0 thoughts on “BEST DRESSED FOR THE DAY -_-

  1. Can’t quite pinpoint it, but there’s something that i like about this outfit…it woulda look super sharp wid ah nice tall pair of pumps, a simple hairstyle and earrings and a nice tan clutch purse…i would wear it..

  2. All dis pic do is remind mi ah di frock wah mi wicked sistah wear come a mi fadah funeral back innah di 70’s. She did hab piece tie up innah har head too wid bag fi match (mi tink is she did mek it fi harself. Now di shoes she was wearing is whole nadah tory..woiee.
    Anywhoo, all dis young man need is two bress, a wig and a pair a heels and gone clear clear. Not even need no bag and earrings.

  3. hey met, a wanda if wi plant him a wah kind a species wi udda get!!, a hybiscus maybe. mi seh a wah sprinkle him wid some wata an si if him wi grow talla. i is deadin roun ere lmaooo

    1. why u call mi name fi kill mi off :tkp
      dem have a flower whey grow a ja but dem grow ina bunch small and red a whey it name?? chayyyy :tkp

  4. mi nuh know a raaas but mi caan feel di bees sting dem from mi couch. maybe if wi drop him off a di botanical gaaden dem caaan tell wi, or dem caan use him fi a display. wat a dyam poopy show tuh backside

  5. Dem man yah fi guh party wid Elton John,Tim Cook and carry Elephantman when him a step out because dancehall too small fi dem

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