0 thoughts on “BATTEYMAN BAMBAM

  1. So how south side nuh run in anyways Tino I do not know u personally but I live in LA and me hear dem talk about u.di ppl dem fraud a u and do begging me hear sey u is very dangerous in the begging department. But to think of it Tino nor ratty don’t even mek one

  2. Hold on is that the same ratty that live a south London and him and one next batttyman name scaley/hairdresser bwoy used to war? If it is him, then how him get so black??? or he just got back his color after the bleaching money dun????

  3. Wah happen to scaley I saw someone looking like him look a bit rough but me say to me self no man a could never scaley that.

  4. 39 & is a batty man .. Damn
    That saddens me.

    A cuss ppl bout rotten batty ???
    Your batty rotten to & every batty man living
    what a world when man a cuss man bout di cocky dem suck
    & which man ah beg dem Fck ! Oh gosh! Mi sick to mi stomach.
    He talkin bout ppl mouth stink the whole a him look stink nuh Fck

  5. Help oh lord thy servant calleth. Pot a cuss kettle, seh it black. But koo Pon him too, ratty good good looking very bad bad. I cannot deal wid dis batty man saga to deh.

  6. Met tino respond to ratty

    Tino StarboyTrendsetta Bryan
    February 16
    Mi noh wear boy clothes soo nuttin pan mi body nah bun mee ratty yuh sad like funeral & salt like sea iron balloon ratty a witch part pan di map yuh deh move yuh bloodvlaat last mi last yuh desperare debbie yuh body look poison noh bloodclaaat saddy yuh back pu**y wah 6 paster, 4 priset 1 big holy bible and 10 poll so mi nah look pan dead gyal yuh noh have nuttin ova mi cause mi neva wear old btuck yet not meeeeeeeee I rather to f**k my way out before mi eear ur ugly clothes z wah do yuh wid yuh ageie body

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