Bobette little sister said said her sis gonna make bitches hang themselves who aguh kill dem self fi smaddy weh face hard like Bammy?!! Weh di BBC do unno clothes and shoes and Chanel bag can’t fix/nor help robbas face weh tough like ah tranny! Nuh skin up you face suh caah you don’t pretty !! all uno do is worship vanity and unno nuh happy !! You claims you love your man but you hate him Pitney you ah di wicked step madda like inna Cinderella movie! It sad enuh! You fi do Betta!

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  1. But,y you mad???????? Again How has this helped to make u money today sender?? It takes $0 to sit an watch plp an talk. I see why you mad

  2. Dwl unno gonna hang Unno self looking at a pic of a pit bull inna skirt and orange hair looking like a drag queen on bath salt . Do better people Beyonce is a billionaire and she slsiny post pix of bags and shoes .

  3. Yes it is an you are all some Sorry tired plp who make no money but love to be busy in others lives. Cause your own lives are boring and sad. Maybe you guys should do something adventurous to take y’all mind off plp. Live make mistakes take risk since y’all soooooooo perfect pls make some money So y’all can leave plot business alone

  4. Dwl unno gonna hang Unno self looking at a pic of a pit bull inna skirt and orange hair looking like a drag queen on bath salt . Do better people Beyonce is a billionaire and she don’t post pix of bags and shoes .

  5. @ y’all very mad, I so agree with you. Its time to leave the girl alone. N the one met act like the girl do her something.

      1. Met, me tell yu fi tap put up dah obeah dolly yah pon yu site all when she dead she nu fi get feature pon yah…that takes care of the germs you see pon de site a try hexup dem self with yu.
        Some people only known outside a dem circles because JMG/Pinkwall feature dem.

  6. This blog is nothing but a way to see How much people sit down an study others lives for free. It is never anything positive about another person it is always some bull about another’s life. Tmz would say you guys are waste of time..cause you’re still broke an sad. An getting paid $0 dollars to bash another’s life cause your life is sad. Like move on. Build a better foundation for others an teach them more about goodness of others an How Beautiful Jamaica is. Unnu mek others feel like Jamaica people mix up an love people business Jamaicans are warriors with pride in whatever they choose to do. You can’t tell me you never deh wid ah “hotboy” move on an bring something more progressive of others it takes $0 to have respect for others

    1. And instagram ain’t nothing but a bunch of wanna BEES. All when people don’t say anything they hating on u..unreal

  7. You won’t post positive shit up here huh? Cause you know your life dark and sad. You know u broke an only post bad about people behind a computer for free. Bring some Positive to your blog not every Jamaica or west Indian person mix up like you Met. We need fi build a positive future you not getting paid to bash people you doing this for free it just show your character as a mix up envious badmind person met.

  8. Yes really you do not know her you just know What people say. If I was her I would Sue you for deformation of character but then again you may be broke seeing How you have only time to post negative shit everyday about others

      1. and dem nuh stop deform di people dem credit wid dem sticky fingers…and btw people keep saying that robbas want baby…there is invitro my love……..and they take cash payments…if u rich go buy yuh baby ooooooooo

  9. Come affa Met name….oonu need fi learn to read,wid comprehension! I can’t stand u non-readers!!! Pickup a book, or is dat too much trouble? :bola
    Mad, d whole ah oonu madda dan d mad hatta, anna dat shmurda luk like!!!!

  10. Unu dont call Met name especially when Robbas look like she bathe in tumeric or curry b4 she come in d dance ewwwwh how she yellow so???

  11. Lol miss met why oh why them always feel fi tun pan you ? But a beg them leave u alone because u keep mi entertain. I love that these people on here say whats on them mind.

  12. Good clothes, dutty person, when she clean her heart she might look good in a something, but for now, no matter what she put on, she will always look like trash, it just shows. She have on nice things but look at her, tell her to cherish her soul like how y’all cherish the materials, nothing glows brighter than the soul, let your soul glow!!!!

  13. Dat bitch look sadd as f**k, a no everything money and clothes can take care of. It cannot help she. She need piece, poor girl, dem rob her of her piece.

  14. mi haffi read and dwl cause how unnu know the site so… when bashing deh pan unnu its post positive things but on the other hand unnu ova yah a look a fast Inna ppl business… all you y’all mad a you fuss comment how u reach yah so quick…. move unnu rass from yasso you shoulda lucky you have something like jmg weh met build so unnu dutty life can get dash out ova yah and u can come comment…. get a way man

  15. Something like jmg to bash people’s lives?????? Make up lies about others?????? Do something positive for a change all of unnu who get up everyday to watch people an chat Yes Mi hot fi met cause ah fi her site So to the dunce bat up here London59 whatever an educated person has time sit down an watch people????? No you are not educated enough boo you need to check yourselves an leave people alone. Cause unnu still broke, An no, you do not know her Met but, you sure post any f**kery about others being true or not. Get a life an come out of others business you not making a penny .. none of you lonely f**ks

  16. You never see Robbas but you post bout her regularly though. London 59 you need a book bad if you were sooooooo educated you wouldn’t be here on this site. Unnu love talk bout education?! Educated people nuh have time fi dis dem busy ah look fi mek money or to change the world in a positive way. Unnu fi sit down an low people.

  17. Yes everyone lies on ig So why it bother unnu sooooooooooooooooooo much???????? Met you sound stupid to even say you do not know Robbas . This girl regardless of what she does she help everyone roun her why you do not post that. You post the negativity though. You a poor ting baby that live off of negativity and drama you lacking something at home Met…. if you had a man you wouldnt have time for people business cause a real man would tell you leave people alone… unless your man ah mahmah mon


    1. De sista! :ngakak only unconditional love can cause this ratbat fi still de pon de board a defend what HUNDREDS of New Yorkers know is facts…and GOD BLESS JMG International exposure have de facts worldwide.

  19. At least you admit you sick too Met. I see why you in everyone business you need a team on your side to feel secure all y’all lowlives in secure you said you never met Bob’s but you know nuff though if she want to breed that is not your nor no one problem. She not f**king your man or breeding or trying to breed for your man low people. You dark nuh bloodclot all when you know you wrong together still ah try. She ever rob you yet???????? No So hop off of her.

    1. How my man reach ina dis? Don’t go there because my man isn’t A zombie nor walking dead. Let’s not continue please. Don’t draw mi ina uno argument. U say me say all of the above that I never said. Where u plugging in to get that info, I hope a nuh no hole pan bobbete u plugging into because a bay wrong signal n das a bad sign for all of us

  20. Reread met you So educated?! I said if you had a man at home you wouldn’t have time to be in other people business. Unless your man is a mahmah man

  21. To the idiot who keeps commenting about people business please stop you sound very foolish! From the topic post a u one mi see a comment, it look like you like people business to dem a talk bout bobette wah that affi do wid u? If u don’t like people business n if that’s all the blog is about according to u then y did you even bother to open the page much less comment? Somebody type in the web address fi u or a u type it in, mi jus wan know? Get your looking ass outta here!

  22. bobbette and her family are all nasty and ghetto looking and no amount of name brand clothes will ever change that. when we see girls like u we know y’all about to start some trouble steal be loud. we know because it shows. y’all are the type of niggers that give black people a bad rep. ghetto hood rats like y’all will never go anywhere or contribute anything positive to society so keep stealing name brand clothes cause at the end of the day no one respects y’all. ghetto hoodrat NIGGERS! :ngakak

  23. If you didn’t post it idiot anonymous then I wouldn’t have to comment… leave people alone simple. Cause unnu caah see her on the street an say it to her face. Met you understand What I typed earlier stop acting dunce when you in people business you know weh fi post bad bout dem doh.. you man is being drawn in cause you an him should be busy building an empire mett

  24. I come here to show others that are making progress in life that people like you are alive an real. People like you Mek no sense cause all unnu do is sit down an try an bring others down So sure I log on to see the lies an wickedness that people like you get up an do to others everyday for their own inner self hate. Cause people like you do exist an I need my team to see the true definition of classless evil acts. I pray for people like you

  25. It really is simple these people keep coming on here to hear the latest suss, but when the suss is close to home they are mad
    I don’t think it is right to bash our editor, she posts items for her bloggers whatever you may think of us
    Bobby is still young, she will eventually mature and see that a pile of clothese, shoes and bag is not all, until then she will continue to provide entertainment to others.
    This blog is used by many different types of people, so you cannot categorise all in one barrel

  26. Anon…it look like a robbette thanksgiving table u did siddung ……gtfoh…….miss metty n us with the bullshit…..robbette fava curry fish……unno go talk to di relevant authorities dat ketch har a thief an put har pan blast…..

  27. Don’t use words weh you don’t know the meaning … U my can’t sue a gossip blog for deformation of character idiot

  28. Anon………drink bleach n tek some rat poison…….bout yuh come Ova yah a defend theif……yuh need fi tap blog fi robbette….an go look something fi theif.yuh comeen like di big flying drumma roach.why yuh pitch pan di wall…..go pitch inna robbette baggy rice an swipe claffy batty……

  29. Wow MET yuh famous u have haters…
    Yes I am educated with a Master yes I make (number) 5 zero in front of the . and yes I love the mixup. Love it bad and check in regular since I don’t party I have time. No I don’t really know the dancehall celebrities but at times I see them some I even went to school with. Dancehall celebrities keep entertain me and MET keep me inform. Haters u get a life they would fame with no talent and all negativity behind it so take the critic with it

  30. Haters u get a life they want fame with no talent and all negativity behind it so take the critic with it. Met u do get pay all these ad

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