1. they should start a “post your bedroom” challenge & see where exactly nuff a dem so called IG hot gal yah sleep. I for one wont knock a person who nah none cause bed head a JA expensive as fk & to be honest i have one of those same ones recently before i got the tuffeted ones but me nah showoff pon IG nor am i popular so it wouldnt even matter, but she a run dung clothes & shoes & place no sort out!!! dem gal yuh mental as fkk sort out home first.

  2. Whats wrong wid the girl bed head ??? Yo some a unuh nuff nuh bloodclaat! Nuff people dont have bed fi sleep pan dem cant find a warm comfy spot anywhere to rest dem body and unuh care bout bed head !? That bed all look like is a king size bed, sender what size bed u have ?? Sender as a matter of fact since ur ao fancy why didnt u send a pic of ur bed and the bed head so we can compare which one look betta. Some a unuh a sen in people and a move like unuh wah dem guh rob a bank and buy up pure tings jus fi please unuh.

  3. @minuhbusinessenuh stick to u uptowners and leave the little girl, im sure in the future she will own more things and u will have to nyam her shit. Dats why Sasco neva wah be fren wid u nuh more cuz u too bloodclaat judgemental, and nuff move u bloodclaat.

  4. A nuff gal nave nuh bed go pawty go sweat up an come back and spread out di same clothes an come sleep pah floor.

  5. Shanzi room in pink so that’s more that likely not her bed head she always snap infront of her bed and the column is the rectangular shape column u people are ridiculous

  6. Lyricrochester(Jamaica makeup artist) don’t have no bed head!!! And shi have every make-up in the world!!!

  7. Bed head a jamaica expensive. u know how much mi pay fi mine 58000 and mi nuh buy the bed yet. Btw all them girls here need fi leave the limelight alone caz its gonna destroy them now or in the near future. most of them not even have a proper bed to sleep pon ik caz me and of the famous ones are frens and i keep telling her put her money to use. the only thing she has to show is clothes and pics she take at parties. dem fi follow mi yah u know wah mi do put on a room and bathroom fi mi self at mi parents place fi show mi have sumn.

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