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Pat McGrath Photography by Ben Hassett

MANY OF TODAY’S leading makeup trends come from a woman who wears very little of it herself. In fact, Pat McGrath, one of the fashion and beauty world’s most sought-after artists, wears very little color at all, preferring all-black ensembles whether she’s backstage at a runway show or holding court at a fashion event. Which isn’t to say she isn’t colorful. Within the multibillion-dollar cosmetics industry, McGrath, the global creative-design director for Procter & Gamble, PG -0.59% is something of a legend—creating new looks on the runway and then distilling them into innovative products that find their way into cosmetics aisles and beauty counters around the world.


Makeup artist Pat McGrath is WSJ. Magazine’s Fashion Innovator of the Year.

Just how in demand is she? Supermodel Linda Evangelista puts it like this: McGrath is the only makeup artist who can cause a job to fall apart if she’s unavailable. Most of the time a shoot is canceled because they can’t get a date on the photographer. “Sometimes, it’s the model,” she says. “But I’ve seen things get canceled because they can’t get Pat. That’s how important she is.”

Photographer Steven Meisel rarely, if ever, works without her, and top fashion houses—including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, CDI.FR -0.81% Louis Vuitton and Gucci—all count on her for runway shows and campaigns. Self-trained and charismatic, McGrath has become a muse to photographers, a mother figure to models and one of the fashion world’s most inventive talents.

“We go on these incredible journeys,” McGrath says of her creative process. “It’s always something different. It might be Blade Runner or a Fellini movie or Bette Davis —I could lose it over Bette Davis’s lashes. Whether it’s the Byzantine cathedral for Dolce & Gabbana or the modern film noir look we did for Prada, with the wet hair and undone makeup, it’s always an incredible journey.”

McGrath’s energy is renowned in the industry. Evangelista recalls visiting Meisel at Pier 59 Studios one day while he was shooting a fashion spread featuring an exotic dancer. McGrath was in the center of the action, throwing dollar bills at the dancer and egging her on. “She’s directing, she’s correcting, she’s collaborating,” says Evangelista. “She’s part of the whole process. A lot of what she does is not in the makeup chair.”

McGrath, who is in her forties, grew up in Northampton, a small town north of London, with her “fashion obsessed” mother, Jean McGrath, a Jamaican immigrant. Together, they would watch classic films (everything from Blonde Venus to Taxi Driver) and scour the local thrift shops. On Friday nights they trolled makeup counters for new products. For Pat—the youngest of three children—these mother-daughter trips were mandatory. “I was hothoused into the industry without even realizing it. Every Friday night, she would take me to the store. We would look for pigments that worked on black skin. There might be one color a month. She’d say, ‘That’s it! There’s a blue that works on us, it’s not ashy.’ ” McGrath’s mother mixed her own colors and creams, which is how McGrath still works today. “And I’d be standing behind her weeping, because I didn’t want to be there. Then it ended up being my career.”

After completing her A-levels, she moved to London in the early 1980s, just as the city was experiencing an explosion of colorful club kids. “I was obsessed with the New Romantics, such as the Blitz Kids, Boy George, Spandau Ballet: My friends and I would stalk them down along the King’s Road,” she says. Once, when she was loitering outside the Radio 1 studios, a DJ from the station noticed her unusual makeup: She’d used a red lipstick on her eyes and cheeks to create a dewy, rosy glow. “She said, ‘Why don’t you do my makeup like that?’ ” McGrath recalls. “And I said, ‘That’s a real job?’ ”


McGrath never went to beauty school or trained professionally—the DJ suggested a makeup course, but it turned out to be too expensive. Instead, she learned by trial and error, often experimenting on her own face. (The trick of applying lipstick to eyes and cheeks, which she popularized in the ’90s, was something she stumbled upon as a young girl, she says, “because stealing eye shadows from my mother’s drawer was difficult, but I could snatch a couple of lipsticks and she wouldn’t notice they were missing.” This technique later became the basis for her liquid eyeliners.) Some of her earliest jobs were as an assistant to British editor Kim Bowen on underground fashion shoots around London for magazines like Blitz and i-D, where she later became beauty director. “I did whatever they told me to: sweep up, get coffee, hold a light. I was just so happy to be on those shoots and participating in the creative process.”

It was model Amber Valletta who, in the early ’90s, told Meisel about a new makeup artist she thought he’d love. Valletta said McGrath was talented and had a wicked sense of humor. Sure enough, when Meisel met McGrath in 1996, the two hit it off. His first impression? “She needed a new wig. And I knew I had found a soul mate.” The duo went on to create a series of iconic images for American and Italian Vogue, introducing bold new colors to what was then a conservative cosmetics market in the late ’90s and dreaming up radical new beauty regimens into the new millennium. Meisel says their experiences together on set could inspire a miniseries. “Every day is complete insanity,” he says. “From strippers during breakfast, to wheelchairs during lunch, to screaming and fighting all day long, we are constantly tripping and falling over each other.”

“ “We go on these incredible journeys. It might be Blade Runner or a Fellini movie or Bette Davis. Whether it’s a byzantine cathedral for Dolce & Gabbana or a modern film noir look for Prada, it’s always an incredible journey.” ”
——Pat Mcgrath
McGrath is notorious for traveling with an entourage—her team can climb to 50 during the busiest days of the fashion season—and for carrying a vast library wherever she goes: 75 bags filled with reference materials (books on film and art history, Polaroids of head shots, vintage magazines) and products (creams, mascaras, lashes, foundations, gloss, pigments, fabrics, sequins). She requires two vans, one car and four motorbikes. McGrath will leave a fashion show when the models have barely left the runway to speed ahead to the next on a chauffeured motorbike, weaving through traffic. And there’s no cutting back on the baggage because she knows she has to be prepared for whatever a designer might throw at her. Last year’s Louis Vuitton show required 48 models to wear 10 pairs of false eyelashes each, all procured from McGrath’s kits. “I’ve never seen someone travel with so much in my life,” says model Naomi Campbell, sighing. “And that says something, coming from me.”

All Polaroids Courtesy of Pat McGrath
Despite her formidable array of gear, McGrath uses brushes only sparingly, preferring to warm up the makeup and pigments with her hands, blend colors on the back of her palms, and apply them with her fingertips. “She uses her fingers to paint the way Van Gogh used a brush,” says Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

McGrath’s contribution as a makeup artist goes well beyond cosmetics. “I think in another life Pat could have been a comedic actress,” Campbell says. Whether backstage or on set, she cracks jokes, does impressions and keeps the energy up and everyone on their toes. Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana says she is “absolutely hilarious.” Tisci calls her “funny, joyful, insane and addicted to connection.” On set, she always pushes her team beyond its limits. “She doesn’t just do her job and hang up the brushes. She gets the big picture, and that’s a true professional,” adds Campbell.

An undeniably influential chunk of her career was spent collaborating with John Galliano on runway looks for Christian Dior and the designer’s eponymous line. (Galliano was fired from Dior in 2011, after an anti-Semitic rant. Raf Simons replaced him at Dior and Bill Gaytten now designs John Galliano; McGrath still does makeup for both houses.) Runway moments from Galliano, with McGrath’s use of neons, gold foil and ridiculously long lashes, are credited with reintroducing colorful pops to the modern makeup palette. Lady Gaga specifically acknowledges Galliano’s fall/winter 2009 collection—inspired by Ukrainian brides, at the height of McGrath and Galliano’s collaborations—as the inspiration for her “Applause” music video.

McGrath has fond memories of working with Galliano. She laughs as she describes how he and the late Steven Robinson, Galliano’s head of studio at the time, would invent the most outlandish, ridiculous story as the official “brief” for a runway show. “But at the time, I didn’t know that most of it was fake!” McGrath says. References could be as varied as Queen Tut, Joan Crawford or a female matador. “They’d make up these wild tales, and I would sit there furiously writing everything down. Then I’d come back seven hours later with a concept.” That’s how many of their most provocative looks—such as the haute-couture female Egyptian pharaohs with royal-blue faces and gilded eyebrows in 2004—came to pass. “He would be like, ‘Is she going to get it?’ And I always did. Half of the things they said to me weren’t real, but I took every single word completely seriously, and we’d push the look as far as it could go.” She says her years collaborating with the designer were some of the most inspiring of her career.

Galliano’s dismissal was an emotionally difficult time for many people in the fashion industry, including McGrath. That’s because she forges tight, intimate relationships with her peers. Nearly everyone contacted for this story—from models Campbell and Evangelista, to the new faces Meisel routinely plucks from obscurity, to stylists and designers—uses the same nickname for McGrath: “mother.” In a field where the relentless pursuit of perfection and beauty is often more valued than having a sense of humor, McGrath’s lighthearted maternal instincts stand out. She often feels like a mother hen to the entire industry. “But not only to the young girls,” she says. “I work with girls who are 16 and women who are 60. That’s what is so brilliant about our industry now.”


SNAP MAGIC | A Polaroid of McGrath taken in 1996, with makeup by Steven Meisel, styling by Paul Cavaco and hair by Garren Courtesy of Pat McGrath

Off the runway, McGrath is responsible for many of the last two decades’ worth of makeup trends, including the dewy, plump skin that was so popular during the late ’90s and the use of crystals on eyes and lips, fashionable in the 2000s. At Procter & Gamble Beauty—where she was hired in 2004 and now oversees CoverGirl, Max Factor and Dolce & Gabbana: The Makeup—McGrath helps translate the trends she sets on the runway into affordable, accessible products. The 10-pair-thick eyelashes that she whipped up for Louis Vuitton in 2012—those led to CoverGirl’s two-step Bombshell mascara. More recently, she created a foundation in response to today’s “selfie culture,” so there wouldn’t be a need to retouch—a response to more and more women taking pictures of themselves with cell phones and instantly posting them on the Internet. “Women are not going for that super-glowing, supershiny skin because you don’t look that good when you’re doing a selfie,” notes McGrath. Thus, she introduced Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation for Dolce & Gabbana: The Makeup, which is more forgiving when captured by today’s high-definition cameras.

“Pat has a gift for pioneering new trends and techniques, season after season, that women around the world take inspiration from,” explains Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager of Procter & Gamble Beauty. “She’s a terrific business partner. Our success is her success, and vice versa.”

McGrath’s creativity has touched other industries, too. In what has become one of her more widely seen looks, in 2011, she worked with director David Fincher to transform Rooney Mara from a fresh-faced American girl to the pale-skinned Goth icon in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. “I went to Stockholm and spent two solid days on her, 22 different makeups, just pushing all the boundaries and having fun,” she says. “I would love to do more film.” She has books in the pipeline, and other makeup-based products, though she says she’s too superstitious to discuss them now. Despite the buzz about whether she will launch her own line of makeup products, she smiles at the prospect but remains mum about a time line.

The majority of people she works with now are her friends, or “her children,” as she calls them. (“I’m sad when it’s the last shot, because I don’t want to leave her,” Campbell says.) Even so, she admits that she sometimes still gets nervous around the talent. Two names spring to mind: Oprah and Madonna. The queen of daytime TV had McGrath on her show several times to talk about makeup, and she did Oprah’s makeup on her 1998 Vogue cover. With Madonna, McGrath is often requested for editorial work, and she was responsible for her makeup in the influential Louis Vuitton campaign in fall 2009.

What’s it like to work on these women? “Your throat is closing. Your brow is sweating,” she says. “But, in a way, I’m always a little nervous on any job, which is a good thing. I don’t want to let people down. When you walk into a room and there are racks and racks of beautiful clothes, do you really want to ruin it all with a bad lipstick?” She says an anxious desire to constantly create is what still fuels her work. “Every day is the beginning of your career. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a new model, or Madonna, you have to be nervous.” She lets out a laugh and winks. “Obviously extra nervous with Madonna.”

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      2. de last line_____________________________________________help ingesting wat kine a pussivities a mean cavity ADMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN yuh needed plz a bed ***tears***

        obara doah shell a knw yuh can but doah dweet a beg ooooooooooooo

  16. Otayy..the tables r turnin!!!!!!!!! :salahkamar
    There r other threads to b read!!!

    Dem nuh like me an me nuh bloodclat like dem, gweyyyyy. :bola :bola :bola

  17. Simplicity it seems u teck a break fi go whey go grow more badniss pon top of the whole heap a badniss u did already have lmaoooooooooooo

    1. dont say dat yuh knw all a nung mi caan tap laff JMG did need dah likkle sup’m yah fe de ending a de weekdays man…..:ngakak

      admin doah cut it jus luk

      1. yes Simpli wi didmiss yuh an mi agree mi did need this laugh, Obara seh she wi tek on Quena fi spite I cyah manig

  18. My gaaaawd what is this?? unno doan mek port royal quena (as the ppl in the know call her) draw unno inna nuh fight caw she know very well weh shi do. Anno one smaddy notice and point it out. JMG highlight the good, the bad and the ugly and quena jump up a a raeee fi di bad and ugly except when good come she ketch boredom and essentially seh its not a big deal caw every nation do the same. If I am to believe the report that you is a J’can shame on you self loathing port royal chica. lol JMG a di bess mi a tell yuh … have mi a lawf all day

  19. weh yuh sey yuh hear sey……….

    how quena cum frm de coast line entrance weh flippa board the barrel to reach the states…unno bad nuh bloodclaat banana trash mi cleavage :tkp

      1. Simpli, no me insultas! I’m no Jenny from the block :travel
        But thats exactly why I type in your language on the wall, who would understand me___________________but call me “Port Royal Quena” it makes the masses feel better!

        1. Now Quena you know me know and di whole a jmg regulars and peepers know seh people get uncomfortable when u go ina certain post go comment and not only that but you leave almost insulting cliff hangers whey get di people dem riled up and it never seems to end. Maybe you is a born warrior and me is a born peacemaker or both of us are naive ..Does a post like this call fi who deny se we mek it or not? This is a Jamaican website and patriotism may be all some of us can offer wha wrong wid dat or what is offensive about it? Every time u and di people dem but heads bout the same thing and then u stay arguing as if that mek u look strong..Yesterday I thought Yep was playing around and you spoke as if you know her and warrah rah..mi tell u get a new screen fi u computer because u mek it seem like ina real life and u a run wid it same way today as if I insulted u or mi mek di worst comment in history when u know that was not the case..but u have di feeling like a u one fi talk .. anybaddie can have the last say it doesnt say anything more dan age paper waa exhume. So fi me…nuff people can gwaan wid di thought that a dem win wid di last say..What mi waa ask u is why? Mi a ask u because is like u like di focused cussing we are all grown women so mi a beg u please be considerate OF ME..because a me always haffi a come and a part it like me a referee..last ting and no u aint no punk but a computer screen aint jack so u cudda man up har big up a million times it nuh seh nothing ..u nah back nor dem nah go back which will only cause di site fi be in a turmoil and di commentators already a do a good job of regular bloggers we haffi keep di peace

          1. yuh know sey frm de admin drop dis nd no1 adhere to it a close she a close awf de chead doah….. 😡

          2. So it’s me again caused all this right here huh? Look at my first two comments, they wasn’t chilled comments agreeing and saying what fine artist Kerry and Pat are? There’s always one word or one statement that puts what I say at offense and when I show my point of view it’s all this. The screen thing used today was used as a jest ti quail things with @Only….idf you don’t see at that point I was laughing along with @Simpli. Anyway it’s cool……..continue to say hello to the bad guy!

          3. Mi waa know which part a mi comment seh a u ray tay tay.. maybe mi write tuh much so here are 3 lines.
            Yuh cannot stop the bloggers from going through your comments with a fine teeth comb and pick out what they deem as offensive to THEM! If u want peace like I do, when you come off as offensive and it was not intended..say it and then have no further comment. Leave the rest to me it would be greatly appreciated

          4. Alright Metty I will do so, but let me say this……you see if they just addressed me with where they believed I offend that would end with my explanation but none does that they insult and say ‘ish that attacks or offend me and it puts me in a defensive space. Like you said this is the internet but I feel like if I don’t defend the people like me I’m viewed like I’m/we are getting played and I’m allowing it……it’s my Latina, BX temper that gets the best of me……Im’ma fall back like Evelyn after the head butt on this one!

          5. Me se di last word dont belong to u? U like di cussing den? Alright do u and do whey u feel fi do den

          6. ( comment directed at Metty)… Metty, I certainly was NOT playing…Internet entertainment or real life!! :nerd

      2. dis cum in like wen yuh guh a chiney man shop an him an him wife a chat supn weh dem nuh wah yuh hear, what an insult – all if a supn positive, Quena u always call dung tings pon yuhself

        1. But instead of saying u know unno tek whey mi a seh outa context and I didnt mean to insult n done desso all if dem a chat same way jus done but she galang wid dem same way come back pick up from whey it stop so it leaves me to wonder if a fi di love or arguing or a purpose because normal people wuda tired by now..

    1. Translation: please don’t let this sour woman tell u wat to do, don’t let it bother you! En englise, f**ka oonu.

    1. What background did u have before u come ina di post fi come pick out who u tink u fi pick out? Wouldnt it mek sense fi ask wha a gwaan before u play devil’s advocate?

        1. admin whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

          yuh shet it rite dung whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

          whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2

          yuh c weh unno cost doah cha

          1. rass yuh change yuh name?!?!?!

            yuh knw yuh truly truly truly lub de phuckery mnl enuh nati..yuh cum fe terrorize de ooman site yah nung?

  20. Why di same argument always come up on the wall bout Jamaican dis and dat….statements always a mek and den when people call it out there’s a lot of back tracking… :mewek :mewek :mewek

  21. This B.S will cease. Posthaste. One thing bout this place from day 1. People from all walks of life, professions, distinctions, accomplishments, familial status, financial status, the statusless, the carless, the footless, the boassy, the boastless, the mannuff and the manless, the flightess, the boatess, the hustlers and the hustleless converge here. And none of the preceding matters. This is the ultimate chill spot, and nobody a go frig that up.
    So who a work gwaan work and who on here for the JMG experience gwaan tek een the JMG experience,
    But the f**kery ends now.

    1. hold on deh, whats your problem lol what a way you get wound up till weak ass punk and tongue drop een haha your so original and interesting! can i be your friend? you are in noway, shape or form a walking stereotype of a vulgar, loud mouth jezebel that argues like a man instead of a lady. you are also clearly very intelligent beyond your years, im sure some lucky man will one day have the pleasure of calling you his life partner and puts a ring on that left hand 🙂

  22. yuh c how unno as big ppl haffi mek de admin guh bout a way weh she neba waan doah…………….. :berduka

    nixx yuh knw mi nah guh read yuh 3:06pm comment doah mi know as a God sum big words in it nd i aint got dah time for a mek yuh less mi out suh mumz :ngakak

  23. Nix, mi mek de PIF draw mi out, and fi dat mi guh pray…God is a forgiving God, but Quena said something as usual subliminally and I made a comment, however she want to take it, I cares not!!…..I do not have anything against this woman and for those who read with understanding knows that said when they read my comment, Quena knows what she is doing when she comes after Jamaicans subliminally, nobody cannot stop her this is who she is, but ME NAH PASS CHU ANY OFFENSIVE COMMENT ABOUT MY OWN PEOPLE DEM AND DOE SEY NUTTEN, all if is a Batty man Jamaican smaddy stop wid unduly once him is Jamaican, I will say something!!!

    1. lmao me want the whole world see what me a talk bout inno! this woman start out by talking about God (typical) and by the end she resort to name calling and filth (typical) in the same post lol me want oonu see it inno jmg, so God a sleep or what? you mention him name and den return to filth, you just cant help yuhself right?

    1. yuh change yuh name she had tuh approve dat or yuh use a uncensored word weh she haffi guh *** cuz it cost har hole heap a bickle a nite time fe clean up the cheads dem phuck is not permitted in its rite spelling..yuh knw how shani is already suh nuh draw dah card deh pon har it takes a for her to BAN SHE PATIENT BOD

  24. Me. Nuh c d heathen dem, me read an come back, caws I got it like dat, foh; intanet bully guh suck u muddah!

    Ban me right now f**k dat spic bitch ah. Bx, a 90’s me deh, cum luk fi me inna d gazza, fassy ole’ germz!!!!

    1. You not that serious, whenever we buck I will introduce me! No long arguement on Metty’s site. Enjoy the blog as I will, amiga on the internet because it can’t go no further here!


  26. but mi deh yah a tink it a stay as likkle entertainment it reach furr yan nung man…..all de extra meet wid out a greet nuh needed atall……………..quena yuh fe admit e’ more time sey a yuh draw out de ppl dem more time,sometimes yuh drop in sum line weh very touchy nd a uproar ago cum sooner ar later weh neva needed,tonx fe de laff earlier but dis ting yah gone too furr yoww

  27. Simpli, I will play devil’s advocate here, I come on the site when I need to take a break from my work and in all truths Quena (not picking up for her) but I don’t see where she intentionally wanted to start anything today. I also don’t feel that Obara meant any harm, that being said sometimes ppl can agree to disagree, people are after all entitled to their own opinions. Sometimes I likethe ranting but sometimes it is just totally uncalled for. Quena must also understand dat wi very fickle wen wi feel subs are being thrown

    1. play mi dere mi jus deh yah a laff till mi c application fe meetage a tuk place…mi neva sey she do ntn tideh mi a tawk in general

  28. no sah! see dat? see how things escalate wicked and wild. me cant believe a so jmg woman dem a gwaan, so no more fun cant gwaan bout ya? look how the empress dem a behave! that why when me see unu a bash young girls on here sometimes me laugh inno, because a inna dem home dem learn most a it and they learnt from the best!

    simplicity a weh some of the older blogger dem gone?

    1. dem a peep sed speed,dem even comment as annoy wid dem name unda the comment….most a wi just a bit busy but dem on yah man

      as tuh yuh repy mi nah luk enuh cuz yuh still insult wid sikes yuh gwaan chue ooooo

  29. Quena fi know sey all the suck she a suck, har man hood will and always remain black…or is that what excites and entice you his chocolate skin against your mocha. Jamaica full a pretty girls in every shade, nuff Jamaican mi know have long beautiful hair so don’t go there. Unnu fi thank god fi ass shots cause y’all bodies will never compare to ours. Everyday mi affi run weh some a dem fly batty Spanish gal from me door ah hunt down mi son. A write mi Pitney bare love letter when dem fi a learn. None a unnu nuh grow good a bloodcloth from unnu eye deh a unnu knee unnuh start goggle balls. How u know every man weh mention pon yah and you is not a Jamaican. Trust me no Real Jamaican nah pick no tortilla over him hard dough bread. Unnuh just start get public affection and attention cause back in the days y’all were known for heads only!!…

    1. doah mek de chead get shut dung a beg ooooooooooooo….sass crise a mek unno duh mi suh a beggggggggggggggg de admin ago shet e’ cuz quena is gonna ansa back nd back nd forth nd forth….. :cd

    2. You may wan fi re-evaluate a few a yu claims.

      We men will sell out- don’t swear fi dem. Nuff a dem too lazy or uppity fi chew hard dough bread…lololol

      You don’t have to be Jamaican fi know we likkle nuffy-nuffy New York man dem… dem love stray.

      In all fairness Quena may have snagged herself a good Jamaican man so every chance she get she fling it out deh…more powa to har.

  30. @Nix malevolent forces have their place in the world also…memba wha mi sey last night Simplicity?…anybody whey have life too pretty without controversy will not live long, same suh in everthing, wicked beings have to stir the pot as long as there is no devastation…It’s all good!!!

  31. quena yuh comment a 4:39pm mi neva tell yuh fe cut mumz oh no not i….a met responds floor me nd pick mi back up bicycle speed mumz

  32. Missa man, if yuh ah peep, ah full time yuh chime in ca dis ah right up your back alley :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  33. Mi deh yere a play peeping Tom, Quena I’m not going to run in on you tonight, but my advice to you, is that you stay clear from these topics, because you and us really don’t share the same compliments, when it comes to these post, emotion will run wild, and you are going to be dissed to a maximum, and you are a regular blogger on here, I am sure Met really feel uncomfortable when the regulars sound off against each other like this. Don’t give her a hard time, because I see that she is carefully choosing what to say as she does not want to offend anyone, so don’t give her the headache of playing an advocate for her Bloggers, Obara good evening mam, don’t let satan draw you out, you suppose to pass that testing stage, don’t let anyone define you, you know who you are. Big up, Simpli. Yep, Obs, Lundi, Exo, and all JGM regulars and peepers, Quena not leaving you out ,you are apart of this too, but chill. Much love for the Jamaican lady up top, that’s what’s it’s :peluk all about, you make us J’cans proud.

  34. nuff love Sketel Bam, de duppy draw mi out chu miss mary come from red hills come visit mi today wid har two red suitcase, har red hat, red boot and everything, cyaa wait fi har fi leave, cho man…. so mi harmones dem outta wack, an ah so de duttie singting get mi out, but mi tek ah five an go pray ah mi shrine, plus Nix gi mi two box an wake mi up wid har words, so mi good man, but de ooman ting nuh easy…

  35. we heritage large yes ,salute to you Pat on your achievements ,give us more of this JMG Soul food Met ,a dat mi seh

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