Met come ya quick quick quick mi wan know is weh my lady get di money fi do a full body makeova an all have nuh more long dung belly an stiff up breast is remogle she do to da body deh cause yuh Neva even see seh she did have waist before she couldn’t even wait fi even heal up propa before she jump inna all white she all still look pain up betta mind blood stain leak pon da white frock deh she shoulda do di face to an dun cause di face don’t match di body is suh bad she nuh love har self !!!!!!


  1. shamar you look good … stop hate pon di girl .she have up her money can do what she want yes baby girl i love it

  2. Nothing is wrong with her face, the babyfather get a young girl in the bx pregnant ant gave her money to do batty,belly and breast for forgiveness…. I think she looks great

    1. Wait deh! You a tell mi seh chu di man guh out deh guh get a bby, him sen har go di baddie wworkshop fi a full service chune up? She look sexy, im shudda do the chune up before, dat way im wuda feel like him wid a new hirl cuz har body just mek, and im wudnt stray.

    2. She looks great!!!..body sexy n’ ready, outfit looks super cute w/the kicks and she is very pretty…once ah cheater, always ah cheater suh mek him gwaan cheat girl, keep collecting yuh pension…

  3. Some a uonuh born wid hate,guh to bed wid envy and wake up wid grudge,real crab in a barrel wey walk the earth as STUMBLEING BLOCKS,in people way,sender yu “LUDDY”

  4. Wait one minute deh!!!… ONE minute puhlease!!!… DONT Shamar always AH seh PON ig n FB seh she and the baby daddy not together… Suh is what unnu really talking about AH muss di GYAL dem WEH she AH suck out ah comment bout seh baby daddy dis n that!!!… Shamar maybe now yuh can gain some confidence FI GUH find AH man Weh really wah yuh and STOP call police PON DI man when him NUH wah f**k yuh dwl… And walk and Fren yuh mate dem… Yuh did wah Fren the young gyal weh him breed and AH love up, but she not having that… Shemar di man seh yuh heart DUTTY bad just like yuh cratches and him sorry him never leave yuh Inna immigration meck dem dip yuh, but CHUE the yute dem weh him love, weh yuh nuh stop USE as pawn, plus yuh nuh have Nooobody else, I guess that’s why yuh obsessed!!!

  5. Donna Level I think SHEMAR is the last of the sponge bob body out deh cah ah look good time long time, everybody and dem mother look good now ah days Mi nuh know AH weh took her so long ijs…

  6. Nuttn nuh wrong wid improving yuhself, di girl look nice. You go girl. Is a pity some ppl cyaan bare fi si others happy.

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