichude) suh??? A really dem deh alone him good ole gi him???? Him need fi condemn dat deh ole deh, & draw d yellow tape cauz not a thing nah gwaan fi him. In deh empty like cave!!!! Like if yuh talk too loud in deh it echo!!! & a pure cloth him a cut like him a tailor, damn disgusting & terrible like when volcano meet earthquake.

      1. U dont say! Metty Which 1 a d hole dem??? A mus him ears hole him a refer to, & all that goodly full a wax :ngakak :ngakak Cauz nuh weh pan dis yah twin [email protected]$$& bwoy nuh clean, yuh nuh see & hear how him latrine inna d middle of him face velly velly unclean???!!! :ngakak

    1. ONEDROP nobady, mi mean NOBAAAADY woulda sleep wid dat nastiness and left a dolla pon him pillow. Him comeen like when yuh guh outta di shooting range….ah jus fi practice. Di upcoming battyman dem jus use him fi practice and afta dem perfect dem art pon him dem tek flight. Him seh nuh fly nuh eena him place, but if him nyam dem how we ah guh see dem.

      1. Mi seh Yawdy it sticky pan him bad, but him confidence level sky highhhhhh deh doah, cauz d amount a ratings weh him a gi dat deh ole deh & mi nuh si wah di ole duh fi deserve that cauz it look lakka seh d only income right desso is buddy, it nuh look like nuh assets or money incoming at all. Yuh caan tell him seh whole heap a things nah gwaan fi him eh nuh yawdy!!! Yuh mad, yuh mussi want him trace wi, :ngakak

      2. ONEDROP dat nastiness delusional is ah SHAME. Di same lie weh him tell pon di room, ah di same lie him ah tell pon him tired ole :ngakak Him shame tree neva pass seedling stage much less grow and ded :ngakak Wid di two tretch out titty dem ah heng like medallion round him neck :ngakak ONEDROP mek di ole washed up battybwoy come oba yah fi trace….mek we light him up and send him back tuh Mars…:ngakak

      3. Mi seh him head inna d clouds & him ass inna d gutter, him a over rate him batty is a shame, & hear d 1 Metty below bout if dem cudden sorry fi him & gi him 1 good good bed??? Tell mi if she nuh out of order??? Afta him look like him just graduate from grung she waah promote him to good good double bed aready!!!!! Mi nah look pan Metty eh nuh :maho him betta gwaan bounce it pan dah single bed deh till him him batty can upgrade him!!! :ngakak :ngakak Hey mi nah follow u & Metty & trouble dah twin pussy bwoy yah mek him come over yah come trace mi eh nuh, cauz I fraid fi cuss dem 10 tongue gal yah, lol

  3. I’m convinced Jesus is coming back sooner than we think. Dis nuh nawmal at alllll. No sahhhhhh a wah mek dem nasty and disgraceful suh?????

  4. da boy dey use to go excelsior back in the 90’s me know sey a living battyman dat from school days, i think a south him come from

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