A Trinidadian man is complaining today about the lack of sufficient medical care in Trinidad.The gentleman said via facebook that his wound was stitched with blue nylon thread that could not dissolve .

3 thoughts on “BLUE NYLON

  1. dem shoulda leave him belly open, damn snowflake. What him think dem use to use on all babies before desolvable sutures? And if it couldn’t be used how did it end up in the hospital tool kit? A bet the doctors never tell him nothing like what him saying. Attention seeking jackass

  2. Oh wow. Anony 2:50 insensitive much. how bout you go sidung wid dem sutures and then we hear how you feel? hmmm.. You gwan like the man nuh hab nuh rights. CLEARLY and VISIBLY the man sutures nuh do properly. So him must just watch him skin rot in pain?

  3. Shudda glad seh dem save yuh.. A dat yuh fi a pree yuh fi go thank God. Mi nuh know a whey him a seh cause mi dig out di whole a mi foot aready an mi get mi stitches inna di ppl dem farrin and a blue stitches dem give mi suh a waah di issues.

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