1. Yes sah Beenie big up him old nemesis, Bounty seh a him new friend. Him seh he was coming from another show & he was tired but he still had a good segment & delivered a good performance. Mi seh Metty d 1 Ishawna & Foota still a gwaan wid fi dem almshouse same way, she a throw shade pan foother, she nuh call him name still but she a style him bout bwoy a cock up big foot & rae tae tae, and tek off all shoes & a impersonate Mumma (Lady) Saw, & bout gal call har a seh she a side bitch & bare things. Mi seh when she dun, foother tell d MC seh fi call him up, & Foother seh him nuh vex seh a bwoy suck weh him woman & a him mek she famous & true har boss buy club famous yah now & 1 piece a sinting or something to that effect & buss yuh man Beenie tune weh seh “NUH GAL CANT SIDDUNG PAN MI HEAD” mi seh d place mash up!!!! But Pamputae gwaan good man she deal wid it better than Ishawna to me.
    A bare things all d 1 Ninja galang baddddd mi seh smaddy inna d crowd guh seh Gully Bop a guh kill yuh a sting, a who tell dem fi seh suh???? Mi seh d Ninja deal wid dem proper yuh see, mi seh a bare tag deh pan fi him clothes, d ppl dem never want him fi left, him a real sample eh nuh, when him a exit the stage d the MC a trouble him seh “all d 1 Ninja cum out yah wid bare tag pan fi him clothes” ninja duh a wheel & come again & him a 1 Mc duh a likkle clash jokingly d place mash up!!! Ninja seh him rich yah now & a more money him a pree fi him & him fans, suh when him duh get fi left d stage hear d MC a mouth himsuh gi d gal dem something nuh man, Ninja tek out a coil out a him pocket & dash it inna d crowd yuh see, all ppl wig & false hair fly off, lol. All Assasin & Shaggy buss the place. After d Gal Dem Sugar duh fi him thing then inna d 6 o clock bells Papi (Popcaan), Aidonia, Chi Ching Ching, Teflon, Kip Rich Sizzla all did a medley fi close d show. It was a good show overall!!!!

      1. Yeah man it was a great show overall,last year mi lef early & dis year mi stay till it dun suh yuh must know seh it did noice!!! 1 & 2 glitches of course, d ppl dem boo Rhino & d 1 Rhyme Minister or whatever him waan name come inna fi him flora sweat suit or tights suit whatever him waan call it, way under fi him arse d ppl dem just move him up & nuh gi him nuh forward, but all d great acts weh wi expect fi deliver, delivered & brought their A game to d show. D 1 Beenie & Ninja pants d toighttttt (not tight, dem deh pass tightttttt) but d general dem duh dem thing, it all game together in d end. D MC dem did lively tom Sample man & 1 next big belly 1 from mussi RJR or 1 a dem radio station deh, mi nuh memba him name, weh full a joke keep d vibes going. Some new upcoming acts rise to d occasion & hold dem own to suh it went well.

      2. @ Really doah, a 1 thing thou, & dis is just in my own opinion, dem wld an kill wi wid Rasta man, doing fi dem culture thing, mi nuh know weh dem get so much Ras a mussi up a Bobo Hill dem guh fi dem, bwoy mi suffer through dah part deh mi yawn suh till mi swear think seh mi did a guh drap a sleep, dem over do dah part deh likkle bit, but things pick up after that & dem never look back, straight shellings after that!!!

  2. Metty oh him bad fi true..ah hope dem really found a new and lasting On a side note dou dah new Mick Jagger dance wah mi si Beenie a when fowl a sarch fi corn?..Look like Beenie can hardly move innah dah tight pants deh, a tight it too tight or immah carry much “unseen weight” unlakka Gully Bap :ngakak …BTW Met is my man so ahem…lol :ngakak

  3. How u fe malice me when me a talk De truth…lol him leather pants neva affie so tight.a swear when him tun side way Wid the locks ketch up inna bun me swear say a grace Jones ….A sing pull up to me bumpa

  4. Love u too met.u Memba one song him did do and him have a line in deh way say….Me a talk to soon, long time we a tell dem say man pants fe have room.but it look like dem evict him from the room….

  5. So a oil r powda him did affie roll inna fore dem force him inna dat leather contraption. Dwrcl time fe u start look bout De devource papa enuh.cause u well and c the sign and yet u still a play stubban.

  6. Lol naw try mash up you and u soul mate.but me just a say the reason y him fraud fe trim a cause him know say hef him trim ppl a go mistake him fe gully bop from an angle.

  7. From what I saw on youtube the concert was lit and that confused couple still love each other and will start over, then the donkey of the year will be the man who thought he could replace the beater. I’m not a prophet just a researcher.

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