1. Bishop mi bloodklaath!!! U a thief n liars wicked people robber n conifer..all u people do is gu round n sleep with onnu one another..remember seh police have lock some a u n tek weh unnu passport fi moless little girls..a dead nuff unnu fi dead mek good people live..dutty bloodklaath jankrow…

  2. They are all scammers! It is a trend these days to pass of themselves as ordain revivalist bishops and lure young blind sighted males in their circle! It’s been rumoured way back that most of these people indulge in same sex affairs.

  3. This a Bishop? mouth dutty like downtown sidewalk. His dunce rant just confirms that his fellow ‘brother’, although mi feel like them did a f&%k and a share man, did a do some nastiness. If your excuse is everyone sins then your hell is going to be hot. God’s ppl should be like a light set on a hill, them fi act different and aspire fi walk the straight and narrow. U just proud of yuh sinning so. How the blind fi a lead the blind? Bishop go back to school and learn how fi write properly Bishop mi claatt.

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