Sweets, Dolly and Kim Possible added to the poll because they are still leading from year before last
Elephant man because a only ooman clothes him wear so him really cannot go ina di male category

<a href="" title="Most Original Style(Female)">Most Original Style(Female)</a>

0 thoughts on “BEST ORIGINAL STYLE

    1. Kim cheap clothes put together mek expensive clothes look like foot cloth! A nu the price that makes the clothes ORIGINAL is the combination.
      Yakini get my vote for absolute originality…cause not one soul wear whey she wear…unless yu a watch battle star galactica or some space shit.

  1. its something called cheap and clean!!! unno nuh see seh gyal wear dare clothes and it nah do ah ting for them!! ITS NOT THE PRICE IT’S HOW YOU WORK THE CLOTHING!

  2. Dolly love shop a Dr. Jays pon Jamaica avenue too much esp the shoes dem dwl
    Sweets I think has more style and grace but not original she dress like everyone else
    Kp does her own thing !!!
    Yakini a lead fi originality no lie all when it nuh look good you can’t conpare her with nobody to see who wore it best Cuz Ah she One a wear den shit Deh dwllllllll
    Kizzy should be In The running met .. Dolly n sweets nah gwan with nothing since 2009
    My vote goes to Yakini 😀

    1. Yeah, KP has true style. She have a vision for her outfit and she knows how to execute and accessorize perfectly. This is what I like about true fashionistas, they do not leave one stone unturned..KP has that, she meticulous wid har style. Anywho, is Ele mi voted doah..mi will vote fi KP when mi get home…lol

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