1. Yes anywhere me Derrick me can get a money from him dat me like with him. Me wonder if he still renting that room in bk

  2. Suh where is TUFF BACK? still on vacation? What a way Andrea tek it up pan har dry head and a buss it seh dem need fi lock dung pinkwall. All TANYA she a mek comment an nancy, paula dean an all carmichael, nena a buss it bout pinkwall fi lock dung. A how dem a defend di old TUFF BACK suh? Met run a file pan Andrea cause shi love talk an class people an har baby father walk an suck pure pussy like dog. Kmft

  3. Angela is in bk! She landed 2 days ago! She is a citizen n has been 4 over 20 yrs, somethi that nuff a oonu wud sell oonu soul 4! N u ratchett crosses MET,this is Andrea n nothing no dry bout my head cause me a koolie !! #Pretty hair n edges fi days # No invisible part # Real part!! N that nigga who u claims walk n nam out everybody pussy isnt my baby fada!! Just another nigga who’s face i sat in n i dam sure don’t regret it!# A 6 fur coat him gi me #Pet Cemetery# Something u cant relate 2 cause nobody nah nam out u rotten hole or buy u shit! Thats y u hide behind PINK WALL!

    1. Dirty koolie yah one a charlie mattress back seat, slut f**k descendants….dwl

      Met neva utta a word bout you. Since you enjoy being koolie and a drop de word nigga like rain you need fi get gas an bun wid all 6 fur coat wrap round yuh.

      1. Mi dont even know who that, when Ive heard the name big belly derrick mi not hear andrea..Coolie and good hole cyah ina di same sentence a suh dem body soft a same way dem parts soft and stretch whey di man dem seh so if she know what I know she gwaan go light har body ina di rat fur

  4. Carmichael to leave careless dance hall folk alone and pay attention to him fashion line notice dem nuh like him remember dem did a say Jr with him and how him sister to get f**k again him need to leave them alone cause those set

  5. Just as anyone else I’m entitle to make a comment in defence to my fellow New Yorker. Whom ever don’t like it (bite a stone).

    Gr Carmicheal.

  6. Uno ole bitch fi shut uno retire pussy an leave pinkwall uno jus shame wen expose affa nuff a uno dah yah so.long a walk an fuk an noh set uno self str88 nuff a uno ole bitch neva kn whores cah collect pension uno shut up an leave pinkwall angella an derrick a big celebrity dem should a set dem papers or life stra8 cause dem a get ole like me pussss soh dem fi line up dem tings mi friend wid gal derrick a fuk soh mi kn nuff , me use to cum sidung wid er inna him laundemat pon weekend wen shi a work an nuff neva kn sah him pay her 400 fi wuk pon weekend an rent place put her over queens i have nothing bad fi sah bout derrick but uno bitches a get ole set uno papers str888 Derrick is in jamaica him greencard expired d laywer a work on it

  7. Koolie andrea …fur coats??? REALLY me tink u did agoh sah pcs a investment , like a house , money an all those things , pleaseeee bug can nyam up d fur coats my God wey uno get uno mind from , COATS? and u tink its major wey d coats came from , wey him buy dem?? , member an all d time a winter , anyhow dem have place inna d city uncan lay away d coat dem wen u bruk

    1. Wid de right humidity dem coat de start dutty up de place.

      A hope dem line har BC coffin wid all 6!

      Can’t believe the things these bitches put value pon :ngakak

  8. When I was younger and didn’t have any papers. All I had was face and shape, any man I talked to had to spend, rent, clothes and furniture was all I needed. Once I got paper I went to school worked bought my own house. It’s called maturity and changing your priorities as well as understanding your self worth. Nonsense in ridiculing a person about their 6 fur coats, Gucci clothes, or Chanel bag because that’s the level they are on, they won’t get what your trying to tell them. Trust me they won’t, hence the reason the numerous posts with dh bleach out roaches constantly bragging about their name brands, and the bloggers constant responding “do you own any real estate or an education?”
    Yet they keep posting their name brands because they just not on that level to understand.

    Hell they may never understand, it’s their life. It’s a sad life and it goes from one generation to the next.

    1. I own a 2 family house in Ny ! Thats rented out including the basement! N about 2 buy another! I have assets oonu renters cant talk 2 me ! U bitches mad thats y oonu sit all day on pink wall n hide oonu identity, cause if oonu ever put names then you’ll nasty life style will be revealed! Im boss bitch that has cars ,houses ,life insurance polices, rolex, men who loves me , happy kids etc! U fukin life sad !! Go pay u landlord one day im a b u landlord

  9. Then Andrea nuh own her house bout 10 years now, Is a damn shame how black woman tear dung each other & talk about each other private parts, these
    social misfits are who tear down JA, Do some introspection at times, stop
    the hate and go get a life. Why would one woman care bout another pussy?
    except she is a sodomite

  10. Koolie Andrea you still sucking pussy, the gal pussy you suck say after you suck her pussy she couldn’t suck back yours because your pussy stink and have some thick white stuff coming out of it.Nasty gal go take a seat with your retarded face with your hood nose that you used a f**k off the gal them,your not no full koolie because your hair perm so get the foh.

  11. Carimicheal just want to being notices..she dey a Holland sad and unhappy so she want a knowings..him get life time bond outta America fi tief desgner have time fi mix up r pink wall and she find time..batty man Andrew AKA carimicheal isn’t it the same ratty was going kil yu.batty man Andrew AKA carimicheal yuh 2 nuff

  12. Big belly Derek is not in the u.s.a is stuck in Jamaica don’t you guys see the fluffy Diva went to a party last night and seen big belly Derrick at the party and took a picture and put it on her Facebook page it bad that I cannot come back to usa

  13. Cause him a coward him coukd have got a lawyer to help him long time , but it look like him did fraid fi get deport . I kn he is in jamaica

  14. Unno good eh…weh mek Jamaican badmine & hateful soh, them cyan
    wish nobady good…A wicked set just run roune even Big Belly Derrick wicked & evil to..Karma is a bitch wait till him pop dung

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