“Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity.” — Unknown

Tne evening in 2005, in the heart of Kingston — at the National Stadium, during the annual Gibson Relays to be exact — the stars aligned for Luton Shelton and Bobbette Phillips. Around them, members of a noisy and constantly shifting crowd were screaming in support of their favourite athletes, vendors traversed the stands selling their wares, and in the midst of the chaos, a young Shelton eyed the lovely Phillips.

“He sent his sister Luriesha over to me with a piece of paper with his name and telephone number written on it. When I saw the name ‘Luton’, both myself and my best friend Toshauna Cowan burst out laughing, asking ‘What kind of old man’s name is this?'” Phillips told Vows.

‘Shy guy’ Shelton — the now in-demand FC Volga (Russian League) footballer — was, however, undeterred. He persisted in getting her attention; she motioned for him to come over, and so began their love story. Phillips confesses that while she may have been playing hard to get, the attraction was nevertheless immediate, and what began as a friendship soon blossomed into a passionate romance.

In 2008, while Phillips was pregnant with their daughter Lutasha, Shelton decided it was time to make it official.

“He was attending a football camp for the Reggae Boyz and I had gone to visit him. We were sitting in the car in the parking lot of the Alhambra Inn; he was in the passenger’s seat. I noticed that there was something very different about him; he was acting very nervous. He began to speak about not being able to live without me and expressed in no uncertain terms how much he loved me. He asked me to marry him, and right then and there I said ‘Yes!'” Phillips gushed.

Fast-forward to picturesque Portland, December 14, 2013. The Reverend Dr Peter Garth is in position at the gorgeous Trident Hotel, while wedding coordinator Stephanie Taylor is putting the finishing touches on what will be the ceremony of the couple’s dreams. The groom is dapper in a Carlton Brown tux and ready for action, the bride — a stunner in a Sophia Tolli mermaid gown — has butterflies in her stomach as she contemplates the moments ahead. There’s little her bridesmaids can do to calm her jitters; for her, there is but one cure; the look of love in the eyes of her husband-to-be.

“When my song [Jennifer Hudson’s Giving Myself] began to play and Stephanie gave me the signal to start walking up the aisle I just focused on Luton and the lyrics. I imagined saying those very words to him only; I saw no one else. Everything came together beautifully, just as planned,” she recalled.

There was much applause when the newly-weds stepped out on the dance floor during the reception — which took place at Trident Castle — grooving to John Legend’s All of Me for their first dance as husband and wife. The celebration saw guests dancing into the wee hours to pulsating beats spun by DJ Bambino.


  1. They were engaged since 08? :cd . So the nastiness and him falling in love with myriad other people occured whilst he was engaged? That makes it worse… But, alas, tis history and they have moved past it, so everyone needs to do likewise.
    He has hopefully decided to now be monogomous and faithful; or at the very least to bun out of the public eye

  2. Five years wut a engagement???? And countless bun in between di engagement ring and di wedding ring? I hope him get it outta him system now dwllll smh

  3. The only thing that caught me in this story is the engagement from 2008. KMT dem should a shame fi even mention that. Better dem did leave that out of the story. What a joke. Lady, tek u likkle ring and go sit dung one side because me don’t even know why oonu mek the news.

  4. You know wat the man wait till him ready , till him teely tek a world tour. Bobbette dust off the lint and seh a fimme dis now. My girl you patient and full a faith like Job. Congrats a nuff yuh bear mumma.

  5. Why bobbette keep seeking attention? She not happy? She get what she always wanted and she realize she still not happy? So she nuh stop till she put it ina newspaper dwllll alright Mrs. Shelton everybody see you lol you can go siddung wit your husband that you one frighten fi av your ex mate dem are uninterested most probably pity you and the rest a we happy for you or just entertained by the stupidity. Either way you have been seen. Lol

      1. Luton look well happy all him talk post a him wife so she should be so content now she get what she always wanted but it seem not enough for her from troubling people to making sure every eye in Jamaica see and know she just nuh seem settled to me

      1. Met dis is why mi love you u talk truth and no bias at all. Bobbette is a beautiful girl and anyone dat say different a wikid dem wikid but fi such a pretty girl she fi have more self respect. Cause all luton have is a few dollars luton nuh more dan her he is no catch fi she a tek him bullshit like she cah do no betta cho man bun mi u see

        1. yes she could have done better..she is very beautiful naturally without makeup…she shudda neva tek what he dished out but i hope……………….he will do right by her and his family will respect their union and nuh skin teet wid him sketel dem..

  6. Mi know me late…but question….Luton was engaged while he knocked up Becca and deh wid d whte girl all along ?

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