Dwl ugly and dunce caa spell no sah pick a struggle sally…..btw we caught it b4 u change and and u still dont know the difference between HOOD and WOOD a baaayyyy. And u no live no weh dwayne dont u eva try change u name cuz u broke, no job, no car NOTHING thats y u leaning on sally’s shoulder. How u fi waa name icon and u affi beg ride reach a party and a beg liquor bwoy have a seat man ago f**k u inna u batty u luv likes.



      1. Possess_____________________________________________________________________________
        Possess wid di gud…….and in her case the bad and the ugly :ngacir2

          1. A hope she dont blame this claat pan auto correct eh nuh, :alay no sah dem ppl a get from worst to wusserah

        1. Sally yuh p…y good but Nurse and Dianne had you running for dear life, ah dem nuh want “Dwayne I can’t ” which icon. Dem seh dem sorry dem f..k him, is jus beause dem caan take it back. Dem sey all him do is beg, nuh waan work, an wan dem truck fi drive up an down. Dem tell him move to di left.

  1. SMH___________________________________________________________________________________
    Diablo, please get Sally to a literacy class fast……..poor thing, Kerry born bless come get yo’ girl!!!!

  2. Gm met/ metters

    All kinda wrongs in a da paragraph deh .

    And . “posited ” :bingung and wha it in a di sentence fah????

    Is always dem dunce people like chat nuff pon social media

    Hooked on phonics lady…… stat

      1. Metty same so mumma.

        There should be a filter button fi dem whe once dem post effry or can’t spell it shut dem out one time

        Dat will ” learn”. Dem . :nerd ………Not TEACH dem….. kah di way how dem dunce a learn it a go learn dem :nerd

        1. Guys, I have an idea…what about if them computa electrocute them for every misspelled word til them stop with them illiteracy and learn..them poor fingas woulda get the death sentence every day

      2. Dem want d likkle kangaroo, weh inna d game, weh it name again mussi hangaroo, weh come in like hangman, when yuh guess wrong d kangaroo seh, are you stupid or what, you damn jackass??!!! lol, cauz she badly in need of a desk and chair inna 1 kindergarten class, ole dunce bat. A nuh everybody bright and can spell good, but if yuh dunce so, yuh nuffi love trace and dash wud so man!!!!

          1. Mi stumble pan it fi a second to Metty a nuh u 1, but a tru mi know lady saw song mek mi know weh she did a try fi seh, but wi translator Quena decipher it fi all who couldnt cross it, mi seh I see Patios, French, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic inna dat deh 1 sentence deh it nuh pretty……..

  3. She doesn’t look too brite in the 2nd pic…that’s how she fava like one ah Metty’s emoticons right ya suh>>> :doctor:…I have no further comments :hoax2

        1. Quena, yuh tink ah joke ting….METTY!!!! Put up ah split screen deh fe show the resemblance between yuh nice ah decent emoticon and dis big illiterate fool uppa top deh, please boss lady…

  4. Actually, I do have summen else to add…whomeva she tryna throw shade at, should be laughing their asses off at this big dumb doofus…like really doofus??? Where dey do dis shitt at?? :doctor:

  5. Gm all, Yep you too badDDD!!!!!! dwfl lol!!!! and you so right at the same time lol!! omg you made my morning. This gal ugliness fall inna the exotic species range, and har dunceness is to infinity lol!!

  6. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others….

    mi know bout pretty dunce suh sally nuh bada try mek it be ugly JMG dictionary will wlcm yuh few words doah cuz anuh ur felt mek yuh caan posited a proper education wen yuh hab wood tuh tek fi it nuh left :nerd

    1. SIMPLI ???????? SIMPLI ???????, mine mi affi guh fi d leather belt fi yuh eh nuh man, yuh cant behave better than dat????? No sah Simpli dah 1 deh CHRISTEN AND BAPTIZE ME INNA TIDEH MI NAH LIE!!! :ngakak

  7. I’m in the process of collecting signatures to get a new law passed if u cannot spell the word “fault” among many others u will not be allowed to have sex I’m dead ass these bitches end up procreating n the results are not favorable for us the society damn bug brain dodo bird
    Pls please mi a beg the signatures dem tonks

    1. U mean, tie dem tube….its always the hard fi look pon one dem caw spell and di pretty dunce one dem love tek pitcha a dem vomit looking cooking put up

    2. Cheut beg yuh pass on di petition oba yasso fi my signature. Cah ah piece ah migraine tek mek afta mi read it couple times an still at ah loss. Wi “DEMAND SANCTION” ‘gainst dem waste deh…:travel

  8. Yuh know normally mi wud a laugh at shit like dis, but dah one yah really sad…..a wonda how all she help fi har kid wid home work?

  9. Nothing bout dis normal lol poor thing …..look how technology tun up weh you can all spell check and ppl still a mek dem ya miss yah

  10. If di man leffffff!!! Anno my pu$$y fault the ongly fault mi pu$$y av a fi chip the hood…. Mi possess wid di good underneath when mi man [email protected] mi pu$$y him Nuh stop skin him teeth him say mi tight eee, di hood cawh go een look pan mi dresser pass mi di Vaseline oil ih dung Nuh…… Pullll up lady saw big uppppp! Mi say dem dancehall dunce bat yah need fi lay up outta di ppl dem good store and gwaan up Ina Jamal it dwoahhhhhhh looks good! Metttttttttttttttttttt :peluk :peluk :peluk


    1. Morning ooooooooooooo :peluk
      If she doe know how fi spell posses how she know whey she have good ..for all i know di man dem mussy all a say bad n she tink a good dem a say

    2. Watch ahl Sally ah try sing it well cute nuh___________________________________________________________________________________
      Go’on then Sally back to mine man College! Use what you got to get what you want……..wood, wood, wood :2thumbup

  11. Met I’m not surprise none a them can’t spell, from apple to Kerry to sushauna to this one to twinny, them need to go get a GED ,

  12. Ef har cratches meat is anything like har spelling, den it’s no secret why di man lef. Sing ah different tune dawling…mek sure yuh get smady if write it fi yuh tuh.

  13. But watch ya nung again…me decide fe guh faas back pan ar emoticon looking pic and seh, “mi raas!!”…guess who she really really and chooly fava people?..unu tek ah wild guess…….nuh Bruh Man from the 5th floor, gnu memba him from the Martin show?…

    1. Yuh nuh seh yuh fi behave yuh self doohh?????

      Mi nawwwwwww laff mi ah dead!!!!!!!

      Bruh man from da 5th floor!!!

      1. But mi are behaving mi self…I just wish Metty would put up a split scream ( in my best Sally grammar ) of she and Bruh Man from the 5th floor so we can all see the striking resemblance..

    2. Yep yuh know yuh bad nuh bamboo stick bro man from the fifth floor and him always have up 4 fingers when him say it lmfao I can’t….

      1. But memba how Bruh Man use tuh tip him head to the side ah long out him tongue and rise up the 4 finga dem? She fava Bruh Man bad bad baaaaad!!! :doctor:…. :hammer

  14. I would give anything to hear Sally sing her version of this song….with left, felt, wood and posited…Sally, faaaawud my girl!!..Youtube!!!!

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak _______________________________________________________________________________________
      I said……WELL CUTE and ahl ah mek up face :tkp
      Sallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy come sing dat part yah!

  15. Is dat di man weh cnt left? y him cnt look inna di camera & smile..sally u no c him no want ppl reconize him? All di 3somes u & tina a gi him..him still no claim u#GetaLife/Newface

  16. Mi just a tek in metty caption eh nuh bout “BIG BOY SECOND TO LAST SISTER” When unuh dun wid mi in yah tideh Accident and Emergency mus pick mi up baxide, no sah, mi ago tap read dem creative spelling topic yah enuh, cauz mi nuh want dem breed a spelling yah tart rub off pan mi eh nuh :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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