Met this is bobbette ( robbas) forbidden sister in Jamaica. She is the forbidden sister because her mother was bobbett’s mother best friend. Her mother was also bobbette sister’s God Mother. They lived just one house apart , before robbas mother run wey to america.


  1. Har damn head look like julie mango. You can see the family sin pon har to. Shi fi use that middle finger go plug robbas gap teeth. Dam family of human waste.

  2. So how is she bobette’s sister…more like close fren of the family….whoever send this in just want to start supn…..

  3. She is Bobbette sister, what di f***k you know?. I live in south side Kingston jamaica so I know what I’m talking about.@ 11:47am

  4. Onoo neva hear whe did sey ova di bag post. Sey Robbas faada breed her modda best fren so is har sista by har faada side wid har modda best fren, who was also one a Robba’s sister godmodda
    So is like nearly incest fi di faada breeda someone so close to di family when dem did all lib inna di same bachroomless tenement yaad dung a southside. Otay unbeliever @Anon 11;47

  5. Yes she is bobette sister for true when bobette mother told her the story about how her bff sleep with bobette father smh bobette say before she leave earth that family have to pay for her mothers tears

  6. I went to church lastnight I see a lot of dancehall ppl in there they came for pastor to pray for them. Everyone is scared smh they want to make sure she has done no harm to them they all bought bless olive oil.its sad

  7. In the name of Jesus I’m asking that you bless every soul that has bin harm by this Desmond i ask that you cover them with your blood. As I type i am crying Lord how can one person do so much har for all these years . ty jmg for exposing the evil among us that drink and laugh with up. Please I’m asking that you save the innocent baby in Jesus name amen. I would like to ask everyone to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for Samar and her baby ..god bless

  8. Anonymous you dunce bad or you just can’t read… Rabbas father breed har mother best friend who bring forth this up top… Dis up top madda was rabbas god mother before the breedment, then she became her stop mother…. Yuh follow? Geeshhh!

  9. So who’s older? She looks better than Bobette. Y people dissing her, does she uphold it carry in with th same antics as Robbas?

  10. Nobody should be disrespecting diamond, because bobbette and the other siblings totally disregard her because of the circumstances surrounding her birth. As big as rabbas is her mom would literally die if they ( the siblings) have a relationship with her.

  11. She is younger. She follow tonikay. When their father died , diamond wasn’t mentioned in the eulogy. They said the father had 5 children, which is not true. The father have 6 kids. 4 with rabbas mother, a son with another woman and diamond with robbas mother bff at the time. They disregard her , but truthfully the forbidden sister look just like the dad.

  12. I understand what the BFF did was wrong, but the man was also wrong too. Met, even when the man dead, robbas mother was very adamant that the funeral will be held in NY, even though the man told them while he was living that whenever he died he want to be buried in Jamaica. They still went ahead a bury the man here, because they didn’t want the daughter in Jamaica to attend. They are not nice ppl at all.

    1. Ppl who waan bury a yawd when dem live inna some farrin place fi meck sure dem money puddung fi pay shipment fee. Ur funeral a u own expense and ebrybody fi hab dem money puddung fi bury demself when time come. I donts want a soul gimme not a awda when dem nuh puddung and oultline dem money fi use fi tings guh chu as dem want.

  13. Met even in death the whole family a scammer, because the pupa bury in a somebody else’s name. Met can you believe that?…..the pupa nuh bury inna him right name, met if yu nun believe mi, guh a Jersey over the cemetery and yu with see fi yuself. Dem a gwaan like dem all that, dem far from being all that because they are a family of destruction.

      1. dwrcln……..Met a Jersey yu a walk go? lolol Jah know! Jamaica nu miss dem type a people yah and de more a dem type yah leave Jamaica de betta it shall become.

  14. Shani lend mi piece a dah line deh mek mi stretch it crawse dis side…cause a di fuss mi hear ppl bury ina wrong mame. Jesus Saviour pilot me. Tek di case an di pilla….I cannot manige neither.

  15. A whey foster lane and gold street say??? :ngakak :ngakak robbas fawhsha burry inna wrong name??? from mi bawn mi never hear anything like dis… Is how dat work? Yuh know mi done awfa any post whey pertaining to robbas because dem yah histree wih sick mi.

  16. Yes bury inna somebody else name because when him dead a east new york , the police find a ID wid somebody else name pon it, so because robbas dem couldn’t proof that’s not his name , he had to bury in the man a south name. One whole set a illegal alien , who walk and seek attention and pretend to be people they aren’t.

    1. Dem think immigration did ago deport de body? lolol I can’t wid me waste country men inna merica a rass! lolol
      So de generation fi born america can’t even honor dem migrant heritage cause dem name nu have NO HONOR!
      Dem minus in spirit and family bond like de nonexistent toilet inna dem yard a south…dam disgrace!

  17. At the time of robbas father’s death , she and her father wasn’t talking that why they always put on a show for FB and IG because of guilt. Robbas run wey from the house and guh live wid Tricia because di fada found out that she ( rabbas) was sleeping with one of his hustler fren from dung a south. Him name ruka , him deh a prison now a do time. Robbas couldn’t tek do beaten nuh more so one night when everybody ah sleep robbas run way.

  18. I bettuh seh when disya obeah man dun con and rob dem, him jus siddung one side and sing Merital song “my money ha ha my money money money ha ha mmmm hhhhmmmm” :hammer :hammer

  19. I know this girl from she was a baby, personally she never harmed me in any way , shape or form. I know these people from Jamaica, and I when I see how they act in America, I stay far away from them because they don’t remember the days when they were down and out. When I see the show they put on FB and IG , I just smh and keep strolling because it look like they suffer from short term memory loss or they have early stages of Alzheimer. Bobbette need to tone down her behavior, the sooner she come to the realization that her behavior and her bad deeds are getting her a lot of enemies the better it will be for her and her family. Honestly , I don’t think most of these people are hating on you Bobbette. I think you’re too hype and self centered. Living in a country like america requires humility most times, especially when you are undocumented. Bobbette from reading all these comments from yesterday and today, clearly you’re the most hated woman in the party world and in the Tri state and you’re putting daffy’s life at risk, daffy is so naive to see the reality of things. Bobbette for a young girl, look at your rap sheet, do you think that’s cute?, do you still think you’re a success?…… Bobbette stop scam the hard working American people out of things they don’t have. It’s not fair to us hard working American, who buss or asses to work two and three jobs to pay our bills and maintain a good credit. If you and your sister were law abiding citizen , both of y’all would be taking advantage of the laws that Obama passed for illegal immigrants. Bobbette , your mom have failed in her parenting, because she entertain and encourage y’all behavior. I remember the time your mom had to run out of Macy downtown Brooklyn, because she was caught shoplifting. She ran like the thief she is and like the thief she taught y’all to be. Bobbette take heed , take heed because your days are numbered. Why mother goes shoplifting with her daughters?….. Y’all need to stop!

    1. u a talk di choot doe i hear the mother is in it too…what a shame a case of eating sour grapes setting the children’s teeth on edge

  20. Met it bad , real bad …..all 99cent store dem guh shoplift. It bad, is like di muma sen dem guh thief because shi lazy an nuh wah wuk.

  21. Met u know it quite possible fi di fada bury inna wrong name…because mi know someone that went to jail and give wrong name and he died in an automobile accident sometime after…they identified him by his finger prints and when the family go to identify the body they refused to release it because the family come with a different name….family had to get school records that include school if pic…dental record…all kinda rigmarole …so I can imagine if them cannot produce those kinda documents and him a use ID that’s not in his name it could happen

  22. Met, yuh neva know seh a lot of people enter foreign countries with fake identity? yes, dem all get married in the names and have children who acquired the said name too. this is not unique to Jamaica alone, it happen all over the world. Sometimes it is through survival. A suh the ting set.

  23. Met a facts mi a talk , my brother went to the funeral on flatlands ave. And I watch the funeral tape. Everybody knows that. The dead man name is not EVERTON!…..Everton is still living inJamaica. It took the man 6 weeks to bury , because kings county wanted the true identity of this man, who had double identity. Robbas mother was so stupid to give his right name, when she knew his fake photo ID have a different name.

  24. Bobby u no shame gal ,, my bad you don’t have none it blow wey inna Gilbert no sah and look how she can hype pon ig and act brand new :ngakak :ngakak me clattttt har father thief till him thief people name him thief to death :ngakak so bobby your madda is a thief too dwl my god your day is at hand bobby

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